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American Freedom Alliance presents: California’s Land and Water Wars – Lecture Series

CA-Land-and-water-warsBe sure to attend and learn about the Federal Land & Resource Grabs. Sheriff Mack, CSPOA, and Oath Keepers of So Cal will be represented and speaking.

California Land and Water Wars: The Green Agenda to Destroy Your Property Rights

Sunday, May 4 10:00 am – 5:00 pm

Location: Olympic Collection, 11301 Olympic Blvd #204, West Los Angeles, CA 90064

Admission: Pre-registration: $40.00 (includes lunch and all materials) Genearl Addmission: $50.00 (includes lunch and all materials)

Parking: In parking structure

Directions: The Olympic Collection Banquet & Conference Center, located in west Los Angeles at the junction of the 405 and 10 Freeways.

About the Topic:
California Central Valley farmers are under siege. After years of drought, not only has their water allocation, guaranteed to them under Government contract, fallen to 40%, but much needed water, vital to the sustenance of crops, is currently being siphoned off to protect certain fish species believed to be endangered. The emphasis on saving wildlife at the expense of human need is of a piece with the environmental campaign against agricultural activity across this country. Over the next ten years thousands of dams are slated to be closed, affecting farmers in dozens of states. Water authorities have also vowed to make their control and regulation of urban water supplies far more centralized and coercive. Join AFA at this important half day forum to learn from farmers, journalists, activists and water utilization experts how far reaching is this pernicious environmental campaign and what you can do to stop it.
American Freedom Alliance – Lecture Series – California Land and Water Wars

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Good News For The Second Amendment

Stewart Rhodes in Molon Labe!

Sunday Reading which is posted on

Good News For The Second Amendment

We’re getting there. James Jaeger has announced that he has filmed all the interviews for the upcoming documentary movie, “Molon Labe!: How The Second Amendment Guarantees America’s Freedom”. He has asked me to thank each of you who have sent in your support to make all that happen. I’m excited. Here’s why.

I have just seen an hour of the rough-cut for the movie, with segments from each of the experts who are featured in the film, and it’s awesome!  I’m sure each of you who has contributed will be proud to be a part of this. I’m already seeing it as a great tool for RT&I in Oath Keepers outreach program. I’m sure we’ll carry it at our online store, and other web operations have asked to carry it. Like James’ “Fiat Empire”, millions will see it.

Oath Keepers Founder, Stewart Rhodes, shines nicely in this movie. Stewart’s footage was filmed on a very snowy day in the Swan Mountain range in northwest Montana, at a charming high-country retreat, and Stewart was relaxed and comfortable. His dialogue comes across the screen in as good a showing as I’ve seen. Our members will love his hard-hittlng matter-of-fact delivery of our principles and their relationship with the Second Amendment.

But also there to be interviewed on that wintry day was Oath Keepers’ national chaplain, Pastor Chuck Baldwin. Chuck’s scenes in the film are excellent. Both Stewart and Chuck lend a solid dignity to the movie.

All of this is good news because the movie has the right message for America, and Oath Keepers is helping produce it. We’re doing that by spreading the word for fund-raising to complete the film. For that commitment James has awarded us the “In Association With” opening film credit, which is an awesome gift for our future outreach.  I firmly believe that millions of Americans will be talking about this film as soon as it’s finished, packaged, and made ready for distribution.

Check out the trailer to see this-

The first person to be interviewed for this movie was former Texas Congressman and Presidential candidate Ron Paul. Stewart Rhodes, Chuck Baldwin, and Ron Paul were soon joined in the movie by Larry Pratt of Gun Owners of America (GOA), who always works nicely with Stewart – recall: Larry Pratt gave the prayer at our Oath Ceremony on Lexington Green, Massachusetts, this past April 19, 2013.

Larry Pratt, David Crowley, Elias Alias at Lexington Green April 19 2013

Can you imagine sitting in a room with Stewart Rhodes, Chuck Baldwin, Ron Paul, and Larry Pratt, all discussing the necessity for a return to the Constitutional Militia of the several States? The very thought of it is exciting! But James has included even more. His movie also features Pat Buchanan, G. Edward Griffin, Jack Rooney, David R. Gillie, Alex Jones, and Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.

That is an impressive lineup of powerful men who are devoted to the entire U.S. Constitution, as written, with emphasis on the Second Amendment. For an hour and a half, anyone who watches this film will have the nation’s most knowledgeable gun rights advocates talking freely about America, our roots in freedom, and how the Second Amendment is the answer to today’s tyrannical General government in Washington D.C. That is an exciting thought.

The final word on the Second Amendment, and the inspiration for the movie Molon Labe!, has been written by Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr. You may read a great review by Nelson Hultberg <here>

You may find your own copy of the book as a CD-Rom at Amazon dot com.

Every American is duty-bound. We are the Militia, all of us, and as we’ll see in the movie, the Constitution mandates it. Molon Labe! shows how we as Americans can take our country back, get back to personal freedom and self-responsibility, by honoring and living up to the Constitution. It is the consciousness of this nation’s founders, and it served us well until we let the General government grow too large and begin to run our lives.

That is why James searched for the finest voices in America for the film. And now they are all filmed. As they say in  film-making lore, “they’re ‘in the can’”. As you’ll see below, this is a chance to get your chapter or group into the end credits of the movie. I would like to see every liberty-related organization in America pitch in and get their group’s name in the credits on this film. Think about it – where else could one find an opportunity to receive end-credits recognition for good supportive work on a movie project with Pat Buchanan, Stewart Rhodes, Ron Paul and Chuck Baldwin, and all those other guys?

Now James Jaeger is putting all the interviews together. I feel very fortunate to have watched as the script was finalized and then the participants were scheduled and filmed. Now I’m happy knowing James is busily making it all come together in his Matrix Entertainment studio. The project has spent about fifty thousand dollars thus far, (I have not checked for exact figures), with most of that money coming from grassroots Americans like you who want to help make this movie happen.

We are now seeking final financing for the studio and production work. It’s coming in, but the sooner it’s in, the more quickly James can finish this film and make it available.

James is offering screen credits for donations of one hundred dollars or more. You can get your or your group’s name in the end-credits of the movie for only a hundred dollars. As I work with Montana Oath Keepers, I’m going to ask our members in Montana to fork over a hundred dollars so “Montana Oath Keepers” will be in the credits. It would be cool to see other State or County chapters and groups listed there too. How about you, Florida and Connecticut Oath Keepers, New York and Alabama Oath Keepers, Nevada and Nebraska Oath Keepers? Getting into the end credits will help finalize the movie and make us all look better while we’re at it.

James and Oath Keepers would like to thank each of you who have already donated to this film. I would like to pass along an observation James told me recently. The collectivist progressive gun-control lobby funds Michael Moore’s anti-gun films with a couple million dollars or more. James is making Constitutional films of the highest quality for just over a hundred thousand dollars each, and he’s doing it as a work of love. All of his Constitution-oriented films are funded in part by a few producers and many grassroots contributions. His first one, Fiat Empire, got more than five million downloads and was passed around at Tea Party rallies all over the country. Molon Labe! is hitting right on the mark where timing is concerned, for this year has seen a renewed attempt by the gun control lobby that has awakened millions of Americans to the government’s intent. This film will be like new ammo for our ongoing war to keep our guns.

So here is how you can share in this project personally. Go <here> and make your donation, and then spread this article around to family and friends and let them know that this is hope for America and that by donating whatever they can, they will help produce a movie which will be viewed by millions of Americans this year – just in time to be a hot item during the 2014 election cycle. Do it now, right? You can be part of the good news for the Second Amendment. Thank You!


Elias Alias, editor

End Notes:

Movie website:

For slow connections:

Donation Page:

Movie trailer:

Nelson Hultberg’s review:

Edwin Vieira’s book, The Sword And Sovereignty, on CD-ROM at Amzaon:

Online link for this article:

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Stewart Rhodes Speaking in Grass Valley, California – February 19, 2013

Grass Valley Rally



Stewart Rhodes, Chuck Shea, and John Oetken will be gathering with the Oath Keepers in the area to formalize a Northern California Chapter. Please get the word out and spread this information and share the picture.

We will also be fundraising for the Oath Keeper Billboards to put up near Beale AFB California.


Sheriff Mack and CSPOA: 225 Sheriffs Oppose Gun Ban

January 29th, 2013

Utah Sheriffs Stand for the Second Amendment

Original Article on Sheriff Mack and CSPOA: 225 Sheriffs Oppose Gun Ban

Editor’s Note: The list of County Sheriffs who are standing up for the Second Amendment now totals two hundred twenty-five brave defenders of the U.S. Constitution. Oath Keepers salutes Sheriff Mack for spearheading this drive.  However, on January 31, 2013, I have removed one name from the list below, based on the quotations found in this article:

From that article:

“I am a strong supporter of a person’s right to keep and bear arms; however it is time to institute some stiffer laws concerning assault type weapons and semi-automatic handguns with extended load magazines,” Marshall wrote in his January newsletter posted on his website.

“These type weapons have one, and only one, purpose and that is to kill people and sometimes many people, he said. “A person can very easily defend themselves or their loved ones with a gun that holds fewer rounds. Today guns, be they assault type rifles or semiautomatic handguns, hold up to 100 rounds of ammunition. Even a novice shooter could empty a 100 round magazine in less than a minute. In my opinion these weapons are nothing more than weapons of mass destruction. I believe that it is time to pass another Federal Assault Weapons ban such as the one that expired in 2004. Limit the number of rounds a weapon can hold without reloading and at least make a mass murderer have to drop a magazine and put another one into his weapon. That one act alone may save untold lives and misery being caused today.”

Well, that is enough to cause me to remove the Sheriff’s name from the list below. If you read the Sheriff’s newsletter you’ll see yet more reasons why he is an imposter if he tries to claim that he is a Constitutional Sheriff who will honor his Oath to the Constitution.


Elias Alias, editor

In addition to the 225 individual Sheriffs listed below, there is one Sheriffs Association (Utah) which has publicly stated their opposition to the current Administration’s intended damage to our Constitution. In New Mexico 30 of a total 33 Sheriffs have stood up to oppose any new gun bans from Washington D.C.1. The Utah Sheriffs Association (pdf for letter to President Obama)


Here are the 225:

Name County State


Blake Dorning Madison Alabama


Ana Franklin Morgan Alabama


Andy Hughes Houston Alabama


Jay Jones Lee Alabama


[Removed by Elias Alias]


Scott Mascher Yavapai Arizona


Joe Arpaio Maricopa Arizona


Tom Sheahan Mohave Arizona


Paul Babeu Pinal Arizona


Adam Christianson Stanislaus California


Jon Lopey Siskiyou California


Tom Bosenko Shasta California


John D’Agostini El Dorado California


David Hencraft Tehama California


Dean Growden Lassen California


Dean Wilson Del Norte California


Mike Poindexter Modoc California


Thomas Allman Mendocino California


Mike Downey Humboldt California


Margaret Mims Fresno California


Greg Hagwood Plumas California


Bruce Haney Trinity California


Martin Ryan Amador California


Jerry Smith Butte California


Donny Youngblood Kern California


James W. Mele Toulumne California


Justin Smith Larimer Colorado


Terry Maketa El Paso Colorado


John Cooke Weld Colorado


Stan Hilkey Mesa Colorado


Lou Vallario Garfield Colorado


Rick Dunlap Montrose Colorado


Jeff Christopher Sussex Delaware


Bill Snyder Martin Florida


Frank McKeithen Bay Florida


Mike Scott Lee Florida


Rick Beseler Clay Florida


Bill McCarthy Polk Florida


Michael Adkinson Walton Florida


Grady Judd Polk Florida


Stacy Nicholson Gilmer Georgia


Scott Berry Oconee Georgia


Roger Garrison Cherokee Georgia


Neil Warren Cobb Georgia


Butch Conway Gwinnett Georgia


Gary Gulledge Paulding Georgia


Joe Chapman Walton Georgia


Roy Klingler Madison Idaho


Kieran Donahue Canyon Idaho


Daryl Wheeler Bonner Idaho


Chris Goetz Clearwater Idaho


Doug Giddings Idaho Idaho


Doug McFall Jerome Idaho


Brian Brokop Lewis Idaho


Joe Rodriguez Nez Perce Idaho


Tom Carter Twin Falls Idaho


Dave Resser Benewah Idaho


Edward Motley Edgar Illinois


Mike Emery McLean Illinois


Jerry Parsley Clark Illinois


Brad Rogers Elkhart Indiana


Warren M. Wethington Cedar Iowa


Frank Denning Johnson Kansas


Denny Peyman Jackson Kentucky


Michael A. Helmig Boone Kentucky


John Snedegar Bath Kentucky


Scott F. Harrison Powell Kentucky


Charles A. Jenkins Frederick Maryland


Dar Leaf Barry Michigan


Ted Schende Benzie Michigan


Larry Stelma Kent Michigan


Robin Cole Pine Minnesota


Bill Rasco DeSoto Mississippi


Billy McGee Forrest Mississippi


Cecil Cantrell Monroe Mississippi


Brad A. DeLay Lawrence Missouri


Charles Heiss Johnson Missouri


Steve Cox Livingston Missouri


Mick Epperly Barry Missouri


Stephen Stockman Mercer Missouri


George R. Underwood Oregon Missouri


Michael Dixon Osage Missouri


Tom Rummel Sanders Montana


Jay Doyle Lake Montana


Scott F. Howard Powell Montana


Chris Hoffman Ravalli Montana


Darby Harrington Wibaux Montana


Mike Linder Yellowstone Montana


Ed Kilgpore Humboldt Nevada


Benjamin D. Trotter Churchill Nevada


Tony DeMeo Nye Nevada


Douglas R Dutile Grafton New Hampshire


Dan Houston Bernalillo New Mexico


Shawn Menges Catron New Mexico


Patrick R Jennings Chaves New Mexico


Johnny Valdez Cibola New Mexico


Jim Maldonado Colfax New Mexico


Dennis A. Cleaver De Baca New Mexico


Todd Garrison Dona Ana New Mexico


Scott London Eddy New Mexico


Raul Holguin Grant New Mexico


Michael R Lucero Guadalupe New Mexico


Herman Martinez Harding New Mexico


Saturnino Madero Hidalgo New Mexico


Mark Hargrove Lea New Mexico


Rick Virden Lincoln New Mexico


Marco Lucero Los Alamos New Mexico


Raymond Cobos Luna New Mexico


Benny House Otero New Mexico


Joe Schallert Quay New Mexico


Joe Mascarenas Arriba New Mexico


Darren Hooker Roosevelt New Mexico


Ken Christesen San Juan New Mexico


Benjie Vigil San Miguel New Mexico


Robert Garcia Santa Fe New Mexico


Joe Baca Sierra New Mexico


Phillip Montoya Socorro New Mexico


Miguel Romero Jr Taos New Mexico


Heath White Torrance New Mexico


William Spriggs Union New Mexico


Louis Burkhard Valencia New Mexico


Tony Desmond Schoharie New York


Richard Devlin Jr. Otsego New York


Donald Smith Putnam New York


David Cole Steuben New York


Coy Reid Catawba North Carolina


Adell Dobey Edgefield North Carolina


Jerry Jones Franklin North Carolina


Charlie McDonald Henderson North Carolina


Ed McMahon New Hanover North Carolina


Jimmy Thornton Sampson North Carolina


Eddie Cathey Union North Carolina


Donnie Harrison Wake North Carolina


Carey Winders Wayne North Carolina


A.J. Rodenberg Clermont Ohio


Sam Crish Allen Ohio


Bob ‘Big Block’ Colbert Wagoner Oklahoma


Johnny Tadlock McCurtain Oklahoma


Roger LeVick Jackson Oklahoma


Glenn E. Palmer Grant Oregon


Gil Gilbertson Josephine Oregon


Tim Mueller Linn Oregon


Craig Zanni Coos Oregon


John Hanlin Douglas Oregon


John Bishop Curry Oregon


Larry Blanton Deschutes Oregon


Jim Hensley Crook Oregon


Pat Garrett Washington Oregon


Dan Staton Multnomah Oregon


Mike Winters Jackson Oregon


Brian Wolfe Malheur Oregon


Mitchell Southwick Baker Oregon


Frank Skrah Klamath Oregon


Jason Myers Marion Oregon


Bob Wolfe Polk Oregon


Jack Crabtree Yamhill Oregon


Jim Muller Adams Pennsylvania


Eric J. Weaknecht Berks Pennsylvania


Clinton J. Walters Bradford Pennsylvania


Jeffrey C. Krieg Elk Pennsylvania


Al Cannon Charleston South Carolina


Chuck Wright Spartanburg South Carolina


Wayne DeWitt Berkeley South Carolina


Jim Matthews Kershaw South Carolina


James Metts Lexington South Carolina


Leon Lott Richland South Carolina


Jim Ruth Bradley Tennessee


Jim Hammond Hamilton Tennessee


Larry Smith Smith Texas


Terry Box Collin Texas


Joel W. Richardson Randall Texas


Jack Brandes Austin Texas


Johnny Brown Ellis Texas


Michael Cox Hill Texas


Bob Alford Johnson Texas


Earl Howell McCulloch Texas


Parnell McNamara McLennan Texas


David Medlin Oldham Texas


Tommy Gage Montgomery Texas


Dane Kirby Fannin Texas


Cameron M. Noel Beaver Utah


David Edmunds Summit Utah


James Tracy Utah Utah


Robert Dekker Millard Utah


Frank Park Tooele Utah


Joseph Yeates Box Elder Utah


G. Lynn Nelson Cache Utah


James Cordova Carbon Utah


Jerry Jorgensen Daggett Utah


Todd Richardson Davis Utah


Travis Mitchell Duchesne Utah


Greg Funk Emery Utah


James D. Perkins Garfield Utah


Steven White Grand Utah


Mark Gower Iron Utah


Alden Orme Juab Utah


Lamont Smith Kane Utah


Blaine Breshears Morgan Utah


Marty Gleave Puite Utah


Dale Stacey Rich Utah


Rick Eldredge San Juan Utah


Brian Nielson Sanpete Utah


Nathan Curtis Sevier County Utah


Jeff Merrell Uintah Utah


Todd Bonner Wasatch Utah


Cory Pulsipher Washington Utah


Kurt Taylor Wayne Utah


Terry Thompson Weber Utah


Merv Gustin Duchesne Utah


Than Cooper Garfiled Utah


James B. Nyland Sr. Grand Utah


Gene Ercanbrack Morgan Utah


Mike Lacy San Juan Utah


Kay P. Larsen Sanpete Utah


Phil Barney Sevier Utah


Kenneth Vanwagoner Wasatch Utah


Kirk Smith Washington Utah


Ken Bancroft Asotin Washington


Tom Jones Grant Washington


Dave Brown Skamania Washington


Brett Myers Whitman Washington


Ken Irwin Yakima Washington


Mike Harper Roane West Virginia


Ken Merritt Wood West Virginia


David A. Clarke Jr. Milwaukee Wisconsin


California Sheriffs’ Posse Call & Fundraiser – Restore Our Constitutional Sheriffs

Tuesday April 3, 2012 at 6:30PM

Knott’s Berry Farm Resort Hotel

The Knott Room
7675 Crescent Avenue
Buena Park, CA 90620
Phone: 866-752-2444


Speakers: 7:15 PM – 9:15 PM


Sheriff Richard Mack (Ret AZ), Chairman of CSPOA and leader of the Constitutional Sheriffs movement.

Stewart Rhodes, President & Founder of Oath Keepers – Will address the intolerable acts including ‘indefinite detention’ and the current NDAA 2012, Expatriate Act, Patriot Act, Assassination of American Citizens by our government and other oath keeping issues.

Gary Stein, Marine Corps Veteran and Founder of the Armed Forces Tea Party – Will address why he will not follow illegal, unlawful, and unconstitutional orders and why & how he honors his oath to the Constitution.

Sheriff Jon Lopey of Siskiyou County, California & Member of the CSPOA Board of Directors- Will address protecting the property rights of the farmers, ranchers and citizens in his county.

Eventbrite - California Sheriffs’ Posse Call & Fundraiser - Restore Our Constitutional Sheriffs

Important Information

County Sheriffs and Peace Officers are uniting to free America from State & Federal tyranny. The Constitutional Sheriffs & Peace Officers Association (CSPOA) are protecting Americans on issues such as Agenda 21 land, water & mining rights, fraud, property rights, IRS, health freedom and the Police State. They are focusing on their Oath of Office and the 10th Amendment.

Northern California Sheriffs are leading the way back to the Constitution.
Thank you Sheriffs for waking up and fighting for truth, freedom and liberty.  Story is at:

In Las Vegas, NV,  on Jan 29-31, 2012, Over 100 Sheriffs & Peace Officers from across the country came together for the first ever CSPOA Convention to be educated on a wide variety of topics relevant to their powers, rights, Constitutional Duties and Oaths of Office.
Full coverage and videos at:  and

Donate and sponsor the next CSPOA Convention by attending
our fundraisers and/or donating.
And join Oath Keepers at:

Eventbrite - California Sheriffs’ Posse Call & Fundraiser - Restore Our Constitutional Sheriffs

Pre-event Donations:
Donation includes: Admission and 5 Liberty Raffle Tickets.

$15 Donation at the door only includes admission.

$30 Donation includes: Classroom-style seating in the front of the event, priority line for pictures with speakers, Sheriff Mack’s booklet “Victory for State Sovereignty” and 15 Liberty Raffle Tickets.

$50 Donation includes: Listing in program, table with skirt, two chairs, two admissions and 20 Liberty Raffle Tickets.

Eventbrite - California Sheriffs’ Posse Call & Fundraiser - Restore Our Constitutional Sheriffs

Liberty Raffle Begins at 7:00 PM and will continue through the evening.
(Must be present to win)

Free Parking. Coffee & Dessert will be served. Cash bar available.

For more information please go to:

Make Donation Checks out to CSPOA and send to:
Alicia Lutz Rolow, 27068 La Paz RD., Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Donations for prizes are being sought. Contact Alicia at:
Phone: 949-322-1999

Eventbrite - California Sheriffs’ Posse Call & Fundraiser - Restore Our Constitutional Sheriffs

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Northern California Sheriffs Leading The Way Back to the Constitution – Full Video

Northern California Sheriffs are leading the way back to the Constitution.  This is the full video of a recent event in Northern California.  Thank you Sheriffs for waking up and fighting for truth, freedom, and liberty. | Americans are pushing back all over the country. It’s very clear that a revolution is in full swing. Tea Parties have been organizing to fight the bailouts and taxation. Occupy Movements have be springing up to fight against Wall St corruption at the hands of the Federal Reserve. Americans are pulling their cash out of Big Banks and supporting local Credit unions, as we move into a heated election season where it looks like it’s anyone’s game.

In today’s exclusive special report Gary Franchi is joined by Former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack. They discuss the County Sheriff Project, a movement that will compound the effort to push back against an over reaching Federal Government, a movement that needs your support.

There are a few things you can do to support the County Sheriff Project:

1st. Visit their website at and make a financial contribution

2nd. Simply share this video to your social networks and email lists.

3rd. Give your local Sheriff a copy of Sheriff Mack’s book “The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope” available at, and tell them about the County Sheriff Project.

Share it:


News & Politics



NDAA Nullification: Tennessee Bills Propose Kidnapping Charges for Federal Agents

CSPOA Sheriff Mack Las Vegas January 2012CSPOA Sheriff Mack Las Vegas January 2012

The above photograph is the first one to arrive since the event. I trust I’ll be receiving much more coverage once the dust settles. Early reports are the conference was a success. It is exciting to see Sheriffs from around the nation gather to discuss Constitutional issues as relate to their position as Sheriffs and to their obligations to protect their citizens.

We can tie in with Sheriff Mack’s Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association conference of January 2012 the current irritation called the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA-2012) and the Tenth Amendment Center’s good work toward reminding America that State sovereignty is guaranteed in the Constitution itself, and that the several States in compact retained all powers not enumerated and granted to the newly-created General government in Article 1, Section 8.

With the NDAA 2012 now claimed to be the “law of the land”, it must be contested because it places U.S. citizens on U.S. soil under military jurisdiction, which is un-Constitutional on its face. There is passionate objection within the populace to this treachery by Congress and the White House. The Tenth Amendment Center is hot into it. Their latest from their blog on this subject looks at Tennessee’s newest drafted legislation in ways which would call on the County Sheriffs to defend the citizenry of his respective County against Federal intrusion and/or Federal criminality.

Here is a longish teaser from their article. Read the whole thing at the Tenth Amendment Center’s blog –

Original article here:

NDAA Nullification: Tennessee Bills Propose Kidnapping Charges for Federal Agents

State and local resistance to the detention provisions contained in the National Defense Authorization Act continues to grow, rapidly emerging as a nationwide movement.

The Tennessee legislature will consider HB1629 and SB2669 in the 2012 session. The legislation would effectively nullify the detention provisions in the NDAA and would also require federal agents making an arrest in the Volunteer State for any reason to first obtain written permission from the county sheriff.

This bill declares that any federal law purporting to require local or state law enforcement agencies to act at the direction of the federal government or the United States military is beyond the authority granted to the federal government pursuant to the United States Constitution, is not recognized by this state, is specifically rejected by this state and is declared to be invalid in this state. This bill further declares that any federal law purporting to give federal agents or employees, including any members of the United States military, the authority of any state or local law enforcement agency of this state, without the express permission of this state, is beyond the authority granted to the federal government pursuant to the United States Constitution, is not recognized by this state, is specifically rejected by this state, and is declared to be invalid in this state.

The act takes aim at indefinite detention provisions in the NDAA. Tenth Amendment Center communications director Mike Maharrey called language in the NDAA vague and overbroad, pointing out that Americans should never simply trust in the good intentions and moral clarity of the president or federal judges to protect their rights.

“It falls on the states to step in and protect their citizens,” he said. “I can’t imagine a more clear-cut application of state and local interposition as a check on federal power. What could be a more palpable, deliberate and dangerous unconstitutional act than the federal government indefinitely detaining an American citizen without due process?”

The Tennessee bill also “makes it a Class E felony for any official, agent, or employee of the United States government to enforce or attempt to enforce any federal law, order, rule or regulation that is beyond the authority granted to the federal government pursuant to the United States Constitution,” and includes provisions for kidnapping charges if a federal agent were to detain a U.S. citizen in Tennessee under the NDAA.

(Snip – end teaser from article) Please Read the rest of the story here

So the language in Tennessee’s bills which would interpose between State citizens and unlawful Federal intrusion makes it very clear that the people understand what is being attempted in the NDAA 2012, and they will not tolerate it.  Good on Tennessee for this.

Now we have not only a growing number of Oath Keeping Sheriffs from around the nation; we have legislators who are finding ways to honor their Oath to the Constitution as well.  We’ve still got a chance.

Power to the People.


Elias Alias

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Sheriff Mack: “It’s a miracle!

February 4, 2012

Original article on Constitution

I’m not convinced that divine intervention was involved, however the first County Sheriff Project event in Las Vegas on January 30th was an unexpectedly huge success. One hundred fifteen Sheriffs and Deputies registered for the event, and approximately sixty of them stood together in uniform for the group photo just before the evening banquet. I confess that standing near that many law enforcement officers put me on edge wondering if I would be going to jail for some of my political views. However I am convinced that we are finally headed in the direction of Liberty, because I now consider myself friends with a number of the Sheriffs who attended.

Let me begin by thanking the dedicated patriots who devoted countless hours working to make this event a reality. They put their personal differences aside and worked tirelessly together based on their common love of Liberty. No one person was in charge. Everyone contributed what and how they could, and despite some ruffled feathers, we proved that bottom up organization really works. There isn’t time to thank everyone individually, however I want to specifically thank Bobbie Florentz for successfully coordinating the transportation nightmare of getting nearly 200 people from the airport to the hotel – and back. John Oetken and his Oathkeeper volunteersdid an excellent job of providing the transportation, and a very professional job of providing the security for three days of the event. They all worked quietly in the background, and acted as if it was all in a day’s work. I am proud to be able to work with superlative people like this.The activity began on Sunday as people arrived at the hotel. The hospitality suite was abuzz with small groups of conversation, and I did my best to speak to each and every Sheriff and Deputy, to thank them for attending, and to give them my business card in case they had any questions or problems during their visit. Everyone appeared to be there with an open mind, and in a spirit of good will.

After an opening statement by Sheriff Mack, and a short video to set the tone for the convention, I was the first speaker to address the audience. It was my responsibility to discuss the difference between rights and privileges, the proper role of government, and the Bill of Rights… and I only had an hour to accomplish the task. My goal was to shatter some of their assumptions and motivate them to action without appearing to be a crazed conspiracy theorist. Like the game of Blackjack so common in Vegas, my challenge was to reach a certain level without going over. I feel that I achieved exactly that. Several Sheriffs recommended “more Michael Badnarik” as way to improve future conventions, and I have already been invited to make presentations in several of the counties. Offering my class in all 3300+ counties would be a daunting task, but I am certainly up to the challenge. Domino Effect – Part Two?

Sheriff Mack was the next speaker, and he capitalized on the momentum, highlighting the most important aspects of his Supreme Court victory, and the Tenth Amendment basis for that decision. Larry Pratt (Gun Owners of America), Tom DeWeese (American Policy Center) and Joe Banister (Freedom Above Fortune) also gave inspirational presentations before lunch. The afternoon consisted of Sheriffs from across the country telling their stories of success after their confrontations with the federal government. Sheriffs: Glen Palmer from Oregon; Jon Lopey from California; Mark Gower from Utah; Dave Mattis from Wyoming; Brad Rogers from Indiana; and Tony DeMeo from Nevada gave very moving presentations that were signifcantly more effective because they were speaking to their peers.

Peggy Littleton, a county commissioner from Colorado Springs, also gave a very articulate presentation along with her local Sheriff. It is easy to complain about people in office showing little regard for their constitutents, but Ms. Littleton must not be assumed to be a part of the status quo. On Tuesday I spoke to her briefly in the hotel lobby and thanked her for her presentation. She was not leaving town as I originally assumed. She was preparing to participate remotely in a county commissioners meeting, perched on top of a bar stool with her laptop and cell phone plugged into the electrical outlet. She was still there after four hours, explaining that she had to know what people were saying so she would know how to vote. When I commented favorably on her dedication she looked at me with genuine suprise and said, “It’s my JOB!” The annual snowfall in that state prevents me from ever living in Colorado Springs, but I highly recommend that the people who do, continue to vote this woman into office for as long as she is willing to represent them. Her dedication is another sign that all hope is not lost.

If there was any question about the positive energy level that filled the room, or any doubts about their passionate love of Liberty, they were dispelled immediately when these defenders of the Constitution began to assemble in uniform for their group photo. Not since my days as a Boy Scout have I experienced such a joyful hope for the future of my country! Standing before me were the guardians of freedom. Men and women dedicated to the “holy cause of Liberty”, as Sheriff Mack is fond of saying. Wow! For those of us who have been trying to light the fires of Liberty, this was an unquenchable forest fire illuminating the night sky for miles around.

Clearly, our job now is to throw as much fuel on this fire as possible. Using the testimonies from the Sheriffs who attended, I predict that our second event will see between five hundred and a thousand new Sheriffs participating in the event. There is bright hope for the future, but we have a responsibility to support those who have taken an oath to protect our lives, our Liberty, and our property. Please contribute as generously as you can when the next event is announced. Promise yourself that you will establish contact and begin a relationship with your Sheriff now, to improve the chance that they will agree to attend the next event when you invite them. If you want your children to live in peace and prosperity, do not miss this opportunity to change the future. The Founding Fathers aren’t here to do it for us.

Lighting the fires of Liberty, one heart at a time!

Michael Badnarik

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Sheriff Mack For Congress


Sheriff Mack has announced his preliminary preparation to run for Congress as a U.S. Representative from Texas. An impeccable Oath Keeper,  Sheriff Mack is also a member of Oath Keepers’ national Board of Directors. He will challenge the author/sponsor of the “Stop Online Piracy Act” (SOPA) in the 21st District of Texas.

When I received email notice of his campaign, I knew this was a news item. Here is the letter I received from Sheriff  Mack.


Dear Friend,

I urge you to read this message and share it with your friends and family.

Time is short and our country is at a breaking point.

I’ve spent the last few months speaking with Tea Party members, friends, neighbors and political activists from across the spectrum who are all concerned about one thing: protecting and securing our liberties.

I’ve thought long and hard about our political options. I often pray over it. And now, I need your input …

I’ve been nominated to run for U.S. Congress in my district.

While I’ve always worked at the local level to prevent the federal government from overstepping its authority, I’m willing to challenge my current representative.

I haven’t put my name on the ballot yet. But when I do, you can bet that I will run an aggressive campaign.

First, I need to know if my friends and fellow activists are willing to support my primary campaign against a career politician. And my team needs to gauge how much support will be offered.

I live in the 21st Congressional District of Texas. Lamar Smith has “represented” our district for the last 28 years.

You may have heard of him recently. He has been in the news for authoring and sponsoring a bill that goes beyond the enumerated powers authorized in the U.S. Constitution. It also violates the First Amendment, Fourth Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment.

The bill is called, the “Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA).”

But in truth it should be called, the “Stop Online Profits Act.”

Because that’s what it will do. It raises the legal and compliance costs to the breaking point for small retailers, independent websites, bloggers and alternative media websites.

SOPA practically criminalizes the Internet business model that depends on user-generated content.

One instance of a user uploading copyrighted work could lead the website to be permanently blocked from all financial network processors. One complaint could also remove a site from search engines and Internet Services Providers.

The consequences of SOPA go beyond the Internet.

SOPA will reduce the number of Internet jobs and hurt a recovering economy.

Here’s why –

One instance of streaming a copyright violation could cost a website operator or owner five years in prison. (That means companies like Google, YouTube and Facebook could not have been started under SOPA.)

That results in fewer entrepreneurs risking their capital to start Internet companies.

That results in fewer start-ups, which have been the net creator of private sector jobs over the last few years.

Never mind that SOPA is an un-Constitutional mandate, unauthorized by Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution.

Never mind that copyright holders can already prosecute violations of infringement under existing U.S. Code Title 17 and Title 18.

Never mind that it’s not the responsibility of U.S. taxpayers to fund quality-control or authentication procedures for corporations with political lobbyists.

Never mind that Customs and TSA Agents will be checking our souvenirs at airports and train stations to ensure “official” corporate branding.

Never mind that this bill will not prevent “online piracy” but will censor online communications, making it increasingly difficult to find information about how your representative voted on key issues like the Patriot Act and NDAA. (Smith voted yes on both.)

And never mind that SOPA goes against everything the Republican Party, conservatives and free market capitalism stands for.

What concerns me is what this is really about…

… it’s about who controls information,

… it’s about intervening in how people communicate with each other on a mass scale,

… and it’s about converting the private sector in to Red Coats for the federal government.

SOPA passes off operating costs of this federal program to small retailers, online blogs, alternative media sources, and consumers.

It forces companies with websites to hire “copyrights managers” who will receive and process copyrights complaints from the public. And then it forces those employees to report infringements to the federal government’s Copyrights Office.

In turn, the federal government hires more bureaucrats in the Copyrights Office, State Department and Attorney General’s Office to process the information. And do you know what else SOPA does?

It authorizes those bureaucrats to represent the big media corporatists that compete with so called “rogue websites.”

What’s really concerning is that SOPA is being sponsored by a Republican representative in a Republican controlled House.

At a time when our economy is in a recession, why would a Republican representative want to reduce private sector jobs? And why on earth would Smith give more power to Barack Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder? Well, that is what SOPA does.

The thought of joining Washington D.C. goes against everything I stand for. But the thought of watching a career-politician represent me and pay lip-service to the Constitution is more than I can bear.

That’s why I’m accepting the nomination to challenge Lamar Smith.

Let me be upfront with you.

Political campaigns take tremendous grassroots effort and strong organization. They also take financial resources and a large network of support.

When we enter this primary race, we will be working around the clock to reach voters. We will need to fund mass mailings, signs, banners, door hangers, radio and Internet advertisements, canvassing, and other voter outreach efforts.

But the first thing we must do is gauge how much financial support we have.

If you want my team to run an aggressive primary against Lamar Smith, then I urge you to rush me a special and generous contribution to “Committee to Elect Sheriff Mack for Congress.” Our campaign needs funds TODAY.

Representatives do have a service to offer the public. But that service is to secure and protect rights. And they need a little bit of courage to do that.

As a police officer, my superiors wanted me to give tickets to my fellow Americans for things like not fastening their seat belts. I found it annoying that our government was trying to force people to behave a certain way. When the government didn’t get the response they wanted, I was told to take confiscate their property. (That’s what a ticket is. Confiscation.)

My conscience drove me to find a way to reconcile my duties: I was a police officer, man of faith, father, husband and I had taken an oath to honor the Constitution.

It took time, humility – ok, and a great deal of repeat lessons – to learn how to honor my constitutional oath while serving in law enforcement.

The lesson came from studying the constitution and the lives of the framers. And then I had to follow my convictions. I stopped giving tickets. And I learned how to become a public servant who protects rights.

The time has come once again for me to reconcile parts of my life with the seemingly incompatible. DC is not someplace I want to spend my time. But I’m willing to do it because I’ve been called on by neighbors, friends and others who love liberty as much as I.

I believe that we can save our Republic. But in order for us to do that, we must have the correct information about the meaning of liberty. And we must share it freely with others.

There are a few other things that you can do to help in addition to sending a contribution …

Please forward this message to as many people as you know who are concerned about liberty and Internet freedom. Send it to friends, family and fellow activists.

If we are going to succeed in unseating Lamar Smith, it’s going to take thousands of us coming together.

If you can also blog about it and ask others to blog about our campaign on websites and social media, that would help spread the message of liberty and boost our campaign efforts.

Again – the most important and urgent resource we need are financial contributions. And we do need them RIGHT NOW. I hope you will consider rushing back a special, urgently needed contribution.

The only way we can take on the machine of Lamar Smith is together.

Now, I’ve spent years rejecting un-Constitutional laws at the local level. And I teach others to do the same.

And I’ve taken the federal government to the U.S. Supreme Court and won in Printz v. U.S. Together, you and I can retire Lamar Smith.

Will you join me?

Yours In Liberty,

Sheriff Mack

PS: Volunteers, friends and activists have started organizing preliminary efforts. Help us take on Lamar Smith in a Republican primary. Please rush a special and urgent contribution to our campaign. You can make a donation of $15, $20, $25, $35 or more RIGHT NOW! (Up to $2,500 for individuals, $5,000 for married couples.)

PPS: Please forward this email to friends and family and post it to blogs and websites. Please also share it on Facebook!

-end Sheriff Mack’s email-

Additional Sheriff Mack resources:

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Sheriff Mack Announces Lawsuit Against SPLC, Run for Congress

New American

Sheriff Richard MackAt a speech in Sacramento, California, on December 10, Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, and founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), announced that within a matter of days he will be filing a lawsuit in federal court against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for slander, libel and defamation.

Sheriff Mack, who successfully challenged the 1993 federal Brady handgun control act in a landmark case that went all the way through the United States Supreme Court, has been an outspoken champion of constitutionally limited government and a critic of federal usurpation and abuse of police powers. The forty-year-old Southern Poverty Law Center is notorious for lionizing left-wing extremists (such as unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers) and equally notorious for smearing innocent individuals and organizations with the “racist,” “extremist,” “anti-semitic,” “anti-government,” and “hate group” labels. It is not surprising then that it has targeted Richard Mack for vicious treatment in a number of its publications and web sites over the years. But even more troubling than what it has published about him, says Sheriff Mack, are the lies that it has spread to law enforcement agencies about him in the seminars and training programs the SPLC conducts for federal, state, and local agencies.

Sheriff Mack, who was a speaker, along with this writer at the 53rd Anniversary Banquet of The John Birch Society in Sacramento, also announced to the assembled guests that he would also soon be filing papers to run in the Republican primary for the 21st Congressional District of Texas against incumbent Rep. Lamar Smith, whom Mack describes a “RINO” (Republican In Name Only). The 21st District includes much of San Antonio and Austin, as well as Fredericksburg, where Mack now resides.

In an interview with The New American after the banquet, Sheriff Mack, explained that he had contemplated a lawsuit against the SPLC for the past several months, but the difficulty, time, and expense of taking on such an endeavor against the well-funded organization had prevented him from doing so. In May of this year, however, he received a telephone call from an SPLC “reporter.” Mack says he was amazed and told the reporter: “This is really funny. You guys have been lying about me for 15 years and this is the first time you’ve bothered to call me.”

Read full Article: Click Here

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