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Northern California Sheriffs Leading The Way Back to the Constitution – Full Video

Northern California Sheriffs are leading the way back to the Constitution.  This is the full video of a recent event in Northern California.  Thank you Sheriffs for waking up and fighting for truth, freedom, and liberty. | Americans are pushing back all over the country. It’s very clear that a revolution is in full swing. Tea Parties have been organizing to fight the bailouts and taxation. Occupy Movements have be springing up to fight against Wall St corruption at the hands of the Federal Reserve. Americans are pulling their cash out of Big Banks and supporting local Credit unions, as we move into a heated election season where it looks like it’s anyone’s game.

In today’s exclusive special report Gary Franchi is joined by Former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack. They discuss the County Sheriff Project, a movement that will compound the effort to push back against an over reaching Federal Government, a movement that needs your support.

There are a few things you can do to support the County Sheriff Project:

1st. Visit their website at and make a financial contribution

2nd. Simply share this video to your social networks and email lists.

3rd. Give your local Sheriff a copy of Sheriff Mack’s book “The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope” available at, and tell them about the County Sheriff Project.

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NDAA Nullification: Tennessee Bills Propose Kidnapping Charges for Federal Agents

CSPOA Sheriff Mack Las Vegas January 2012CSPOA Sheriff Mack Las Vegas January 2012

The above photograph is the first one to arrive since the event. I trust I’ll be receiving much more coverage once the dust settles. Early reports are the conference was a success. It is exciting to see Sheriffs from around the nation gather to discuss Constitutional issues as relate to their position as Sheriffs and to their obligations to protect their citizens.

We can tie in with Sheriff Mack’s Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association conference of January 2012 the current irritation called the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (NDAA-2012) and the Tenth Amendment Center’s good work toward reminding America that State sovereignty is guaranteed in the Constitution itself, and that the several States in compact retained all powers not enumerated and granted to the newly-created General government in Article 1, Section 8.

With the NDAA 2012 now claimed to be the “law of the land”, it must be contested because it places U.S. citizens on U.S. soil under military jurisdiction, which is un-Constitutional on its face. There is passionate objection within the populace to this treachery by Congress and the White House. The Tenth Amendment Center is hot into it. Their latest from their blog on this subject looks at Tennessee’s newest drafted legislation in ways which would call on the County Sheriffs to defend the citizenry of his respective County against Federal intrusion and/or Federal criminality.

Here is a longish teaser from their article. Read the whole thing at the Tenth Amendment Center’s blog –

Original article here:

NDAA Nullification: Tennessee Bills Propose Kidnapping Charges for Federal Agents

State and local resistance to the detention provisions contained in the National Defense Authorization Act continues to grow, rapidly emerging as a nationwide movement.

The Tennessee legislature will consider HB1629 and SB2669 in the 2012 session. The legislation would effectively nullify the detention provisions in the NDAA and would also require federal agents making an arrest in the Volunteer State for any reason to first obtain written permission from the county sheriff.

This bill declares that any federal law purporting to require local or state law enforcement agencies to act at the direction of the federal government or the United States military is beyond the authority granted to the federal government pursuant to the United States Constitution, is not recognized by this state, is specifically rejected by this state and is declared to be invalid in this state. This bill further declares that any federal law purporting to give federal agents or employees, including any members of the United States military, the authority of any state or local law enforcement agency of this state, without the express permission of this state, is beyond the authority granted to the federal government pursuant to the United States Constitution, is not recognized by this state, is specifically rejected by this state, and is declared to be invalid in this state.

The act takes aim at indefinite detention provisions in the NDAA. Tenth Amendment Center communications director Mike Maharrey called language in the NDAA vague and overbroad, pointing out that Americans should never simply trust in the good intentions and moral clarity of the president or federal judges to protect their rights.

“It falls on the states to step in and protect their citizens,” he said. “I can’t imagine a more clear-cut application of state and local interposition as a check on federal power. What could be a more palpable, deliberate and dangerous unconstitutional act than the federal government indefinitely detaining an American citizen without due process?”

The Tennessee bill also “makes it a Class E felony for any official, agent, or employee of the United States government to enforce or attempt to enforce any federal law, order, rule or regulation that is beyond the authority granted to the federal government pursuant to the United States Constitution,” and includes provisions for kidnapping charges if a federal agent were to detain a U.S. citizen in Tennessee under the NDAA.

(Snip – end teaser from article) Please Read the rest of the story here

So the language in Tennessee’s bills which would interpose between State citizens and unlawful Federal intrusion makes it very clear that the people understand what is being attempted in the NDAA 2012, and they will not tolerate it.  Good on Tennessee for this.

Now we have not only a growing number of Oath Keeping Sheriffs from around the nation; we have legislators who are finding ways to honor their Oath to the Constitution as well.  We’ve still got a chance.

Power to the People.


Elias Alias

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Stewart Rhodes Speaks of Daily Bell’s Internet Reformation on Infowars

Article originally published at The Daily Bell, with their customary Dominant Social Theme lead-in, followed by their Free-Market Analysis

New video, Stewart Rhodes on Infowars, is below.

Stewart RhodesStewart Rhodes

Stewart Rhodes Speaks of Daily Bell’s Internet Reformation on Infowars

Thursday, November 24, 2011 – by Staff Report

Adding a new wrinkle to the phrase, “I’m mad as hell, and I’m not taking it anymore,” several California sheriffs, as well as one from Oregon, say they aren’t cow-towing to the federal leviathan anymore. Last month, at the Yreka fairgrounds in northern California, the sheriffs — who, of course, are elected by the people — gathered with a large group to discuss what to do about Big Brother and his consistent meddling in state and local affairs. Speaking of the federal bureaucracy, Plumas County (California) Sheriff Greg Hagwood declared, “A giant has been awakened, and they didn’t count on that.” Natural News

Dominant Social Theme: The Feds have the answers and anyone else is racist or a crook.

Free-Market Analysis: Stewart Rhodes appeared recently on the Alex Jones Infowars channel to explain the growing resistance to unconstitutional Fedgov activities. In the process, he pointed out that the modern-day “printing press” – the Internet – is providing people with information they simply hadn’t had access to before.

This is a fundamental meme that we have been expressing for nearly a decade now and modern events seem to be bearing it out. We have labeled the ongoing awakening that is taking place the “Internet Reformation.”

It is occurring in front of our eyes, as Rhodes realizes and explains. The power elite virtually controlled the flow of information in the 20th century and in the 21st they’ve lost this ability. They have lost their information monopoly thanks to the Internet. This is a devastating blow.

The elites did not merely control history in the 20th century; they MADE it. What we believe we’ve discovered is that “directed history” was prevalent in the 20th century. There are simply too many inexplicable occurrences. What were the REAL causes of World War 1? Why did the New York Fed deliberately overprint money during the Roaring 20s? Why did the West accept Stalin’s demands at Yalta, thus setting up yet ANOTHER war (the so-called Cold War).

Yes, it seems everything from the Great Depression to the “Great War” was somehow manipulated by the power elite of the era, especially once they were able to set up central banks around the world and had access to the enormous amounts of funds they needed. The idea was to create first chaos and then “order” – a one-world order.

Out of every war came a renewed emphasis on globalism. Out of every recession and depression came expanded powers for the IMF, World Bank and UN. But now in our view this era is coming to an end. Central banks are under attack; the Fed is having a great deal of trouble defending itself; the UN is not the force it once was. Most importantly, the elite’s dominant social themes are under attack.

These fear-based promotions are simply not working as planned. Global warming is challenged; central banking itself is seen as ineffective and even part of the economic ruin under which the West currently labors; even the European Union is in increasing danger of splitting up as the euro continues to founder and fail.

Of course, one can argue that the dissolution of these memes will only create MORE chaos, which is what the Anglosphere power elite seeks. But we don’t believe this is true. We think the primary plan is always to strengthen globalist institutions. To create chaos out of their downfall is a distinctly SECONDARY preference.

A defeat is a defeat. On so many fronts, in our view, globalism is foundering. The DOHA trade talks have proven unfeasible in many ways; the UN itself only makes news for scandals; there is resistance even to Peak Oil and the “smart-meter” technology it has spawned.

Increasingly, the elites are falling back on intimidation and brute force. And yet in the recent past they have always resisted option as the odds are not good: There are many billions who are NOT elites versus a few who are.

Additionally, many of those who the elites will depend on to enforce their noxious globalist system have begun to become awake themselves. Chief among them is Stewart Rhodes. We interviewed him about his increasingly influential organization, the Oath Keepers. You can see the interview here:

Oath-Keeper Stewart Rhodes on the Rise of Authoritarianism and How US Law Enforcement Can Take a Stand for Freedom

E. Stewart Rhodes is the founder and President of the growing, national non-profit organization Oath Keepers. The group supports members (current and former U.S. military and law enforcement) in efforts to uphold the Constitution of the United States should they be ordered to violate it. The Oath Keepers’ motto is “Not On Our Watch!” Both sides of his family have a long tradition of military service. Nearly all of his uncles on both sides of the family served in the Army or Marine Corps during WWII, Korea, and Vietnam, and his father served as a Marine. After the Army, Stewart graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, where his honor thesis focused on the political theory of James Madison. After college he worked on Rep. Ron Paul’s (R, TX) DC staff. Stewart graduated from Yale Law School in 2004, where his paper, “Solving the Puzzle of Enemy Combatant Status” won Yale’s Judge William E. Miller Prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights.

Stewart Rhodes is helping to spark a revolution in the thinking of US civil police. All over the country, sheriffs and those who enforce local laws are beginning to understand the difference between federal and state law enforcement. Here is an excerpt from an article posted at Natural News (see excerpt at beginning of this article) and also placed beneath the YouTube version of the Rhodes/Infowars interview:

Last month, at the Yreka fairgrounds in northern California, the sheriffs — who, of course, are elected by the people — gathered with a large group to discuss what to do about Big Brother and his consistent meddling in state and local affairs. Speaking of the federal bureaucracy, Plumas County (California) Sheriff Greg Hagwood declared, “A giant has been awakened, and they didn’t count on that.”

And here’s a telling quote: “I had spent a good part of my life enforcing the penal code, but not understanding my oath of office,” Sheriff Dean Wilson of Del Norte (Sacramento) County told the group. “I was ignorant and naive, but now I know of the assault against our people by the federal government,” he said, receiving some of the loudest and longest applause of the gathering.

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SPECIAL REPORT: County Sheriffs Push Back Against Feds & County Sheriffs Project


Americans are pushing back all over the country. It’s very clear that a revolution is in full swing. Tea Parties have been organizing to fight the bailouts and taxation. Occupy Movements have be springing up to fight against Wall St corruption at the hands of the Federal Reserve. Americans are pulling their cash out of Big Banks and supporting local Credit unions, as we move into a heated election season where it looks like it’s anyone’s game.

In today’s exclusive special report Gary Franchi is joined by Former Graham County Sheriff Richard Mack. They discuss the County Sheriff Project, a movement that will compound the effort to push back against an over reaching Federal Government, a movement that needs your support.

There are a few things you can do to support the County Sheriff Project:

1st. Visit their website at and make a financial contribution or click the County Sheriff Project image at the top of the right side bar on this site.

2nd. Simply share this video to your social networks and email lists:

3rd. Give your local Sheriff a copy of Sheriff Mack’s book “The County Sheriff: America’s Last Hope” available at, and tell them about the County Sheriff Project.

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Nice Article On Oath Keepers At Human Events

The Truth About The Oath Keepers

Sheriff Richard Mack

Sheriff Richard MackSheriff Richard Mack

By Kathryn M. DeLong for Human Events

August 16, 2011

Read the original here –

There was a time in our nation’s history when the American people came together to rally against a domineering British monarchy. It was during this time that the Founding Fathers produced the Constitution of the United States of America. Intended to serve as the supreme law of the land, the Constitution would be an eternal reminder of the tyranny that Americans had to overcome during the country’s earliest years.

In the eyes of Americans, the Constitution has been a beacon of morality, virtue, and democratic principle. While many U.S. citizens still maintain this outlook, scores of others have decided to turn their backs on the text that once guaranteed them freedom and liberty.

Perhaps the most notable cause of concern is that the federal government and law enforcement officers – meant to act as the ultimate embodiment of constitutionality – have consistently demonstrated blatant disregard for the Constitution.

Stewart Rhodes, a former U.S. Army paratrooper and Yale Law School alumnus, recognized this growing inattention to the Constitution and determined it to be a potentially dangerous approach to governing. In response, Rhodes took it upon himself to establish Oath Keepers in March 2009.

The nonpartisan, nonprofit organization reaches out to active duty military, reserves, National Guard, law enforcement, fire fighters, and veterans who are committed to upholding and defending the Constitution.

There are 10 orders the Oath Keepers will not obey. These include disarming and detaining American citizens as combatants, imposing martial law, forcing Americans into detention camps, and infringing upon the right of the people to free speech.

“Article Six of the United States Constitution requires all government officials at every level – from the dogcatcher to the President – to take the same oath,” said Richard I. Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Ariz., and Oath Keepers board member. “We’re required by the supreme law of the land to swear an oath of allegiance to the Constitution.”

Despite Oath Keepers’ seemingly genuine interest in restoring the authority of the Constitution, organizations such as the Southern Poverty Law Center and Anti-Defamation League have publicly denounced Oath Keepers as a threat to American society.

In its Fall 2009 intelligence report titled, “The Second Wave: Evidence Grows of Far-Right Militia Resurgence,” the Southern Poverty Law Center labeled Oath Keepers as “a particularly worrisome example of the Patriot revival.”

Mark Potok, a spokesman for the SPLC on issues of extremism, asserted that, while Oath Keepers promotes itself as a group whose mission is to uphold the Constitution, this is simply a façade.

“They say that they are merely upholding the Constitution and re-pledging their oaths to defend it,” Potok said. “We say the reality is [that] they are animated by very specific conspiratorial fears which are absolutely groundless. I think that’s obvious.”

Potok claimed that proof of this lies in the language of Oath Keepers’ ten orders. Aside from this, he was not able to specify any further evidence. The SPLC believes that the references Oath Keepers make to concentration camps and martial law irrefutably confirm that the group is based entirely upon false conspiracy theories.

“The core idea of virtually all militia groups and all patriot groups is that the evil federal government is involved in a plot to impose martial law on the United States, probably with the aid of foreign troops,” Potok said. “Those who resist will be thrown into concentration camps, which either have been or will be built by FEMA, and ultimately, the United States will take all weapons from citizens here and force this country into some kind of socialistic New World Order.”

Rhodes said that those who oppose Oath Keepers misleadingly characterize members of the group as conspiracy theorists. “It’s a smear tactic,” Rhodes said.

“Most of the things that are listed in our ten orders are reflections,” Rhodes explained. “They’re reflections of our Bill of Rights, and they’re also reflections of the history of the Twentieth century.”

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Brandon Smith: Inner Freedom Comes First

Inner Freedom Comes First

By Brandon Smith, September 02, 2011

Article’s original source – please read at Brandon’s site, eh? Thanks!


Is freedom a place, or an idea? A state of society, or a state of mind? Does it begin around us, or within us? In today’s world of the all-you-can-eat sensory buffet, where every facet of life is a bit and a byte and a radio wave and a laser beam, most of humanity looks for all of its answers to such questions in the grand ether of the tumbling data stream. We see changes in the tapestry of cultural interaction as the final measure of national progression, or regression. We confuse forward sounding language with forward moving political transformation. We are mesmerized by the illusion of environmental appearance, and forget that the indelible root of all things outward is nurtured by that which lay within.

In America, in the midst of economic crisis and government driven moral hazard, millions of people are scrambling for “solutions”. The term is used rather haphazardly and often without proper context. There are, indeed, very evil men out there in the dark precipices of global infrastructure, and, these men often instigate very bad events. However, “doing away with them” is NOT a solution. It is NOT a plan. It is merely a goal. A solution requires more than an end result; it also involves the steps necessary to achieve said result. The Liberty Movement, as it is commonly called, tends to run into so much frustration and angst, I believe, because it consistently attempts to skip to the end of the story without traveling the rest of the very necessary journey.

End the Fed! Sue the Fed! March on Washington! Vote the bums out! Take up arms! These are not actions, but reactions triggered by the confusion of the moment. Not only are they single minded responses that lack the strategy and logistics inherent in a successful counter-offensive, but such cries ignore the other devious culprit responsible for our national heartache; ourselves.

Yes, the world must change, and soon, if our principles are to survive. But, for this to happen, we must change first. Instead of looking up, down, and all around us for some magical all encompassing answer, we have to question our very assumptions and world views. No weapon of steel or of law will ever undo the tragedy we live in day to day while we lack the conviction to confront our own biases and failings. We have always been the greatest obstacle to a truly freedom based society, not the elites, who are nothing but parasites feeding off our willfully perpetuated inadequacies.

Working methodologies for combating globalization and centralization do exist. State nullification, for instance, is a significant tool for defusing obtrusive federal authority, but without the organizational willpower and perseverance to take back the now thoroughly corrupt election process county by county, state by state, while producing viable liberty minded candidates and grassroots activist groups, nullification is impossible. Survival preparation is essential for anyone who wishes to decouple from the collapsing mainstream system, but without the determination to make prepping a reality, we are left with nothing but a bunch of hungry, desperate nobodies huddled on the sidelines of the war for truth. Barter networking and alternative markets require extensive patience and unerring dedication, along with constant self education on the processes of sound money and private trade. Safe Haven and Free State Projects push us even harder, requiring us to uproot from everything we have been conditioned to accept as normal and comfortable, and travel, perhaps long distances, to begin anew in a place likely unfamiliar. All of these things involve an internal finality of purpose, a clear and unwavering path unhindered by regret. Those who undertake the above initiatives do so not because they were “told to”, but because they know, above all else, that what they are doing is right. They no longer stand in their own way, and thus, the possibilities become infinite.

For others, the endless circular battle between action and apathy continues. Below, are some of the most frequent excuses uttered by those aware of the burgeoning dangers of a disintegrating culture but who are incapable of taking the first steps of inward freedom needed to do anything about their predicament…

1) I know things are getting bad in this country, but I only have time to focus on my own problems right now…

Your immediate problems are certainly yours to solve, but they are also very likely an aftereffect of the wider problems of the world around you. Ironically, only by taking personal responsibility for the problems of the world can we alleviate the incredible pressures of our microcosmic existence. That is to say, by taking action against the trespasses of global economic and socio-political despotism, you are doing yourself and your private life a big favor.

2) I believe that a collapse (social and economic) is possible, but just can’t imagine things ever going that far…

What you can’t “imagine” is generally pretty irrelevant when considering the FACTS of any given situation. Educating one’s self on the history of modern economic and political instability is a step that many seem to overlook before drawing conclusions on the state of America today. Without a point of reference to refer to, these people are left completely in the mire as to the very real threats that lay ahead. Many of them actually avoid learning the background details of similar crises like those in Weimar Germany, Soviet Russia, Argentina, Zimbabwe, etc., because doing so would mean room for denial would disappear. Yes, our country will see darker days ahead, perhaps pitch black. Refusing to prepare for the worst will not stop the worst from happening. Never, ever, assume a disaster will “blow over”.

3) I just don’t have the money to get into survival prepping right now. Maybe I will start when I get some savings in order…

In some cases (very few) this excuse is acceptable. But, in many others it is complete nonsense. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve run into that make this claim while continuing to spend money on non-essential luxuries. Do you still have cable T.V.? Get rid of it! It stinks anyway. Do you buy a new computer every six months? Well stop! The gigs and ram you have now are probably more than adequate. Do you pour money into personal vices like drugs, cigarettes, or beer? Quit! There will be no room for them post collapse anyway. There is always money for prepping, even if it’s a little every month. The obstacle is not funding. The obstacle is your unwillingness to sacrifice certain comforts for more important investments.

4) I would delve into sound money, but it all seems too complicated…

I’ll make this simple; buying gold and silver is NOT complicated. In fact, it is very easy. If something feels “complicated”, then simply uncomplicated it by educating yourself using the numerous resources still available on the internet or your local library. Knowledge is (at this time) everyone’s prerogative. Liberty starts not with the words in an article or a book, but the decision to actually sit down and read that article or book with an open mind. Make that decision now!

5) I feel isolated, and would like to move to a safe haven with more like-minded people, but am afraid of not finding work, or leaving behind that which is familiar…

Safe Haven relocation is not for everyone, but many can at least admit that they probably live in an unstable and violence prone environment sensitive to economic unrest. Many can also admit that they do not have the support network required to survive such an event. This choice ultimately comes down to priorities. When the survival of yourself and your family is on the line, does it really matter if you are “familiar” (i.e. comfortable) with your current location? In a crumbling marketplace, is it better to take your chances with a job that you know will soon no longer exist, or to take your chances in an alternative market with increasing growth? Is it better to wait until doom is ringing the doorbell? Or, is it more practical to take measures now to insulate yourself from the storm? Learning to prioritize means learning to set aside what we want in the face of what we need.

6) I would like to become more of an activist, but isn’t it better to “keep a low profile”, and avoid retribution from the power elite…?

Fear is the most repressive internal obstacle of all. Tyrants do not conquer countries; fear conquers countries. As I have said before, when the Founding Fathers signed the Declaration of Independence, they did not sign it “Anonymous”. It is every free man’s duty to stand behind his own convictions. Holding them quietly in the corner of the room gets us nowhere. This is not to say that all our thoughts and activities should be made public, but if you can’t build up the gumption to speak the truth in the wake of a lie then you aren’t of much use to anyone, especially yourself. There is nothing illegal about organizing against corruption, and even if there was, it wouldn’t matter. Fighting for freedom means being audacious, and sometimes unconcerned about the supposed “consequences”. While we speak often of safety and preparedness, these things at bottom are also only important so far as they support our ability to put ourselves on the line for the future of our ideals. There is no room for apprehension here…

The purpose of the above is not to “shame” those in the movement who remain inactive, but to clear the fog that tends to surround any new and powerful movement against the rush of the totalitarian wildfire. We continue to look for white-knight leaders, short cut slapdash solutions, and even miracles to somehow save us from doing what we dread most; facing the fact that we are the greatest prognosticators of our own fates. We are the ones who choose freedom, or slavery. In the soft light of fading glory, only those who blaze their own trails will see the road ahead. To each man awaits a multitude of perils and rewards, all of which depend upon his inner resolve; a quality which stands upon the summit of the soul, against the wind, and the unrelenting cold.

You can contact Brandon Smith atbrandon@alt-market.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

For more information on Alt-Market’s Safe Haven State Project, visit the Safe Haven web page here (still under construction):

To contribute to the growth of the Safe Haven Project, and to help us help others in relocating, visit our donate page here:

Please donate and support Oath Keepers mission, every little bit helps!

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Sheriff Mark Gower, Iron County, Utah

This stirring message came in from Oath Keepers Board member Terry Flink, and we felt it should be shared with readers here at our national site.
Western States Sheriffs AssociationWestern States Sheriffs Association

First, let me give a little background.  Sheriff Gower is a humble man who has quietly protected the rights of the citizens of Iron County since 2003.  I first met Sheriff Mark Gower at the Oath Keepers conference in Las Vegas in 2009.  He spoke about the challenges he was experiencing as a County Sheriff in southern Utah with the overreach of the federal government into his jurisdiction.  Specifically the issue was a battle over an endangered prairie dog and private property rights.  He came to the conference to share his experiences and he found a group of very supportive and encouraging citizens that would stand with him.

The second time I met Sheriff Gower was at the Freedom Conference in Cedar City in 2010 where he was one of the speakers and used the opportunity to hold a town hall-style meeting.  Again, he was soft spoken, but spoke as a staunch advocate of the Constitutional rights of the people and was obviously respected by the people of Iron County.  At the end of the conference, several of us Oath Keepers thanked him for his continued support of the Constitution and voiced our continued support for him as the model of what a County Sheriff should be.

Since that last meeting I thought it was important to once again reach out to Sheriff Gower and let him know we still stand behind him and appreciate his commitment to “honor his oath”.  John Mackey and I planned a trip to southern Utah with the specific goal in mind to meet with the Sheriff.  Not knowing how much time he would have for us, I would have been happy with just 5 minutes to thank him and tell him he still has many fans and supporters within the ranks of Oath Keepers.  I tried to reach him by email several weeks prior to let him know we were coming through Cedar City but did not hear back.  Since John and I had several reasons to go to southern Utah, we left early yesterday morning still hoping to have an opportunity to meet with him.

On the way up I called the Sheriff and told him we were coming through and hoped to stop by.  He said he would be available in the afternoon and to come see him at the Sheriff’s Office.  When we arrived he welcomed us into his office and spent 45 minutes talking about what was going on in his county, the challenges he and his department continue to face and sharing our concerns about some of the recent developments within the Law Enforcement community (i.e. Tucson and Quarzsite).

We had a great dialogue and were encouraged to hear that the City Council of Cedar City was starting to stand with him against the encroachment of the federal government, vis-a-vis the prairie dog, and they were making good progress in securing the property rights of the people.  Sheriff Gower also expressed strong support for the “Quarzsite 10″ and wanted to join us on August 27 but can not since that is right in the middle of the Iron County Fair.  We left the meeting feeling very encouraged and Sheriff Gower expressed his sincere thanks that we took time to reach out to him.  We told him we would be back and he was looking forward to it.

Sheriff Gower is an oath keeper in both word and deed and should have the support of all Oath Keepers.  I would encourage everyone to reach out to this “squared away Sheriff” (Stewart Rhodes’ words) and drop him an email thanking him for honoring his oath.  If you find yourself in southern Utah, stop in at the Sheriff’s office and thank him and his deputies for the great work they are doing.  If you have a chance, check out the Iron County Fair and you will see what a sense of “community” means.

Sheriff Gower email

Iron County Fair

Western States Sheriff AssociationWestern States Sheriff Association

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Grant County, Oregon: The Solution To Tyranny

Former Sheriff Richard Mack

Former Sheriff Richard Mack

On June 14, 2011, “We The People” of Grant County, Oregon, gathered together in the Union High School Gymnasium to support their Sheriff. The reason they did so, was to listen to me give my presentation on the power of sheriffs and the duty they have to uphold and defend the Constitution. But more important than coming to hear me, these good people came to express their appreciation for their sheriff.  You see, their Sheriff, Glenn Palmer, actually believes it’s his job to keep his Oath of Office! He actually believes that protecting the people from the enforcement of stupid laws and out of control government officials is his responsibility. So much so that he has put himself on the line, subjected himself to the scrutiny and ridicule of the mainstream establishment, as he courageously stands against the U S Forest Service! Yes, Grant County, OR, a small county of not even 7,000 people and 5,000 square miles, has set the example for the entire country as to how we restore freedom in America! A Sheriff doing his job, keeping his oath, and with the support of the people, standing together for liberty.

This did not happen overnight. The people have long endured abusive regulations by the Forest Service. The sheriff has been been working to have the USFS curtail their whimsical enforcement for years. Lately, it has fallen on deaf ears. So he was forced to take stronger action. Finally, he wrote the Forest Service a letter. Here is the letter in its entirety:

Teresa Raaf, Supervisor

Malheur National Forest

Patterson Bridge Road

John Day, Oregon  97845

Ms. Raaf,                                                         March 31, 2011

Regarding the pending cooperative policing agreement between the US Forest Service and the Grant County Sheriff, I am advising you in writing that I will not be signing the agreement. I do not believe that it is in the best interest of the people I serve or the Grant County Sheriff’s Office to continue with the agreement.

There are several issues that I will bring to your attention that at this point I will not go into detail about.

The issues include, but are not limited to, how US Forest Service LEO’s treated citizens of this county in October and November of 2010, Travel Management Plan, illegal road closures, grazing, logging, wood permits, prescribed burns, unemployment and other socio-economic issues this community faces today. There is a general mistrust of the federal government by the people of this County, State and Nation.

You are aware that I had sent at least two requests to the US Forest Service asking for information that pertains to where the US Forest Service gets its Constitutional authority to have law enforcement officers within Grant County.

One response that I have received in writing is that their authority is given through the Cooperative Policing Agreement that this agency has signed in the past. Upon asking for clarification and a second request, the response was that I needed to check with my District Attorney. Neither response in my opinion is adequate.

Under Article 1 Section 8 of the United States Constitution, the federal government is limited in its powers and authority. Your jurisdiction as I see it is limited in nature to the Federal Building in John Day.

Within the confines of Grant County, Oregon, the duties and responsibility of law enforcement will rest with the County Sheriff and his designees.


Glenn E. Palmer

Sheriff for Grant County

So, here we have a small-town sheriff standing against the Federal Government on behalf of his citizens. You know, the people the sheriff actually promised in solemn oath to protect and defend? Well, this Sheriff meant it. He takes his oath seriously and intends to keep his word. He has been ridiculed and sharply assailed for his stance. The local newspaper has been part of this criticism and some other local officials who would never have the courage to do such a thing, certainly have the courage to complain about Palmer. One such coward actually criticized the sheriff, not because he was wrong, but because his stance could cost the county federal funds! In other words, don’t stand for what’s right, do not try to keep your oath, become a political prostitute and grab the federal money! Is this not the political correctness of the day? Don’t do whatever it takes to keep your oath of office, do whatever it takes to bring in the money! Thank goodness there are those with the honor and integrity to stay out of the corrupt mainstream.

There is one other fantastic part of this entire situation. The people have taken it upon themselves to stand with their sheriff. The newspaper, The Blue Mountain Eagle, has on its June 1, 2011 issue, a full-page ad with approximately 600 names on it from citizens of Grant County. The ad has as its headline: SUPPORT OUR SHERIFF. Then the subtitle reads: The following citizens stand behind our County Sheriff Glenn Palmer, his oath of office and the constitutions.

This is an example to all Americans, to all leaders of this great country, a small county in eastern Oregon just demonstrated how we preserve our Constitutional Republic; we have sheriffs, who keep their oaths, who stand for liberty, and then you have the people, yes, how the entire Constitution starts, We The People, stand with their Sheriff!

I am honored to have seen all this in person, to have shaken the hand of this good Sheriff and his good wife, and to meet the people of this great county. I spoke to this crowd and in the middle of my presentation I announced proudly that it was an amazing experience to be in a place in America where the County Sheriff actually has the courage to just do his job! The crowd of about 500 went wild with applause, standing and cheering for several moments.

This is the answer, this is the solution. Grant County and Sheriff Palmer have shown us the way! As sheriffs and other local leaders stand for freedom, we take  America back county by county and state by state! And of course, don’t forget the key ingredient, “We The People.”

– Former Sheriff Richard Mack

Member: National Oath Keepers Board of Directors


Alex Jones Round Table with Oath Keepers, Stewart Rhodes, Michael Boldin & Brandon Smith

In this special video presentation for Prison members filmed from the new Infowars television studio, Alex Jones hosts a round table discussion featuring Oath Keepers founder Stewart Rhodes, founder and executive director of the Tenth Amendment Center Michael Boldin, as well as activist and economic writer Brandon Smith of Alt-Market, to discuss the states’ rights movement and how Americans need to organize now to take back power usurped in a myriad of different ways by the federal government.

Watch all 4 parts

Rhodes explains how history tells us that tyranny can never be enforced without the aid of uniformed military and police, highlighting the case of East Germany where troops were told to stand down and two days later the Berlin wall fell. Rhodes documents how the implementation of a totalitarian infrastructure in the United States has led to the President having supreme power to assassinate US citizens by declaring them “enemy combatants” and how this sets an ominous benchmark for the level of power that has been accumulated by the executive branch of government. The federal government, the Southern Policy Law Center and the ADL have all targeted Oath Keepers simply because the group attempts to re-affirm commitment to the bill of rights amongst active duty soldiers and law enforcement.

Michael Boldin invokes the words of the founding fathers who warned that federal power would always grow like a cancer unless the American people used the tool of nullification to strike at the root of such tyranny. Nullification is about rendering a particular law null and void, unenforceable within a state, explains Boldin, and it is the duty of American citizens to oversee this process to stymie federal power instantaneously, not wait until after an election or a legal battle. Boldin has led the effort to promote this ideal with the recent Nullify Now tour.

Brandon Smith joins to discuss the recent federal persecution and raid of the makers of the Liberty Dollar, who were labeled as domestic terrorists because they merely challenged the legitimacy of the federal reserve by encouraging Americans to use sound money. Smith talks about the necessity for communities to set up alternative forms of trade and barter in order to drastically reduce their exposure to dollar devaluation that otherwise threatens to completely eviscerate their economic livelihoods.


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How Police Are Turning Military

Police Officer c/o Politico dot com/apPolice Officer c/o Politico dot com/ap

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(Note: David Rittgers, a legal policy analyst at the Cato Institute, served three tours in Afghanistan as a special forces officer.)

The sheriff’s office in Pima County, Ariz., raided the home of former Marine and Iraq combat veteran Jose Guerena, shooting 71 rounds at Guerena and hitting him with 22. The department is now facing a serious controversy over Guerena’s death.

But the raid isn’t the real tragedy. It’s a symptom of the real tragedy: the militarization of U.S. law enforcement. Pima County released a video of the raid and supporting documents. The video isn’t anything new — a squad of police officers dressed up for combat.

But the statement of the SWAT supervisor is worth reading. After the SWAT team entered Guerena’s home, the supervisor left one or two “operators” with the body while the rest searched the house. What did he mean by operator? Well, a police officer. But the term connotes something entirely different.

“Operator” is a term of art in the special operations community. Green Berets, SEALs and other special operations personnel often refer to themselves as operators. It’s a recognition of both the elite standards of their units and the hybrid nature of their duties — part soldier, part spy, part diplomat. But importing operator terminology into domestic law enforcement is not a benign turn of the phrase.

Perceiving yourself as an operator plasters over the difference between a law enforcement officer serving a warrant and a commando in a war zone.

The former Mirandizes, the latter vaporizes, as the saying goes — and as the recent Osama bin Laden raid vividly illustrated. Targeted killing is legal in a war zone but not on the streets of Anytown, USA. The war on drugs has done incalculable damage to the character of law enforcement by encouraging police officers to forget they are civilians.

True, they are civilians charged with enforcing the law and are empowered to use force to do so — but they are civilians nonetheless. When police officers refer to their fellow citizens as civilians and mean to exclude themselves from that category, they’ve mentally leapt from enforcing the law to destroying the enemies of the state. That’s incompatible with a free society.

I had reservations about the term “operator” during the years I served in special operations. Most of the time, the label was interchangeable with “soldier.” But sometimes it became a tool for diminishing the need for planning — and relying on brawn and talent instead. “Don’t worry; we’re operators,” was the overall attitude. “We can handle it.”

Some of that is evident in the raid on Guerena’s home. Unless otherwise specified, warrants are supposed to be served with a knock on the door and an announcement that a peace officer is the one knocking. Police can request a no-knock warrant that allows entry without warning when they anticipate armed resistance. If Guerena was in fact moonlighting with a home-invasion crew, as the Pima County sheriff alleges, then this may have been a rare situation in which a no-knock warrant would be justified.

Ideally, suspects are taken into custody outside their homes, in an environment law enforcers are more easily able to predict and control. Instead, Pima County authorities produced enough noise with sirens and a battering ram to spark instant chaos and confusion in Guerena’s residence, where he was sleeping after working the night shift. Once the SWAT team breached the door, it’s not clear from the available video that they again announced themselves as law enforcement officers and not the sort of home invaders who killed two of Guerena’s wife’s relatives last year.

Some law enforcement officers certainly qualify for operator status. The FBI team that snatched CIA headquarters shooter Mir Aimal Kansi from a hotel room in the badlands of Pakistan makes the grade. But securing evidence in suburban America is the antithesis of operator status. It’s a basic law enforcement function, not an international manhunt or the targeted killing of a terrorist leader.

While a group of SWAT officers may have felt like operators on a battlefield, an honorably discharged Marine — possibly seeking only to defend his family from what he thought was a home invasion — bled out in Arizona.

Please read this story at Politico dot com, where you will find embedded reference links:



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