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Brandon Smith: The Economic Solutions Of Vampires


The Economic Solutions Of Vampires

The vampire bat is a horrifying pig-nosed wart of a creature which feasts in a manner that, believe it or not, is a rather familiar scene to those of us who closely study alternative economics.  After erratically flittering about in the sinking evening sky, it targets the warmth of a sleeping farm animal and latches onto it with its claws.  Carefully, it inserts a fang into a vein dense region of the creature’s body, and laps away at the blood.  Normally, the oblivious livestock are completely unaware and helpless to the attack.  The tiny parasite does not inflict an immediately mortal blow to its host, but over time, disease and physical debilitation result.  The vampire has destroyed the animal, and, pathetically, the animal has no idea.

Just as in nature, the economic world has its own bloodsucking vermin in the form of banking elites which are a wretched drain on the whole of the human race.  Without their vicious and predatory presence, I envision a world so rapturously above and beyond what we wallow in today that it is impossible to describe.  The disgust many feel when considering the virulent feeding habits of the common mosquito or the slithering leech does nothing to compare to the utter gut churning revulsion I feel when studying the financial habits of banks like the Federal Reserve and the “too big to fails”.  They are without a doubt the most malignant form of social cancer imaginable.

And yet, after nearly four years of ongoing fiscal exsanguination, a sizable portion of the American populace is still looking to these pests for economic comfort and reassurance, just like farm animals consistently grazing near the entrance of a vampire bat cave, as if it is a shelter from harm.  Worst of all is the willingness by which investors still, to this day, commit their savings and their livelihoods to the stock market meat grinder.  Let’s be honest; the typical American daytrading investor is a complete moron.  They have absolutely no sense of the fundamentals of our financial structure nor the eccentric rules by which it operates.  They only have the faintest inkling of the functions of the highly manipulated stock market.  They foolishly believe that what little money they make today riding the wave of an illegitimate liquidity driven rally they will actually get to keep.  For them, stock investment is no different from buying a scratch-off lotto ticket at a hillbilly gas station; it is a cheap and tawdry game rife with failure but exciting to play, if only for a fleeting guilt addled thrill.

To be fair, they play because the game is indeed “rewarding”, at least, initially.  The first taste is so sweet that it soils the plasma; the very skin of the cellular membrane of the financial mind becomes saturated.  It swells within the weakening heart of a culture, and overrides its sense of logic.  It makes us do terrible and stupid things, and we clasp our hands together and pray that it will never end.  But, of course, an ending is painfully inevitable.  The more we indulge, the more it takes down the road to satisfy us.  We become an addict nation, riding the chemical wave of a pharmaceutical roller coaster fed by the opiates of fiat and fantasy.

The bottom line; we are being drained of our lifeblood as a country.  However, the mainstream media is rife with talk of “recovery”, and one might ask how this could be possible.  An overwhelming spectrum of solutions has been presented over the past 3-4 years, and each one has given the stock market a little push towards the green, so what’s the problem?

The problem is, the actions taken by our government and banking elites have built the connecting strands of a spider’s web, instead of a safety net.

Let’s examine some the most common solutions presented to the increasingly desperate American public and why these delusions have lulled us into the role of victim in the most elaborate monster movie of all time…

Centralization As a Solution To…Centralization…?

Europe’s current disintegration is a perfect example of this strange and ultimately destructive policy.  The EU as an experiment is an utter disaster.  Once the jewel of the open border dynamic and a bastion of the “merits” of globalization, the economic union has been exposed as a kind of waxwork museum; a tourist trap curiosity filled with illusions of life, but rather hollow upon closer inspection.

Half of the countries committed to the EU are burdened with liabilities well beyond the 60% debt to GDP ratio outlined in the ‘Growth and Stability Pact’.  Some countries, including Greece, met few if any of the presented criteria for membership and were allowed to join anyway.  The only reason the system was able to function at all was due to the imaginary wealth of the toxic derivative framework which now no longer exists.

The problem with globalization is that it requires assimilation; it demands that sovereign nations adopt the fiscal character of their neighbors in order to present the face of a single entity.  Of course, when these countries are unable to do this because of their cultural differences, or their incongruent economies, something has to be slapped together instead.  Artificially tying together societies by forcing them to financially harmonize is, in my view, a criminal act of collectivism.  Now that this crime is being unveiled for all the world to see, though, the corrupt governments and banking puppeteers of Europe have suggested even MORE of the same!  That’s right…their solution to the collapse of the EU is a harmonization not just of finance, but of politics and law.  A single governing body which would dictate every nuance of the union.

The claim that Europe was not centralized enough, and that this is what caused the breakdown, is absolutely preposterous.  Globalization makes a system inflexible and weak.  If any portion of that system fails, it sends shockwaves through the rest.  This is because centralization removes the protections of independently insulated structures and allows corrupt policy to spread like a plague.  As the economic situation grows more dire, the end result will always be a reduction in the common citizen’s standard of living.  In harmonization, It is far easier to make everyone equally poor than it is to make them equally rich.  With a single, narrow minded leadership, especially one that is completely unaccountable to the people, the EU will become the most fragile makeshift empire in history, and a model for a global government that hopefully will never exist.

Print To Avoid The Pain…

I can’t tell you how truly exhausted I am with the constant rehashing of bailout bills and cheap lending windows as if they have ever or will ever change anything.  Let’s make this clear; Keynesian stimulus measures are useless.  They will always be useless.  Governments do NOT create jobs, they destroy them.  Central banks do NOT create wealth, they dilute it.  Quantitative easing and zero interest lending does NOT diminish debt, it displaces it; removing it from the shoulders of private corporate banking institutions where it belongs and dumping it in the laps of taxpayers.  I’ll say it again; the debts created by major banks have not been paid.  They have been handed to you, and your children.  Forget the December Santa Rally and the temporary holiday job boost.  Nothing has changed since 2008.

The process of transferring private debt into public obligation is a tool of economic vampires.  The utility in this is obvious.  A program of wealth transference has the ability to prolong full collapse while at the same time giving the impression of stability.  The dollar itself characterizes this conflict.  The currency has been overprinted since the credit crisis began by some estimates in the ten’s of trillions.  Not only has it been devalued to temporarily stave off a purging in the U.S., but now also in Europe.  And yet, the dollar index, which supposedly measures the Greenback’s global value, has spiked.  We are lulled into a sense of safety by such arbitrary measurements, but our buying power is being subversively annihilated.  In less than a year’s time, those who dove into the dollar as a safe haven will discover their bones picked clean by predatory banks and hidden flesh eating inflation.  Count on it…

Create A New Currency…

Globalists love currencies, as long as they aren’t tied down by a commodity.  For central bankers, each fiat currency is a stepping stone to something more sinister.  They are disposable.  They are expendable.  Like toothbrushes.  Yes…even the dollar.  And in this rests the key to economic control.  A currency is a symbol of trade and labor; if you can create and destroy that symbol at will, then you can dominate trade and labor.  Through a mere piece of paper, you manipulate the very breath of social life.  No one should be given that kind of power without uncompromising transparency and constant public governance, but the Federal Reserve is free from both.

The suggestion that we can solve our current financial despair with the formation of a whole new currency, or a global currency, is like suggesting to a slave that he would be much more free with a shinier set of chains.  Any solution that purports to undo the crisis by doing more of the same was probably devised by an economic vampire.

This includes digital currencies like the failed “Bitcoin”, which swagger about in the classy looking threads of technology and diversity while flashing us impromptu peace signs.  Digital currencies are a Star Trek theme park distraction, and just like any paper fiat currency, they make promises they cannot keep.  Any trade system that depends upon good faith in ones and zeros traveling across a network of machines that can be hacked or rendered useless by collapse is doomed.  We have already tasted the danger of digital through the debauchery of credit cards.  Why tempt fate even further?

More Regulation And Control…

Regulation is not the problem in America’s economy; the REGULATORS are the problem with America’s economy.  The SEC is given thousands of potential investigations a year to pursue, but rarely do they ever follow through, and when they do, it’s to throw the angry masses a Bernie Madoff or two; an act of insincere appeasement in light of much greater fraud.

Being that true free markets have not existed for at least a century, the insinuation that free markets are the root of the collapse is a bit absurd.  The guidelines for government oversight of business in the U.S. already exist; government has just refused to implement them.  Adding new restrictions to an already restricted market will change nothing.  Therefore, the only solution that makes any sense whatsoever as far as regulation is to wipe the slate clean entirely.  Remove the Federal Reserve, replace the SEC, and replace the current establishment leadership.

I have heard it said that the philosophy of our economic system is the problem.  This is an ignorant cop-out.  The principals of free markets are not the issue; the men who abuse them and diminish them, on the other hand, are.  Anyone who suggests that we as a country should focus our anger on the idea of the system rather than the men behind the misuse of that system is, without a doubt, an economic vampire.

Lurking in the Shadows

The question of solutions is difficult, not because there aren’t any, but because those that will actually succeed require pain, sacrifice, and incredible hard work.  Most people don’t like to think about that sort of thing.  This is why global banks and their proponents have been able to maintain the recovery magic act for the past few years (just barely), and it is why the useless concepts they put forward are still given public consideration.  We WANT to be sold on the proposal of an easy way out.

One rule to never forget when considering any solution is to take into account who benefits most from its implementation, and who has to labor for its success.  If average people are forced to exert all the effort, and an elite few reap all the substantial benefits, this contradiction outweighs any assertion of practicality.  It is not worth our time, nor our energy, to shadowbox reality.  Unfortunately, this is all we have been doing as a nation since 2008.

The creeping terror that lay ahead is not the economic collapse, but the men who would use it to their favor.  The stakes are high.  With the NDAA and similar bills in place, fiscal distress is no longer just a matter of economics, but a matter of personal liberty.  Without a doubt, a collapse will be used as a rationalization for totalitarianism.  If we do not make the hard decisions now, and take it upon ourselves to construct our own localized economies separate and insulated from the mainstream, we will, indeed, find ourselves one day cowering in the dark of a long drawn night infested with fiends, and desperate enough to actually ask them for help.  They will be happy to give it, at a very bloody price…

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Oath Keepers Launches National Effort to Recall and/or Remove Members of Congress Who Voted for NDAA Military Detention. Merry Christmas, U.S. Congress!

There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights.”- Marine General Smedley Butler.

Oath Keepers has launched a national effort to recall (or remove by any other lawful means) all of the oath breaking members of Congress, in both the House and Senate, who voted for the National Defense Appropriations Act of 2012 (NDAA), which contains provisions that authorize indefinite military detention and trial by military commission of “any person” – including U.S. citizens and lawful residents – upon the mere say-so of the President or one of his subordinates in the Executive Branch, such as within the Department of Defense or CIA.

Number three on the Oath Keepers list of Orders We Will Not Obey states:

3. We will NOT obey orders to detain American citizens as “unlawful enemy combatants” or to subject them to military tribunal.

That is near the top of our list for very good reason – this claimed power will kill our Bill of Rights unless it is stopped.  To be blunt, we consider the NDAA of 2012 to be a declaration of war on the American people, and an act of treason.   But even if you disagree with that view, and merely consider those who voted for it to be oath breakers, please work hard to remove them all from office.  Oath Keepers members across the nation will lead or assist efforts in their states to remove any member of Congress, regardless of party, who voted for this monstrosity.

We encourage all Americans of whatever political party to set aside their differences and come together in defense of our Bill of Rights by rooting out this den of vipers in Washington D.C. who are either knowingly killing our Bill of Rights, were too concerned with their careers to take a principled stand by voting against the NDAA, or are useful idiots who don’t understand what they swore an oath to defend.  Whatever their excuse, they have violated their oaths to defend the Constitution and must be sent packing.  This is not about politics.  This is about defending the Constitution.  As Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes put it:

These politicians from both parties betrayed our trust, and violated the oath they took to defend the Constitution.  It’s not about the left or right, it’s about our Bill of Rights. Without the Bill of Rights, there is no America.  It is the Crown Jewel of our Constitution, and the high-water mark of Western Civilization.

As two time Medal of Honor winner Marine General Smedley Butler once said “There are only two things we should fight for. One is the defense of our homes and the other is the Bill of Rights.”   Time to fight.

This is a bi-partisan assault on the Bill of Rights that will require a bi-partisan defense.  We the People must adopt a scorched-earth policy against all who voted for the NDAA of 2012, regardless of party, using any and all lawful means available to remove them from office.  If you can remove them by means of recall, then do so.  If that option is not available in your state, consider working to make it an option in your state.  If attempts to recall are stopped by the courts, then root the oath breakers out in the next primary of whatever party they are in, making this issue the litmus test and supporting a challenger who will pledge to repeal this dangerous law.   Make this desecration of our Bill of Rights campaign issue number one.

And if you don’t manage to root them out in the primary, then defeat them in the general election, again supporting a challenger who pledges to repeal the detention provisions of the NDAA.   Use whatever lawful means or combination of strategies available to get the job done.   And even when any particular method “fails,” it still succeeds in keeping the focus on this act of betrayal, and it serves to educate the American people, waking them up to the ongoing bipartisan assault on our Bill of Rights.  Even if we lose a battle we can still win the war.

We must keep this issue in the public eye, and keep the pressure on.  Just as Jefferson and Madison were successful in rallying opposition to the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, which clearly violated the Constitution, and used that opposition to sweep the Federalists from Congress in what was known as “the revolution of 1800,” we must rally opposition to this clearly unconstitutional act and use it to sweep all of the Bill of Rights killing career politicians, of both major parties, out of Congress.   Clean them all out!

To kick off this national campaign, Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes, along with Montana artist William Crain, will be personally spear-heading a recall effort in Montana, aimed at all three of Montana’s federal delegation –  Senators Jon Tester and Max Baucus, and Representative Denny Rehberg – since they all voted for the NDAA.  Stewart said:

Here in Montana, while we will go after all three violators of the Bill of Rights, I will place special emphasis and “focus of effort” on Denny Rehberg, since he is so fond of wrapping himself in the flag and claiming to be defending the Constitution while his votes do the exact opposite.   In that sense, Rehberg is much like John McCain and Lindsey Graham, two Republicans who, right along with Carl Levin and Joseph Lieberman, are leading a sustained and relentless assault on our Bill of Rights,  transforming America in to the Fourth Reich in the name of “national security” while claiming to be defenders of the Constitution.   There is surely a special place in Hell reserved for such hypocrites.  The blood of America’s war dead cries out for the Bill of Rights to be defended against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and we will answer that call.

My only question for Denny Rehberg is if he is a knowing traitor to our Constitution, like John McCain and Lindsey Graham (both of whom served in the military and clearly know exactly what they are doing), or is Rehberg just a useful idiot?   Regardless of the answer, he is unfit to be dog-catcher and I will make it my mission in Montana to ensure that this oath breaker never serves in public office again.

And as for Senator Jon Tester, Stewart Rhodes had this to say, directly addressed to the Senator:

Senator Tester, my friend Jim Manley introduced us back in 2006, at Doug Wold’s place in Polson during the Montana Trial Lawyers Convention, when you were running for U.S. Senate against Conrad Burns.  Jim assured me that you would fight against the neocons who were assaulting the Bill of Rights, and when I met you, I looked you in the eye and asked if you would fight to stop them, and you answered “yes.”  And so I was very happy to see you defeat the oath breaking Conrad Burns.  I am a one issue voter –and that issue is the Bill of Rights.  Conrad Burns, who voted for the PATRIOT Act, was a Bill of Rights wrecking machine who had to go.  Good riddance! But now you have gone down the same path by voting for the NDAA of 2012, betraying the trust that Montanans placed in you to stand up for the Bill of Rights.  You blew it when it counted most.  You violated your oath.  I sincerely hope Montana Democrats select someone better in the upcoming Montana Democratic primary.   We cannot afford more of the same.

No More Pernicious Doctrine

The NDAA of 2012 is the single most dangerous and destructive anti-constitutional piece of legislation to ever pass through Congress since it strikes at the very heart of our Constitution and especially at our Bill of Rights, stripping away not just the ancient right of habeas corpus, but also directly violating the right to jury trial guaranteed by both Article III, Section 2 of the Constitution and by the Sixth Amendment, and also directly violating the Treason Clause of Article III, Section 3, which defines the crime of treason, stating:

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.

Thus Article III clearly establishes what must be done with any Americans accused of making war against the United States or aiding the enemy – those Americans must be tried in an Article III civilian court, before a jury of their peers, and there must be two witnesses to the overt act or a confession in open court (extra evidentiary hurdles) before their lives or liberty can be taken from them, as Justices Scalia and Stevens aptly pointed out in their dissent in Hamdi.

Despite that clear constitutional trial remedy for the only crime defined by the Constitution itself, with its extra due process protections for accused Americans, the NDAA purports to instead subject Americans to indefinite military detention without trial for the duration of the war on terrorism – which may last forever – or trial before a military commission, rather than before a civilian jury as Article III plainly demands whenever any American is accused of being a traitor.

The NDAA detention provisions also directly violate the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.  There is no more unreasonable seizure of a U.S. citizen or lawful resident than having them black-bagged and “disappeared” by the U.S. military on the mere say so of the President or some subordinate within the Executive Branch, without a showing of probable cause in support of arrest before a neutral judge, and without an indictment by a Grand Jury as is required by the Fifth Amendment.   And as already noted, the right to jury trial clearly mandated by Article III and by the Sixth Amendment is grossly violated.   Such arbitrary indefinite military detention and military trial of civilians are the hallmarks of repressive dictatorships throughout history.

This act by Congress is but the latest in a long train of abuses begun by the Bush Administration and carried forward by the Obama Administration.  The Bush Administration began the assault on the Bill of Rights by using arbitrary military detention on two American citizens, Yaser Hamdi and Jose Padilla, with Padilla “captured” at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport and detained at a military brig in the United States for three and a half years.  The Bush Administration based those detentions on a flawed World War II decision, Ex Parte Quirin (1942), wherein the same Supreme Court that gave us the horrendous Korematsu decision ruled, for the first time in U.S. history, upheld as “constitutional” the military detention and trial of American citizens as “unlawful combatants” under the laws of war rather than a trial for treason, in a civilian court, before a jury of their peers, as our Constitution demands whenever any American is accused of making war against the United States or aiding the enemy in wartime.

Before that one incident in World War II, the only other time a President had applied the laws of war to the American people was when Lincoln detained approximately 15,000 Northern civilians and tried nearly 5,000 of them by military tribunal.  That detention and trial under the laws of war was ruled unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in Ex Parte Milligan (1866).   Prior to that unconstitutional practice by Lincoln, all who were accused of making war against their own nation, or aiding the enemy, recieved a trial for treason, before a jury of their peers.  And after Lincoln, such an attempt to use the laws of war on the American people was not attempted again until FDR did it during World War II.    Nor was it attempted again until after 9/11.

It was then, in 2001,  that the Bush Administration used that nearly forgotten World War II Quirin decision to support a claim of power to treat America like a battlefield and to apply the laws of war to the American people, treating U.S. citizens and lawful residents the same as the people of conquered enemy nations, such as Iraq and Afghanistan, where anyone merely accused of being an “enemy” can be detained indefinitely by the military, or tried by tribunal and executed.  And the modern federal courts have given their rubber stamp of approval, most significantly in the Hamdi and Padilla cases.  And so, the flawed Quirin decision that laid around like a loaded gun for sixty years has been picked up, dusted off, and used to bring the laws of war home to America, shoving aside our Bill of Rights, and transforming America, step-by-step, into the equivalent of occupied Iraq.  Again, read Scalia’s dissent in Hamdi  an in-depth analysis of the history and cases, see the paper on this topic that Stewart Rhodes wrote in 2004 while a student at Yale Law School, which won Yale’s Judge William E. Miller Prize for best paper on the Bill of Rights.  Stewart also wrote a shorter article in 2005 for The Warrior, the journal of Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College, which summarized his findings.   And you can listen to a recent radio interview Stewart did on this topic, where he lays out exactly how dangerous this law will be, and provides a summary of the relevant caselaw.   As Stewart stated in his November, 2010 interview with The Daily Bell:

The modern resurrection of these dangerous doctrines, which apply the international laws of war to the American people and treat them the same as foreign enemies on foreign battlefields, is one of the principle reasons I founded Oath Keepers.

In Stewart’s above noted writings of 2004 and 2005, he warned that the logical conclusion of this application of the laws of war to the American people is not just detention and trial, but also simply killing Americans on sight, since that is what can be done to a military enemy in wartime.  And that is exactly what has begun to happen.

Obama, instead of rolling back such absurd claims of Executive Power like he promised during his campaign, has doubled down and has taken this claimed power to use the laws of war on Americans to its absurd logical conclusion by asserting that he has the power to order the killing of any American he determines is an “unlawful combatant” during the war on terrorism – just as he does with foreign enemies on a foreign battlefield.   And Obama has done just that.  He has had U.S. citizens killed.   When the “leader” of a nation can put any citizen’s name on his secret list of people to be snuffed out –  a list he concocts based on “secret evidence” he refuses to show anyone – and, without a trial, without a chance for the victims to defend themselves, and without even knowing they are on the list, those kill-on-sight orders are carried out, you are living in a dictatorship.  The U.S. routinely condemns such extra-judicial killings in other countries as gross human rights violations, and rightly so.  But now our own government claims the power to do that to any of us and has begun to do it.

And now Congress has given its overwhelming vote of approval for this insane application of the laws of war to Americans.   By passing the NDAA with these detention and trial provisions, Congress is piling on, and giving its overt support to that claimed power. What was once a power implied, ‘interpreted” and inferred by two administrations, and in various court cases has now been given overt approval by Congress, to “make it legal” while defenders of the act do the long-winded equivalent of “move along citizens, nothing to see here.” As Law Professor Jonathan Turley put it:

At least Senator Lindsey Graham was honest when he said on the Senate floor that “1031, the statement of authority to detain, does apply to American citizens and it designates the world as the battlefield, including the homeland.”

I am not sure which is worse: the loss of core civil liberties or the almost mocking post hoc rationalization for abandoning principle.The Congress and the President have now completed a law that would have horrified the Framers. Indefinite detention of citizens is something that the Framers were intimately familiar with and expressly sought to bar in the Bill of Rights.

See also the analysis at the Law Prof Blog and by Glenn Greenwald, here.

As Rep. Tom McClintock, speaking in opposition, aptly put it:

I rise in opposition to Section 1021 of the underlying Conference Report (H.R. 1540, the National Defense Authorization Act).
This section specifically affirms that the President has the authority to deny due process to any American it charges with “substantially supporting al Qaeda, the Taliban or any ‘associated forces’” – whatever that means.

Would “substantial support” of an “associated force,” mean linking a web-site to a web-site that links to a web-site affiliated with al-Qaeda?  We don’t know.  The question is, “do we really want to find out?”

We’re told not to worry – that the bill explicitly states that nothing in it shall alter existing law.

But wait.

There is no existing law that gives the President the power to ignore the Bill of Rights and detain Americans without due process.  There is only an assertion by the last two presidents that this power is inherent in an open-ended and ill-defined war on terrorism.  But it is a power not granted by any act of Congress.  At least, not until now.

What this bill says is, “What Presidents have only asserted, Congress now affirms in statute.”

We’re told that this merely pushes the question to the Supreme Court to decide if indefinite detainment is compatible with any remaining vestige of the Bill of Rights.

That’s a good point, IF the Court were the sole guardian of the Constitution.  But it is not.  If it were, there would be no reason to require every member of Congress to swear to preserve, protect, and defend that Constitution.

We are also its guardians.

And today, we who have sworn fealty to that Constitution sit to consider a bill that affirms a power contained in no law and that has the full potential to crack the very foundation of American liberty.

And Senator Bernie Sanders declared:

”This bill also contains misguided provisions that in the name of fighting terrorism essentially authorize the indefinite imprisonment of American citizens without charges.”

And Senator Rand Paul warned:

If you allow the government the unlimited power to detain citizens without a jury trial, you are exposing yourself to the whim of those in power. That is a dangerous game.

Across the political spectrum, Americans are waking up to what has been done, and are  indeed standing up to defend our Bill of Rights against all comers.   The apolitical nature of this alarm and resistance is well demonstrated by the fact that two retired four-star Marine Corps generals, Charles C. Krulak and Joseph P. Hoar, wrote a scathing condemnation in the N.Y Times, demanding that Obama veto the bill.  Sadly, Obama himself is an oath breaker.

While Congress does have both the power and the duty to remove oath breakers and traitors from office, with a House vote of 283 to 136 (with 14 members not voting), and a vote in the Senate of 87-13 in favor of this abomination, impeachment is a sick joke since they will not impeach themselves.  Impeachment only works when a majority in Congress take their oaths seriously, have the requisite knowledge of our Constitution to know when it is being violated, an the courage and integrity to defend it.  We are now faced with a super-majority in Congress who have amply demonstrated that they have either utter contempt for our Bill of Rights, are so ignorant that they don’t know when they are destroying the heart and soul of our Constitution, or are so cowardly that they will not take a principled stand.  In any case, they will not correct themselves, by resigning or impeaching each other, and it thus falls to We the People to step in and correct them, by removing the oath breakers from office before they complete the destruction of our Bill of Rights.

One thing that must be made clear to the oath breakers in Congress who voted for the NDAA is that there would be no Constitution if not for the promise of a Bill of Rights.   So, by destroying our Bill of Rights, they are destroying the Constitution that created the three branches of the federal government.   By destroying the Constitution, Congress is destroying itself.

We must, and we will, exhaust all peaceful means we have left of defending our Bill of Rights.   But make no mistake, we, the American people, and especially we, the American veterans, will defend our Bill of Rights at all hazards, up to and including by giving our lives in its defense.   We are duty bound to do no less.  We will not leave our children to a world without the Bill of Rights.   Our fathers and grandfathers fought, bled, and died to defeat fascism over there. We will not abide it here at home.   They honored their oaths, and we shall do the same.  And we will set aside all other differences to take this stand.  For without the Bill of Rights, America ceases to exist.

For the Republic,

Oath Keepers

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Karen Kwiatkowski: Defending The Documents

US Air Force Lt. Col. (ret.) Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.DUS Air Force Lt. Col. (ret.) Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D

Defending The Documents

Rising on the political battlefield in defense of our treasured founding documents are several very noteworthy candidates. Leading the charge to defend American values and culture under the rule of law in the race for the White House is the most widely known defender of the U.S. Constitution, Dr. Ron Paul, about whom much good can be said.

But Dr. Ron Paul is joined in 2012 by a Congressional candidate,  a Gubernatorial candidate, and a Lt. Governor candidate. The four are on the front lines in leadership roles in the fight to restore our Constitutional Republic at the Executive, Congressional, and State levels.

Because most political candidates unconsciously reveal their utter lack of Constitutional knowledge, we feel especially blessed any time a true Constitutionalist steps up to the plate and goes to bat for the Founding Documents.  As today’s Firefighters, Peace Officers, and Soldiers struggle to make sense of a senseless government gone berserk, we all appreciate every blessing a Constitution-minded patriot brings to the political arena.

Because Oath Keepers often publishes articles by or about Ron Paul, we’ll offer him a passing salute and focus on three other candidates who meet with our approval.  In a recent article I introduced our readers to Montana Gubernatorial candidate Robert T. Fanning and his running-mate who is seeking the Lt. Governor seat, the widely-known and distinguished liberty fighter Dr. Chuck Baldwin.

While the Fanning/Baldwin ticket is fascinating in Montana politics and will certainly carry national import as well, and while many readers here at Oath Keepers already are familiar with her work, it is now my pleasure to introduce  another patriot with powerful appeal in the American liberty movement.

For those who do not know about Karen Kwiatkowski, I’ll just suggest that libertarians and Constitutionalists are sure to love her tenacious belief in personal freedom, Austrian economics, and a reduced, if not completely dis-empowered, central government. Briefly:

Dr. Karen Kwiatkowski, Ph.D., is a retired U.S. Air Force Lt. Col. and author who is now running for Congress in Virginia. Dr. Kwiatkowski is keenly perceptive in Constitutional studies and in the philosophy of freedom as written into the Constitution. I have enjoyed her writings for years and always look forward to her next article.

As a retired Air Force officer Karen Kwiatkowski has demonstrated great patriotic courage in speaking out for justice in the administration of governance by government at all levels. She also has an established track record for fighting the good fight, appearing in films, lecturing, and doing interviews in addition to being a prolific writer. She brings dignity to grass-roots activism and is a delightful philosopher with a knack for “saying it like it is, but in new ways”.

Now she is running for Congress and could use some support from all over America. As is the case with Ron Paul, Robert Fanning, and Chuck Baldwin, Karen Kwiatkowski is a strong and brave officer on the front lines in the battle to save our Republic.

Learn more about Karen Kwiatkowski at her campaign website, — — where I found the following video, “One Hundred Million Dollar Penny”.

Also, don’t forget to visit Dr. Karen Kwiatkowski’s extensive archives at Lew Rockwell dot com –


Elias Alias

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New York Times: U.S. Agents Launder Mexican Profits of Drug Cartels – Updated

Wachovia Drug Money Laundering Device For Federal PolicyWachovia Drug Money Laundering Device For Federal Policy

U.S. Agents Launder Mexican Profits of Drug Cartels

By Ginger Thompson
Published: December 3, 2011

WASHINGTON — Undercover American narcotics agents have laundered or smuggled millions of dollars in drug proceeds as part of Washington’s expanding role in Mexico’s fight against drug cartels, according to current and former federal law enforcement officials.

The agents, primarily with the Drug Enforcement Administration, have handled shipments of hundreds of thousands of dollars in illegal cash across borders, those officials said, to identify how criminal organizations move their money, where they keep their assets and, most important, who their leaders are.

They said agents had deposited the drug proceeds in accounts designated by traffickers, or in shell accounts set up by agents.

The officials said that while the D.E.A. conducted such operations in other countries, it began doing so in Mexico only in the past few years. The high-risk activities raise delicate questions about the agency’s effectiveness in bringing down drug kingpins, underscore diplomatic concerns about Mexican sovereignty, and blur the line between surveillance and facilitating crime. As it launders drug money, the agency often allows cartels to continue their operations over months or even years before making seizures or arrests.

Agency officials declined to publicly discuss details of their work, citing concerns about compromising their investigations.

Read entire story at the New York Times –


Representative Issa’s letter to Attorney General Eric Holder dated December 05, 2011 (pdf) –


David Codrea’s coverage of December 05, 2011 –

House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., today announced an investigation into the Drug Enforcement Agency’s alleged laundering of millions of dollars in Mexican drug cartel money,” a December 5 House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform press release declared.

Read article at source:


Note from Elias Alias: In June of 2011 I published an article here at Oath Keepers about Wachovia Bank’s laundering of $378 BILLION dollars in Mexican drug cartel cash.  See the details of Wachovia’s confession and their payment of a $160 Million dollar fine before being bought by Wells Fargo, who received a $50 Billion dollar reward through the banking bailouts for cleaning up Wachovia’s mess. Please note in reading the Wachovia article that no one was indicted, no one was charged with any crime, no one went to jail in a confessed admission that the bank had laundered hundreds of billions of dollars’ worth of Mexican drug cartel money while the ATF at the same time was furnishing thousands of guns to those same Mexican drug cartels.

To all of America’s cops and soldiers being used in this farcical charade called the “War on Drugs”, I would like to challenge you individually to question your orders. Is there any authorization in the U.S. Constitution for the Federal government to assume ownership of any citizen’s body?  If you can find that authorization, please leave it here in the comments section under this article.

If you cannot find any justification for Federal ownership over any citizen’s body, then you must ask yourself about the nature of the orders under which you are operating in the so-called “War on Drugs”.

The reason we must ask such questions has to do with the destruction of America from within and the various aspects of that destruction which are no longer hidden from public scrutiny. The War on Drugs has eviscerated the Bill of Rights in our Constitution and has assaulted the spirit and letter of the U.S. Constitution. The War on Drugs is un-Constitutional on its face, and has been used to weaken our Constitutional protections for American citizens, while at the same time damaging the sovereignty of the several autonomous nation-state Republics which are party to the compact which created the Federal Union.

The so-called War on Drugs has been used to keep the Wall Street bubble afloat as well as to finance the “Black Budget” which was created in the late 1940s after WWII at the same time the CIA was created. (1947, 1949, National Security Act of 1947, with amendments in ’49, and subsequent revisions.) The CIA has been required by Congress twice – that’s two different times – to investigate its proximity and relationship to international drug smuggling activity, including importation of tons of cocaine into the United States of America, and has published its reports on its website. As one might expect of CIA when CIA is ordered to investigate CIA, of course CIA has denied that CIA is involved in drug smuggling.

However, under President Reagan the CIA and the Department of Justice communicated between DOJ and CIA regarding President Reagan’s Executive Order 12333 (1982). William French Smith, Reagan’s Attorney General (same position now held by Eric Holder), sent on Justice Department letterhead a letter to Bill Casey, Reagan’s Director of Central Intelligence (DCI of CIA) a letter explaining that DOJ would not require CIA to report CIA’s drug smuggling activities.  This is rather disturbing news for many peace officers who read here, so allow me to offer you the document itself on the CIA’s website.

For readers who do not want their computer being tracked while visiting the CIA’s website, here is a jpeg copy of the document –


That document was the forerunner of the CIA’s massive importation of cocaine into Florida, Mena, Arkansas, and California during the subsequent “Iran-Contra-Mena” scandal, which revealed in the U.S. Senate not only the proximity of CIA black operatives to drug smuggling into America, but also the existence at the NSC (where Oliver North operated) of “Continuity of Government” (COG).

These are not easy times. However, it is certainly time to honor one’s Oath to the Constitution. The War on Drugs is one part of a juggernaut built on two pillars; the other part is this insane, so-called “War on Terror”. Both pillars are supporting a burgeoning tyranny right here in America, and Oath Keepers must not remain silent as our country is destroyed by evil men in positions of the public trust. As Stewart Rhodes quickly declared upon passage of the National Defense Appropriations Act of 2011, “the Federal government has declared war on the American people”.

Notes From Congress:

This is on the Congressional Record, placed on record during budget hearings for Intelligence. In response to CIA’s request for additional funding, one member of Congress noted the following, on the record.

Intelligence Authorization Act For Fiscal Year 1999

(House of Representatives – May 07, 1998)


In support of the U.S. war in Vietnam, the CIA renews old and cultivates new relations with Laotian, Burmese and Thai drug merchants, as well as corrupt military and political leaders in Southeast Asia. Despite the dramatic rise of heroin production, the agency’s relations with these figures attracts little attention until the early 1970s.


Manuel Antonio Noriega goes on the CIA payroll. First recruited by the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency in 1959, Noriega becomes an invaluable asset for the CIA when he takes charge of Panama’s intelligence service after the 1968 military coup, providing services for U.S. covert operations and facilitating the use of Panama as the center of U.S. intelligence gathering in Latin America. In 1976, CIA Director George Bush pays Noriega $110,000 for his services, even though as early as 1971 U.S. officials agents had evidence that he was deeply involved in drug trafficking. Although the Carter administration suspends payments to Noriega, he returns to the U.S. payroll when President Reagan takes office in 1981. The general is rewarded handsomely for his services in support of Contras forces in Nicaragua during the 1980s, collecting $200,000 from the CIA in 1986 alone.

MAY 1970

A Christian Science Monitor correspondent reports that the CIA `is cognizant of, if not party to, the extensive movement of opium out of Laos,’ quoting one charter pilot who claims that `opium shipments get special CIA clearance and monitoring on their flights southward out of the country.’ At the time, some 30,000 U.S. service men in Vietnam are addicted to heroin.


The full story of how Cold War politics and U.S. covert operations fueled a heroin boom in the Golden Triangle breaks when Yale University doctoral
student Alfred McCoy publishes his ground-breaking study, The Politics of Heroin in Southeast Asia. The CIA attempts to quash the book.


Thai national Puttapron Khramkhruan is arrested in connection with the seizure of 59 pounds of opium in Chicago. A CIA informant on narcotics
trafficking in northern Thailand, he claims that agency had full knowledge of his actions. According to the U.S. Justice Department, the CIA quashed
the case because it may `prove embarrassing because of Mr. Khramkhruans’s involvement with CIA activities in Thailand, Burma, and elsewhere.’

JUNE 1975

Mexican police, assisted by U.S. drug agents, arrest Alberto Sicilia Falcon, whose Tijuana-based operation was reportedly generating $3.6 million a week from the sale of cocaine and marijuana in the United States. The Cuban exile claims he was a CIA protege, trained as part of the agency’s anti-Castro efforts, and in exchange for his help in moving weapons to certain groups in Central America, the CIA facilitated his movement of drugs. In 1974, Sicilia’s top aide, Jose Egozi, a CIA-trained intelligence officer and Bay of Pigs veteran, reportedly lined up agency support for a right-wing plot to overthrow the Portuguese government. Among the top Mexican politicians, law enforcement and intelligence officials from whom Sicilia enjoyed support was Miguel Nazar Haro, head of the Direccion Federal de Seguridad (DFS), who the CIA admits was its `most important source in Mexico and Central America.’ When Nazar was linked to a multi-million-dollar stolen car ring several years later, the CIA intervenes to prevent his indictment in the United States.

APRIL 1978

Soviet-backed coup in Afghanistan sets stage for explosive growth in Southwest Asian heroin trade. New Marxist regime undertakes vigorous anti-narcotics campaign aimed at suppressing poppy production, triggering a revolt by semi-autonomous tribal groups that traditionally raised opium for
export. The CIA-supported rebel Mujahedeen begins expanding production to finance their insurgency. Between 1982 and 1989, during which time the CIA ships billions of dollars in weapons and other aid to guerrilla forces, annual opium production in Afghanistan increases to about 800 tons from 250 tons. By 1986, the State Department admits that Afghanistan is `probably the world’s largest producer of opium for export’ and `the poppy source for a majority of the Southwest Asian heroin found in the United States.’ U.S. officials, however, fail to take action to curb production. Their silence not only serves to maintain public support for the Mujahedeen, it also smooths relations with Pakistan, whose leaders, deeply implicated in the
heroin trade, help channel CIA support to the Afghan rebels.

JUNE 1980

Despite advance knowledge, the CIA fails to halt members of the Bolivian militaries, aided by their Argentine counterparts, from staging the so-called
`Cocaine Coup,’ according to former DEA agent Michael Levine. In fact, the 25-year DEA veteran maintains the agency actively abetted cocaine
trafficking in Bolivia, where government officials who sought to combat traffickers faced `torture and death at the hands of CIA-sponsored
paramilitary terrorists under the command of fugitive Nazi war criminal (also protected by the CIA) Klaus Barbie.’


DEA agent Enrique `Kiki’ Camerena is kidnapped and murdered in Mexico. DEA, FBI and U.S. Customs Service investigators accuse the CIA of stonewalling during their investigation. U.S. authorities claim the CIA is more interested in protecting its assets, including top drug trafficker and
kidnapping principal Miguel Angel Felix Gallardo. (In 1982, the DEA learned that Felix Gallardo was moving $20 million a month through a single Bank of America account, but it could not get the CIA to cooperate with its investigation.) Felix Gallardo’s main partner is Honduran drug lord Juan Ramon Matta Ballesteros, who began amassing his $2-billion fortune as a cocaine supplier to Alberto Sicilia Falcon. (see June 1985) Matta’s air
transport firm, SETCO, receives $186,000 from the U.S. State Department to fly `humanitarian supplies’ to the Nicaraguan Contras from 1983 to 1985. Accusations that the CIA protected some of Mexico’s leading drug traffickers in exchange for their financial support of the Contras are leveled by government witnesses at the trials of Camarena’s accused killers.


Deciding that he has outlived his usefulness to the Contra cause, the Reagan Administration approves an indictment of Noriega on drug charges. By this time, U.S. Senate investigators had found that `the United States had received substantial information about criminal involvement of top Panamanian officials for nearly twenty years and done little to respond.’

APRIL 1989

The Senate Subcommittee on Terrorism, Narcotics and International Communications, headed by Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, issues its
1,166-page report on drug corruption in Central America and the Caribbean. The subcommittee found that `there was substantial evidence of drug smuggling through the war zone on the part of individual Contras, Contra suppliers, Contra pilots, mercenaries who worked with the Contras supporters throughout the region.’ U.S. officials, the subcommittee said, `failed to address the drug issue for fear of jeopardizing the war efforts against Nicaragua.’ The investigation also reveals that some `senior policy makers’ believed that the use of drug money was `a perfect solution to the Contras’ funding problems.’


Honduran businessman Eugenio Molina Osorio is arrested in Lubbock Texas for supplying $90,000 worth of cocaine to DEA agents. Molina told judge he is working for CIA to whom he provides political intelligence. Shortly after, a letter from CIA headquarters is sent to the judge, and the case is dismissed. `I guess we’re all aware that they [the CIA] do business in a different way than everybody else,’ the judge notes. Molina later admits his drug involvement was not a CIA operation, explaining that the agency protected him because of his value as a source for political intelligence in Honduras. [EA note: However, DEA/CIA aircraft flew in the tonnages which people like Osorio distributed, so Osorio’s “admission” was to scratch CIA’s back – after the CIA had him released. One favor deserves another.]


Former head of the Venezuelan National Guard and CIA operative Gen. Ramon Gullien Davila is indicted in Miami on charges of smuggling as much as 22 tons of cocaine into the United States. More than a ton of cocaine was shipped into the country with the CIA’s approval as part of an undercover program aimed at catching drug smugglers, an operation kept secret from other U.S. agencies. […]

-end passages from 1998 Congressional Record-

At the same time we learn that the ATF is arming the Mexican drug cartels and the U.S. banking fraternity is laundering the Mexican drug cartels’ money in cash, the Department of Homeland Security is classifying anyone who votes for Ron Paul, anyone who mentions the U.S. Constitution “too much”, anyone who opposes the ‘new world order’, anyone who is a returning war veteran, anyone who opposes a North American Union (the SPP started by Bush-43 and carried forth by President Obama), anyone who does not support state-funded abortions, anyone who believes in personal sovereignty, anyone who believes in State sovereignty, anyone who does not approve of the Federal Reserve System, Inc., anyone who believes that Congress must declare war before fielding a military invasion of a foreign nation-state, anyone who disbelieves the government’s official story about Oklahoma City bombing of 1995 or the attacks of September 11, 2001, anyone who doubts the authenticity of the ratification of the 16th Amendment  – anyone, in other words, who has not swallowed the propaganda of the Federal government – as potential threats to law enforcement, potential radicalized extremists, and potential terrorists or supporters or sympathizers of terrorism.

Further, the Federal government under Obama has stated directly and publicly that “conspiracy theorists” are to be opposed proactively by the Federal government, as suggested by Cass Sunstein,


Government is faced with suppliers of conspiracy theories, and might aim at least in part to persuade, debias, or silence those suppliers...

-end quoted passage from Cass Sunstein, Obama Administration-

Bear in mind that the brand new National Defense Appropriations Act of 2011 invites law enforcement and domestic military operations to view suppliers of conspiracy theories as potential extremists (possibly guilty of “pre-crime mental activity”), which is a Govlish term for “thought crime“, who may be categorized, under the rubric of giving comfort to the enemy, as “enemy combatants” in the global War on Terror.

Under this year’s NDAA America has been classified officially as a battleground in the global war on terror, and the U.S. military is now tasked with policing extremism in America, on American soil. Just bear that in mind please while we consider how that might relate to the Federal government using its DEA to launder billions of dollars in Mexican drug cartel profits and using the ATF to provide combat-grade arms to the same Mexican drug cartels.

Further yet, private sector think tanks affiliated with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) are applying Govlish twists to common terms  such as “anti-government“, “extremism” and “sovereignty“.  Here is an example from the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).

One manifestation of the ideology of resistance to the government was the creation of the Oath Keepers group in March 2009… The “orders” the Oath Keepers refuse [to obey] reveal their extreme conspiratorial mindset, because the “orders” are not instructions ever likely to be actually handed down by Obama or his officials; instead, they are reflective of the anti-government conspiracy theories embraced by the extreme right… Indeed, in a message posted to the Oath Keepers’ Web site and “recommended” by Stewart Rhodes, one member using the pseudonym Elias Alias claimed that the United States was currently ruled by an “imposter government” and warned against the encroachment of a “New World Order.”

-end quoted passages from ADL article-

To further define patriotic Americans as the “enemy” and demonize us, another infamous government tool of psy-war, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has had plenty to say about Oath Keepers and Constitutionalists. Example –

Oath Keepers, the military and police organization that was formed earlier this year and held its April muster on Lexington Green, may be a particularly worrisome example of the Patriot revival. Members vow to fulfill the oaths to the Constitution that they swore while in the military or law enforcement. “Our oath is to the Constitution, not to the politicians, and we will not obey unconstitutional (and thus illegal) and immoral orders,” the group says… That same pugnacious attitude was on display after conservatives attacked an April report from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) that suggested a resurgence of radical right-wing activity was under way…

-end quoted passages from the SPLC-

And even further yet, the head of DT Analytics, Daryl Johnson, former employee at Homeland Security for six years and author of the infamous and leaked report of April 07, 2009, says this about Oath Keepers –

The Oath Keepers organization is, however, a domestic extremist group that embraces antigovernment conspiracy theories such as FEMA detention camps and the New World Order. They are not a traditional threat such as organized crime, violent gangs or terrorist groups. Rather, they represent an internal operational security and counterintelligence threat.

The Oath Keepers’ mission is solely about subverting the U.S. Government through secretive infiltration, covert monitoring of law enforcement, military and intelligence communications and, if necessary, unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information to their membership, affiliated groups and the general public. This makes the organization and its membership a particularly dangerous (and peculiar) type of domestic threat.

-end quoted passages from Darly Johnson’s website-

It has likely never occurred in the tortured mind of Daryl Johnson that Oath Keepers might actually be here to subvert the actions of those who would use our seats of governmental power and authority to subvert the Constitution itself. The Constitution is our highest original law. It is the source of all other law in America.

The Constitution is the law which is most directly connected to the bosom of the people. The people extended from their own personal sovereignty a portion of themselves through delegation of their own autonomy as free men the granted (and enumerated) authority of the General (Federal) government.

Oath Keepers expects all who swear [or affirm] the Oath to that Constitution to honor the Constitution. When a criminal mind makes its way into seats of governmental authority, it is only patriotic and just to remove that criminal mind from our government. That is not “anti-government”. That is in fact very “pro-government”.

Indeed, for all power-damaged mentalities who are subjected to Feducation and Govlish conditioning, it would seem absurd to ever question the mission as dictated for each Department in any President’s Cabinet. To the willfully blind zealot statist, whatever the government dictates is gospel and law, and anyone who challenges un-Constitutional acts by government is therefore obviously an enemy of the state. The NDAA of 2011 is the Govlish answer to any challenge through traditional lawful channels, including mental pre-crime, such as this article you’re reading.

In other words, people like me who share a vision of returning this nation to the rule of law under the highest uncontested law of the land, the Constitution for the united States of America, are now painted by our own government as being enemies of the state. I, an aging and simple man who once fought in a foreign war for this nation, am now being defined by my own damned government as an enemy, and cops and soldiers are presently being trained to subdue me with the full force and might of the Federal mechanism which issues marching orders for cops and soldiers through DHS.

Now, under the NDAA act which our treasonous Congress has just passed, this same government which was created in compact between the several sovereign nation-state Republics, claims the right to waive Posse Comitatus, to waive Habeas Corpus, to waive our Bill of Rights, to waive our right to trial by jury of peers, to waive our citizenship, to engage in pre-crime indefinite detention under the military’s rules of war, for anyone, including me, who belligerently opposes the destruction of our Constitution by government fiat.

I object. I object because of this. Above in this article we have seen that the ATF has broken our laws by arming the Mexican drug cartels. We also have seen that the banking industry and the DEA have both been complicit in laundering the Mexican drug cartels’ profits here in America. It must be seen as plainly as possible – our government is behind both sides of the War on Drugs and the War on Terror, creating it, facilitating it, making it profitable – all the while accruing thousands of innocent deaths in the wake of such insane Federal policies.

And that same government which is breaking very serious laws for which you and I would be given life sentences or worse, now targets me for being a Constitutionalist. Well, I can stand up to that, for I am a Marine and have fought for what’s right before, and even now as an old guy shall stand again in the face of tyranny.

So here is how it looks to me. Eric Holder has been caught running operations which have

1) Furnished Mexican drug cartels with military-grade weapons in large numbers;

2) Assisted the Mexican drug cartels with their drug-money laundering operations here in this country and abroad.

These two things are now known, and the man has not been indicted. I must ask, is the Federal government completely impotent? Can the Law itself not indict this mass murdering money-laundering illegal-gun dealing explosives-furnishing power-damaged individual?

Holder is directly answerable to the Obama Administration. Where is Obama on this, aside from initially lying about how much he and Holder knew about the gun-running scandal over at ATF?

This Administration now has declared that I and people like me, including all Oath Keepers, John Birchers, Tax Honesty people, sovereignty and States’ Rights groups, Ron Paul supporters, Constitutionalists, libertarians, and general patriot movement groups and individuals, are to be seen as “enemies of the state” (i.e., “anti-government”) and are now subject to being black-bagged in the night from our homes and silently condemned into military custody under international rules of war and subject to military tribunal as our only chance at review – all on the say-so, without any need or requirement of filing charges against one, of some idiot like Holder in the Obama Administration.

I did not draw this line. The damned by God Federal government drew this line. I’m too old to back down now. I can still remember the grandeur and glory of “America”. I will carry on my work to expose the corruption of those who would use the American people’s government to enslave them. I will call out for a great wakeful remembrance in the bosom of the American people, a great and moving return to the Constitution, to our roots as free people meaning no harm to any nation anywhere but possessed of the will to do peaceful trade with all nations, a great awakening to our individual authority over this Federal madness and our powers collectively as the rightful source of legitimacy for our respective sovereign nation-state Republics, through which we may lawfully, easily, and non-violently dispose of those who would subvert the Constitution and use its offices and powers to oppress we the people.

To use government offices and agencies to do what DEA and ATF have been proven to do is a grave betrayal of the American peoples’ trust. Yet the criminal Holder walks to work each day and runs other agencies which have an interest in what Oath Keepers is saying and doing.

That is the Federal military-police state corporate/industrial banking/elitist socialist national-fascist Marxist line. This is the government’s line in the sand nowadays.

The government drew that line by stepping out of line according to its founding legal charter. I have drawn my own line in response.

My line is simple:

Regarding the NDAA of 2011, I shall regard that in terms which a dear friend suggested, and greet that sort of Govlish idiocy with “Red Neck Nullification”. I shall simply nullify that law in my heart, mind, and soul, and resolve that I “ain’t gonna take it”. The marching order I walk under today states simply, “Ain’t Gonna!”

Red Neck Nullification, American style. That’s my line. The NDAA put my back against an immoveable wall. I’m nullifying the Federal government right here and now, and will continue to nullify the Federal government until it operates totally within its enumerated granted powers and recognizes those powers retained by the States or by the People.

I will close by reminding every cop and soldier and firefighter that the Oath you swore [or affirmed] was sworn to the Constitution and it was not sworn to the government which came after that Constitution. The Federal government did not sign the Constitution, nor did anyone on its behalf. Only the designated representatives of the several sovereign nation-state Republics signed that document. On that America now depends. On your ability to honor your Oath, I, as a war veteran, a former businessman, a grandfather, and as an American patriot, now depend.

The time for serious introspection, serious self-questioning, serious awakening, is at hand for each woman and man who has sworn [or affirmed] the Oath. Are you for the American people and our Constitution, or are you for a berserk, imposter Federal government? This is the question all Oath takers will now face as America enters the tumult of 2012.

Part of our awakening involves recognizing that we, as a country full of good people, have been mercilessly and relentlessly lied to by the very government we depend upon to represent us. We have to face up to that, we have to admit it. The DEA has laundered billions of dollars for the drug cartels at the same time the ATF has armed the drug cartels. And we now have on-the-record proofs that the FBI was involved in furnishing the bombs for the 1993 WTC bombing in New York.  None of that would be possible without the Federal government spearheading its so-called “War on Drugs” and the equally treasonous “War on Terror”.

Whatever else a firefighter, cop, or soldier decides regarding the Oath, please – Please! – do not turn your tax-dollar-financed arms upon your own people. Our country is in trouble. As you can see, the most massive crimes harming the American people are being committed in Washington D.C. and on Wall Street. Think of your families and their future as free people. Think of your friends’ families. Think of what’s right. Think of America.

You can help Oath Keepers as we try to steer this nation away from the encroaching tyranny.   We are an educational organization with outreach to those with guns and badges and uniforms.  Do not be a tool of oppression. Join us! Support Oath Keepers! Honor our tradition of freedom. Honor your Oath!


Elias Alias

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Veterans And Troops Support Ron Paul

Veterans And Troops Support Ron Paul

Ron Paul continues to garner vastly more financial support from our troops than all other Republican candidates combined. The key to understanding this is in an understanding of history.

If a foreign nation came into America and assassinated some of our political leaders, bombed buildings, incited riots, spread massive propaganda programs across our society, and took down the duly elected democratic government, you and I would be quite angered, as would anyone anywhere.

What Ron Paul’s detractors fail to realize is that just six years after the CIA was created it did just that kind of mischief in Iran. The year was 1953.  We did it at the request of  BP (British Petroleum).  The United States initiated that aggression, for British interests. Twenty-six years after we installed a U.S. puppet (The Shah), Iran threw off the American puppet government and took the hostages which ended Jimmy Carter’s tenure in the White House.

The CIA has never left Iran, as evidenced by their exposure of several of our CIA spies in Iran recently.

Ron Paul believes that the way to get along in this world is to trade with other nations, not destroy their countries or take down their governments. I know this sounds quite simple to most readers here, but for some reason, most Republican candidates somehow fail to grasp how being respectable would be a better foreign policy. Consequently, the neo-cons in the Republican Party still believe that America was attacked on 9/11/2001 because radical Islamists hate America’s lifestyle.

The truth is that we’ve been “over there” militarily and with our clandestine Intelligence agencies for half a century, killing, bombing, assassinating, and in other ways abusing those people as a matter of  “foreign policy”.  Our secret wars and dirty tricks on those people have only caused the Arab world to hate us. Ron Paul says we should bring our troops home where they belong and quit inciting other nations, cultures, and peoples.  Apparently, many of our troops agree. Enjoy the video.


Sheriff Mack Announces Lawsuit Against SPLC, Run for Congress

New American

Sheriff Richard MackAt a speech in Sacramento, California, on December 10, Richard Mack, former sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, and founder of the Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), announced that within a matter of days he will be filing a lawsuit in federal court against the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for slander, libel and defamation.

Sheriff Mack, who successfully challenged the 1993 federal Brady handgun control act in a landmark case that went all the way through the United States Supreme Court, has been an outspoken champion of constitutionally limited government and a critic of federal usurpation and abuse of police powers. The forty-year-old Southern Poverty Law Center is notorious for lionizing left-wing extremists (such as unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist Bill Ayers) and equally notorious for smearing innocent individuals and organizations with the “racist,” “extremist,” “anti-semitic,” “anti-government,” and “hate group” labels. It is not surprising then that it has targeted Richard Mack for vicious treatment in a number of its publications and web sites over the years. But even more troubling than what it has published about him, says Sheriff Mack, are the lies that it has spread to law enforcement agencies about him in the seminars and training programs the SPLC conducts for federal, state, and local agencies.

Sheriff Mack, who was a speaker, along with this writer at the 53rd Anniversary Banquet of The John Birch Society in Sacramento, also announced to the assembled guests that he would also soon be filing papers to run in the Republican primary for the 21st Congressional District of Texas against incumbent Rep. Lamar Smith, whom Mack describes a “RINO” (Republican In Name Only). The 21st District includes much of San Antonio and Austin, as well as Fredericksburg, where Mack now resides.

In an interview with The New American after the banquet, Sheriff Mack, explained that he had contemplated a lawsuit against the SPLC for the past several months, but the difficulty, time, and expense of taking on such an endeavor against the well-funded organization had prevented him from doing so. In May of this year, however, he received a telephone call from an SPLC “reporter.” Mack says he was amazed and told the reporter: “This is really funny. You guys have been lying about me for 15 years and this is the first time you’ve bothered to call me.”

Read full Article: Click Here

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STORY PULLED: Oath Keepers Alert: Federal Agents Demand Customer Lists From Mormon Food Storage Facility


We have pulled this story about the Mormon cannery being visited by federal agents because the source of the information at the cannery is now denying that he ever told us that event occurred.

From now on, we will NOT post any such story based on what we are told by other people unless, and until, they are willing to go on video or at least on an audio recording with their info.  That way, in case someone starts to crumble under the public attention or other pressures, and wants to deny what they told us, we have video or audio proof.

We get all kinds of scary intel, all the time, and we rarely pass it on because we don’t have confirming documentation.  In this case, we were relying on a confirmed eye witness who is now denying it.   We will not do that again without a recording.

We still welcome such tips, but unless you are willing to go on recorded record, using your name, we will not pass it on to the public, but will instead use it only for our own knowledge and internal analysis among our leadership with the caveat that it is not for public dissemination.  Otherwise, we risk having people flake on what they told us, and that makes us look bad.  People who send us information often times don’t realize the kind of public attention they may wind up experiencing, or the kinds of pressures they may come under behind the scenes.  Another consideration is the real possibility that a person could be threatened with prosecution under the USA PATRIOT ACT of 2001 for making public the fact that they were contacted by Federal agents demanding private records. We need witnesses to be willing to go on recording right up front so they cannot later recant.

We will always respect the privacy and anonymity of sources, as we have done in this case, but will simply not run such stories in the future without video proof AND someone who is willing to be identified in the story.  Anonymous tips will be used only for internal analysis.

NO SUCH STORY WILL BE POSTED ON THIS SITE AGAIN WITHOUT VIDEO OR AUDIO OF THE EYE WITNESS(S) SO WE CAN PROVE THEY TOLD IT TO US -No matter how urgent or important the information.   As far as we are concerned, without such a recording, we will not consider it a real source, but just scuttlebutt.

Thus, now that we no longer have an eye witness willing to stick with his story, we no longer have a story we feel comfortable having on our site and we have pulled this story so we are not accused of still disseminating it.

Thank you,

Oath Keepers


Blind Obedience to the State: The Sheep Are Now Ready for Slaughter!

Total SecurityTotal Security

Blind Obedience to the State: The Sheep Are Now Ready for Slaughter!

By Gary D. Barnett

Please read this article at Lew Rockwell dot com

A really efficient totalitarian state would be one in which the all-powerful executive of political bosses and their army of managers control a population of slaves who do not have to be coerced, because they love their servitude. To make them love it is the task assigned, in present-day totalitarian states, to ministries of propaganda, newspaper editors and schoolteachers…. The greatest triumphs of propaganda have been accomplished, not by doing something, but by refraining from doing. Great is truth, but still greater, from a practical point of view, is silence about truth.

~ Aldous Huxley

Men are born with free will, so why do they behave as slaves? Most in this country believe that the politicians are civil or “public” servants, while the common man is king. Most believe because they cast a ballot to choose their “leaders” that they are free, but the politicians among us are really the masters of a population of slaves. To paraphrase Charles de Gaulle, the politician simply poses as a servant, in order to become the master.

In America today, the many are ruled by the few. The many allow this tyranny voluntarily, and with open arms. The only men who can be reduced to servitude are those who choose to do so. For men who cling to liberty with passion can never be ruled, and will never allow their freedom to be taken from them. These are men of truth and character, and sadly, they are the extreme minority. These men of integrity are now directly in the crosshairs of this oligarchy called America, and without them, the rest of society is doomed to a life of serfdom.

To obey the restrictive rules crafted by the politicians, and without resistance, is to guarantee the destruction of liberty. It is not only a fatal form of apathy, but it is also the basis for the destruction of our soul. Politicians after all, are the lowest form of man, and do not deserve respect when their aim is to rule over and control the rest of us. For what are we if we simply do as others in power demand, without the courage to stand up for what is right? What are we if we bow our heads in fear when our fellow man is being trampled? What are we when we allow all that we have earned to be taken from us by force, and say or do nothing to stop it? What have we become when the worth of a man is judged by his allegiance to the state?

It is time for these questions to be answered honestly, because those who are willing to fight against tyranny are now being targeted for extinction. The nefarious Senate of this land just passed Senate Bill 1867, the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012. If accurately titled, it would be called instead the Sedition Act of 2012. Most of those opposed to this horrible legislation are concentrating on just two sections, those being Sections 1031 and 1032. While Section 1031 allows for any American to be captured, held indefinitely without charge or trial, tortured or worse, the rest is not much better, and the entire bill should be scrapped immediately!

It is instructive to understand that the U.S. government and its military have been for the past ten years capturing and incarcerating foreigners and Americans, and without benefit of due process. The president now “claims” the power to assassinate any on earth he chooses to, including American citizens, and without charge or trial. But this new legislation will in my opinion not only massively expand these so-called powers, but also bring them under the guise of legality. This is more dangerous than most realize, because it will help keep the sheep at bay when mass roundup of American citizens becomes the norm. This is due to the nonsensical popular belief that just because the ruling class makes a law, it must be followed, even if it is bad law.

And now fusion center documents have labeled any who investigate the Oklahoma City bombing as terrorists. Pair this with the passage of S. 1867, and the terrifying picture becomes clear. The government now holds the position that any who question what goes on in this country, or even any who question the government story line, are practicing terrorism. This cannot be doubted, especially considering the fusion center story, and the passage by the senate of S. 1867.

What this means in real terms is that all dissenters, all truth tellers, all protesters, and all who question “authority,” can in the eyes of government be captured and imprisoned indefinitely, and without benefit of trial. All of us who question what this government does and what its motives are, can now be hauled away to concentration camps, and even tortured or murdered, all under the umbrella of the “law!”

As for me, I question every single thing this government says and does, and I investigate most every government action. Because of this despicable legislation, what will become of the truth tellers? What will become of honest libertarians? What will become of those of us who are unafraid to expose lies and corruption? What will become of all of us?

The scope of this legislation is far reaching, and without limit. The literal barbarity of this is obvious to any right thinking person, and the probable consequences of speaking one’s mind in the future could be deadly.

The most dangerous sound now could be the sound of silence, for if we do not speak out and rebel against this travesty, we will be doomed to a life of servitude. When we finally refuse to serve no more, then we will at once be free. No man should serve another by force, and no man deserves to be free if he does.

It is incredible how as soon as a people become subject, it promptly falls into such complete forgetfulness of its freedom that it can hardly be roused to the point of regaining it, obeying so easily and willingly, that one is led to say that this people has not so much lost its liberty as won its enslavement.

~ Etienne de la Boetie

December 5, 2011

Gary D. Barnett [Email Him: ] is president of Barnett Financial Services, Inc., in Lewistown, Montana. Visit his website.

Copyright © 2011 by Permission to reprint in whole or in part is gladly granted, provided full credit is given.


Robert Fanning, Chuck Baldwin To Lasso Montana Governor Race

Robert Fanning 2011Robert Fanning 2011

Montana Governor candidate Robert Fanning announces his Lt. Governor running mate is Dr. Chuck Baldwin

November 12, 2011 by Dr. Ed Berry

Governor candidate Bob Fanning told the audience at the Gubernatorial Forum in Billings, Montana, on November 12, 2011, that Dr. Chuck Baldwin will be his Lt. Governor running mate.

Fanning and Baldwin issued the following statement:

Montanans are hungry for genuine community relations, individual liberty, limited government, and sensible solutions to our problems. Thankfully, our ancestors bequeathed to us the platform to accomplish these priorities.

They knew each other. They handled their own affairs and helped others with theirs. They took risks and enjoyed the profits. They coped with the problems brought by their own choices. In short, it was self-responsibility and self-government that created the freest and most prosperous nation in the world. This is more than a concept—this is necessary for freedom and prosperity.

Our plan is to return Montana to that essential American heritage. We call for all Montanans in each County to join with us. Let’s take the steps needed to return control of all these aspects of life to the people in their own communities.

Montana issues

Bob Fanning and Chuck Baldwin base their positions on the issues upon the United States Constitution and Montana Constitution.

For too long, we have gotten away from these principles, and our freedom and prosperity are suffering as a result. Using our constitutions and the right leadership, we can solve our problems and return to prosperity.

Our union is governed by the U.S. Constitution. It is the Supreme Law of the Land and it must be faithfully protected and supported by every elected officer … especially governors.

Montana has the natural and constitutional right to govern itself. The purpose of government and Montana’s constitution is to protect life, liberty, and property. We will do more than say we believe in Montana’s right to govern itself. We will stand strong for Montana’s rights and your rights.

We will protect the gift of life at both ends of the life spectrum.  Protecting life is a fundamental ingredient to a free government and society. We will do more than talk “pro-life”. We will sign into law legislation that protects the life of unborn babies and execute laws to protect life.

Education is a corner stone of a free republic. We Montanans must set the course of our future and create ways to make our entire education system successful and independent.

Economics and Banking

Trillions of dollars were printed over 3 years ago for Wall Street; yet Main Street hasn’t seen a dime. Montanan’s never see a penny of credit until the “too big to fail” banks east of the Hudson River in New York “clear” the real estate markets. What does “clear” mean? It means seize all the collateral, meaning our homes.

The Federal Reserve has violated the public trust in a profound way. But we have a solution. Using U.S. Constitution, Art. 1, Sec. 10, we can create our own capital in Montana by developing our bountiful natural resource based economy. We will put Montana’s export based economy on steroids and Montana will be that shining beacon the entire Globe will emulate.

Rebooting Business and Jobs

The entrepreneur, small business man created 65% of America’s jobs. Wall Street, the command and control central government, and jack-booted bank examiners have declared the entire asset class known as real estate and the collateral it represented “worthless”. Consequently, they made real estate an illiquid market as atonement for THEIR gambling sins.

The only way small business can ever recover is to get it credit. Credit for Montanan’s means developing natural resources and exporting them to internally fund cash flow for our local banks.


Nearly 6 million Americans have already lost their homes to foreclosure since the housing bubble popped, and about 3.5 million are in foreclosure proceedings. But the worst is yet to come. This past September, a US Senate Banking subcommittee heard testimony from a prominent mortgage industry analyst that 10.4 million mortgages, approximately one of every five outstanding mortgages in the country, could default, if Congress does not take action to address the housing crisis.

Despite the outcry, Washington currently does not have a viable plan to deal with the plight of the more than 14 million Americans who are currently underwater on their mortgages by more than $700 billion.

It’s time we Montanans take control of our own destiny and develop our own fall back plan since the central government in Washington has failed in this by any and all measures.

Taxes and Spending

We shouldn’t need multiple college degrees to figure out our personal and business taxes. Our tax system should be fair and simple. Let’s flatten the tax rate and remove all the social engineering from our taxes.

Health Care

Health care is a necessity of life. However, the US Constitution leaves this matter for the States, not the federal government. We will nullify Obamacare and improve the economy and quality of life in Montana so we can build quality health care in Montana.


Montana has the right to govern itself involving the use of medical marijuana. The people have spoken more than once about this and have provided for its medical use. We will faithfully execute and defend against the federal government all State laws, including the medical marijuana laws.

State Land and Resources

Montana not only has the right control its own land, but we must in order to thrive politically or economically. We must allow Montanans, not our federal government, control our state’s land. We will work to help Montanans regain control of our land.

Advocate for Nature

Montanans know best about the devastating effects certain federally protected species are having on Montana.

For years, Bob Fanning has fought for ranchers, farmers, and hunters to protect their property against wolves. He will continue this fight as governor.

Over the past 12 years, Fanning lead Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd , to protect Montana’s wildlife, ranching, and hunting from wolf depredation.  Friends steadfastly worked at the state and federal legislative levels and in Federal court and finally achieved delisting  and state management of wolves.

Agenda 21

Agenda 21 is a United Nations plan that undermines our personal sovereignty. It has infiltrated into our local levels and personal lives. We oppose any national or international plan that seeks to steal the sovereign power of the people of Montana. We will fight all instances where Agenda 21 is being used by our government and the United Nations to depopulate Montana.

A resident of Pray, Montana, since 1996, Fanning early on noticed the threat to our wildlife caused by the environmentalist agenda to import the large Canadian wolf into Montana. To counter this severe threat to Montana, Fanning became Chairman & Founder of Friends of the Northern Yellowstone Elk Herd, Inc, whose goal is to protect Montana’s wildlife, ranching, and hunting from wolf depredation.  His group steadfastly worked at the state and federal legislative levels and in Federal court and, after a 12-year effort, finally achieved delisting and state management of wolves.

Bob Fanning is a proven successful leader in the fields of economics and finance. With this expertise, Fanning is well equipped to solve Montana’s severe economic problems. Fanning has extensive experience in Strategic Planning, Financial Analysis, Due Diligence and Litigation, Operations and General Management, Start-up and Turnaround, Bankruptcy Reorganization, Sales and Marketing, International Negotiations, Advocacy, Communications, P and L Management, and Environmental Issues.

A brief resume of Bob Fanning includes the following:

  • Notre Dame, B.A. majoring in biology and sociology, 1973.
  • M.B.A studies 1975 – 1977 specializing in finance.
  • Retired Sole Shareholder, Director and Officer, M.H. Detrick Co., a major supplier of engineered heat enclosures for steel and other industries since 1914.
  • Fixed Income Specialist: Financial advisor to some of America’s largest financial institutions and Institutional Investors.
  • Member Chicago Board of Trade, 1981-1994, Chicago.
  • Registered Representative in 1974 of the New York Stock Exchange NYSE/Commodity Futures Trading Commission CFTC.

About Chuck Baldwin

Chuck Baldwin, Pastor and PatriotChuck Baldwin, Pastor and Patriot

Dr. Baldwin received his first honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Christian Bible College and  his second honorary Doctor of Divinity degree from Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Florida. On this occasion Dr. Baldwin brought the Commencement Address to a crowd of over 5,000.

Dr. Baldwin was founder-pastor of Crossroad Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida. In 1985, the church was recognized by President Ronald Reagan for its unusual growth and influence.

Spiritual and political leaders who have spoken in his pulpit include Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell, Reform Party Presidential Candidate Pat Buchanan, Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore, Evangelist Pete Rice, U.S.S. Pueblo Intelligence Officer Lt. Commander Steven Harris, Author Salem Kirban, Vietnam Veteran/Evangelist Tim Lee, Author & Liberty University Professor Harold Willmington, Rep. Joe Scarborough, Rep. Jeff Miller, Tortured For Christ Author Harlan Popov, Evangelist Chuck Millhuff, Pastor Walt Hanford, Author/Evangelist Don Boys, Author/Evangelist/ WW II Veteran Kenny McComas, Captain Eugene “Red” McDaniel, Businessman Stanley Tam, Dr. Reed Bell, “Top Gun” Pilot/Gulf War Veteran Commander Sandy Jones, Alabama Governor Fob James, Jr., Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, 2000 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Howard Phillips, Reform Party Vice Presidential Candidate Ezola Foster, D. James Kennedy Associate Janet Folger, 2004 Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Michael Peroutka, Former Pastor of the Indianapolis Baptist Temple, Dr. Greg Dixon, Ambassador Alan Keyes, Dorchester County (SC) Sheriff Ray Nash, and others.

Dr. Baldwin is the host of a lively, hard-hitting radio talk show called, “Chuck Baldwin Live.” This is a daily, one hour long call-in show in which Dr. Baldwin addresses current event topics from a conservative Christian point of view. This program, which has been on the air for nearly seven years, has been highly successful in helping to elect conservatives to local, state and national offices.

Chuck Baldwin Live” is regarded as perhaps the most influential voice in the Florida Panhandle for conservative, Christian principles. Thousands of concerned citizens are being informed and inspired to social and political activism as a direct result of this radio talk show. Chuck’s guest list reads like a “Who’s Who” from both the local and national scene. The program made its national debut in early May 2001 on the Genesis Communications Network.

From 1980-1984 Dr. Baldwin served as Pensacola Chairman, and then State Chairman of the Florida Moral Majority. Through these efforts many successful rallies and conferences were conducted. (One rally drew nearly 2,000 people during a driving rain storm.) Pro-family legislation was enacted, and Christians were educated as to moral-political information and involvement. Also, thousands of new conservative voters were generated.

Dr. Baldwin has authored two books. The first is “Subjects Seldom Spoken On” which contains eleven sermons not normally addressed. The second, “This Is The Life,” is a verse-by-verse exposition of the Epistles of John. Numerous theological booklets have also been written by Dr. Baldwin, including the popular, “Let’s Look at Legalism,” and “What Every Christian Should Know About Islam.”

Through his radio program Dr. Baldwin has edited and produced “The Freedom Documents.” This volume contains over fifty of the most important and influential documents of American history. Nowhere else that we know of can you find these great, historic documents under one title.

Chuck and his son, Tim, have also co-authored a new book entitled, “Romans 13: The True Meaning of Submission.” Chuck also writes weekly editorials that are sent to tens of thousands of subscribers electronically. These editorial opinions are carried by scores of newspapers, newsletters, and Internet web sites around the country.

Chuck Baldwin is a prolific writer/columnist whose articles and political commentaries are carried by a host of Internet sites, newspapers, and news magazines. His columns have appeared in such national publications as Insight magazine. His articles are featured regularly on Internet news sites such as World Net Daily, Covenant News, News With Views, Alan Keyes’ Renew America, Gulf1, Web Today and a host of others. His columns also appear regularly in newspapers such as the Greenville, South Carolina, Times Examiner.

Chuck has appeared on virtually every local media outlet in the Pensacola, Florida, area including television, radio, and newspaper. He has also appeared on national television networks. ABC NEWS once filmed his radio broadcast for a feature story. He has appeared on national news shows such as Scarborough Country on MSNBC, Anderson Cooper and Lou Dobbs on CNN, and Neil Cavuto on FOX NEWS. He has been featured several times on CSPAN. He has appeared on the GERMAN RADIO NETWORK, and the BRITISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION’S television network.

Mr. Baldwin was also featured on POTUS ’08, the political news station of XM RADIO. Chuck has also been featured in national magazines and newspapers such as ESQUIRE, THE MIAMI HERALD, THE ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER, THE SALT LAKE CITY TRIBUNE, THE LONDON TELEGRAPH, THE WASHINGTON TIMES, and THE NEW AMERICAN.

On May 2, 2004, Constitution Party Presidential Candidate Michael Peroutka asked Dr. Baldwin to join him as his Vice Presidential running mate for the 2004 general election. The Constitution Party officially selected Michael Peroutka as its Presidential candidate and Dr. Chuck Baldwin as its Vice Presidential candidate at its national convention in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, on June 25th and 26th, 2004.

On April 26, 2008, state delegates of the Constitution Party elected Chuck Baldwin to be their Presidential candidate during their national nominating convention in Kansas City, Missouri. Chuck won the nomination with a percentage vote of 74% to 24% over Ambassador Alan Keyes. Chuck chose Memphis, Tennessee, attorney Darrell Castle, a former Marine Corps officer and Vietnam veteran, to be his Vice Presidential running mate.

During the campaign, Mr. Baldwin traveled more than 30,000 miles and visited more than 30 states to promote his message of liberty and constitutional government. On Election Day, November 4, Chuck Baldwin and Darrell Castle received more than 200,000 votes, which is a record for any Constitution Party Presidential/Vice Presidential ticket.

In October 2010, Dr. Baldwin and his entire family and extended family (5 heads of households & 18 family members in all) moved to the Flathead Valley of Montana. In January, 2011, the family started a new Christian outreach ministry, which is named LIBERTY FELLOWSHIP. This is an unorganized, unincorporated, nondenominational fellowship. Donations to LIBERTY FELLOWSHIP are NOT tax-deductible. During the first month of its existence, LIBERTY FELLOWSHIP is averaging between 150-200 freedom-minded Montanans in each service, some who drive over 100 miles one way to attend. Chuck speaks frequently at public events all around the State of Montana.

Chuck Baldwin has preached in churches all over the United States and overseas. He has spoken (Chuck’s Speeches) at several notable events including being the keynote speaker at the 50th anniversary of D-Day celebration at the Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Florida.

Dr. Baldwin has been proclaimed an honorary member of both the Pensacola City Council and the Women for Responsible Legislation. He has appeared before the Tiger Bay Club as well as several civic organizations. He has also been the guest of honor at a meeting of the Sons of Confederate Veterans. He was also awarded the Bronze Medal of Patriotism by the Sons of the American Revolution.

Twice, Dr. Baldwin was proclaimed “Minister Of The Day” in the Florida House of Representatives. Recently, this distinction was awarded him by the Florida State Senate. Also, Pastor Baldwin has had audiences with former Presidents Ronald Reagan and George Bush, Sr. and Governors Bob Martinez, Fob James, Jr., and Jeb Bush. He has also been officially recognized by the Escambia County Florida Sheriff’s Department as an Honorary Deputy Sheriff.

Dr. Baldwin is a member of the Board of Directors for Gospel Radio Latin America (G.R.L.A.) in Ft. Worth, Texas, and on the Board of Regional Vice Presidents for Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Florida. He received the “National Medal of Patriotism” award from the American Police Hall of Fame and is a volunteer chaplain at the State Prison in Century, Florida. He is also listed in “Who’s Who of the Gulf Coast.

-end article at above link on PolyMontana-

Elias Alias note: In a letter dated November 13, 2011, announcing this, Dr. Ed Berry notes the following:
The Governor Race, Montana, USA, as reported in
For good reason, the race for the next governor of Montana, USA, is already grabbing national attention. Although Montana is the 4th largest state in America and it has less than 1 million citizens, all political pundits recognize the importance of its next governor, lt. governor, attorney general, and other key state offices.

This race will be the ultimate battle between liberals and conservatives, between RINOs, neocons and constitutionalists, between environmentalists and resources, and between federal control versus state sovereignty. The result of the votes in June and November 2012 will determine the future of Montana and America.

Now, governor candidate Robert Fanning, an expert in economics, finance, wildlife and resources, has been joined by 2008 presidential candidate Chuck Baldwin as his lt. governor running mate. Fanning made this historic announcement last night at a Gubernatorial Forum in Billings. ran an article about it within one hour….

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Brandon Smith: When Governments Go Rogue


When Governments Go Rogue

December 01, 2011

By Brandon Smith of

There are those today who would claim that the lifeblood of a nation is dependent upon the graces of its government.  That government is the focal point of cultural growth, and that we as citizens should respect it as such.  I would be more inclined to agree if the public did not so easily confuse the ideals of leadership with the actions of criminals.  That is to say, regardless of what we wish our government to be, bureaucracies rarely, if ever, embody the spirit of the common man (a necessity for any system that purports to defend the citizenry).  Instead, bureaucracies almost inevitably deteriorate into vehicles for the perpetuation of tyranny driven by the very worst of all stewards; elitist minorities with delusions of godhood.

Unfortunately, despite this fact, the masses often treat these industrious vermin and the plagues of society that they build with the same reverence as they would a sincere and honorable body politic.

Government is not nor has it ever been a foregone conclusion.  Government is not concrete.  It is not tangible.  It is not the foundation of society.  Instead, government is an abstraction; a fantastic dream of collectivist paternity in the face of individual hardship.  Those who fear to wander the world on their own courage, strength, and merit, seek to elevate and empower “decision makers” to provide the comfort of limited liability.  Through this process, governments are created out of thin air.  All governmental authority is, thus, HANDED to those in positions of leadership.  What makes one man a “king” and another man a “peasant”?  Only the people of a country, and where they choose to place their personal control; in their own hands, or the hands of others.

To put it simply, there is no power over us but that which we give away, and no freedom lost, that cannot be regained.

Until this reality is understood, consecutive generations of human beings will be left to wonder astonished at the endless atrocities of governments they thought they could trust.  The truth is, no government, no matter how seemingly noble, deserves our full faith.  All governments must be treated like storehouses of aging dynamite; with extreme vigilance, care, and suspicion, because, it is in the very nature of centralized power to sink towards destabilization and disaster.

The American dynamic was meant to be different.  For the first time in history, a group of people organized an administrative body which was predicated upon the will of the general populace and not the will of the incorporated elite.  The Constitution was the first legal document designed to LIMIT the power of government, not endlessly exonerate it.  Though many in our modern age have become completely ignorant of its original intent, the Constitution and its written protections allowed for the first decentralized government of the Western world, if not the entire world.  A government which was specifically tasked with shielding the rights of the individual beyond the desires of the mindless “majority”, or the normally influential aristocracy.

Obviously, we have strayed far and away beyond the schematics set forth by the founding fathers.

Let us finally be honest with ourselves and say it out loud; our government is not Constitutional!  It has become a mutation.  A monstrosity.  A malformed creature given birth by the oozing genetic material of mad social scientists hell bent on dominating the building blocks of our political life.  It is a thing to be abhorred, not admired, and certainly not to be trusted.

The statement above may be confusing to those who have relegated their concerns to the immediate.  If one is free to walk about the streets, keep a job, have a drink, and settle in front of his television for hours on end, then what is there to be worried about?  If he is not directly affected by the ill notions of men in far off banks and capitols, then why care at all?  If the pain of government criminality only strikes people from “other” cultures, or other walks of life, why be concerned?  For those who actually suffer from this brand of idiocy, I can only relate the unwarranted role that our government has assumed within our society and hope that they begin to realize how extraordinarily unsafe they really are.  The injustices visited upon the few are invariably visited upon the many in time, especially where a rogue government resides.

The kind of intrusion by government allowed by the American people today is utterly astounding.  Bank records, medical records, political viewpoints, phone conversations, emails, child rearing practices, food eating habits, health pursuits, social networking habits, biometric data, travel; nothing is safe from the prying eyes of government anymore.

At what point did we as a nation decide that the government’s opinion of the domestic ideal should become the precedent?  At what point did we decide that a faceless bureaucracy knows better than we do what is best for us?  When did our lives become an open book to be read at the government’s leisure?

I say “we decided”, because we must bear a large part of the blame.  From the institution of the Patriot Acts, to the utilization of the FISA domestic spying bill, to the latest monitoring and cataloging by the DHS and the Federal Reserve of private internet activity, we have stood by and done little to nothing in response.

The argument put forth by establishment proponents has always been that the government’s task is to keep us safe.  In order to do this, they say, there can be nowhere for “evil doers” to hide.  Therefore, the privacy of every individual must be sacrificed for the greater good of the greater number.  This argument is unabashed nonsense.

Governments do not keep people safe.  Governments are historically predisposed to ending far more lives than they protect, especially when they have strayed from their original mandates.  When a government goes rogue, or has been honed as a tool for control rather than defense, its directives lean towards self preservation, not the preservation of the public.  That is to say, the government and those who directly benefit from its manipulation set policies that ensure their own safety, and no one else’s.

Without a doubt, all the anti-4th Amendment legislation that has been passed over the course of last decade is focused not on some sinister force, foreign or domestic.  Instead, it has been focused on average American citizens, because, whether we want to admit it or not, the government sees US as their greatest enemy.

There was a time when even I would have considered this view as a bit “extreme”.  However, I would now have to point out the introduction of bills and executive orders like the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, which essentially erases Posse Comitatus and allows for Martial Law to be instituted with extreme prejudice under executive authority:

As well as the attempted passage of the Enemy Belligerents Act, which would allow for the capture, torture, and indefinite incarceration of American citizens as “enemy combatants:

Not to mention the National Emergency Centers Act which allows for the detention of civilians in military and FEMA run facilities:

Or the Obama Administration’s continuance of Bush doctrine which allows for the assassination of U.S. citizens designated as “enemy combatants”:

And most recently, the National Defense Authorization Act, a defense spending action which is being used to coattail legislation which decimates all Constitutional checks and balances and leaves the door open for the government to declare any region they wish a “combat zone”.  These provisions are just a rewritten combination of the Enemy Belligerents Act (both bills were fostered by the hand of John McCain) and the John Warner Defense Authorization Act, giving government free reign to designate any person, even an American citizen, as an enemy combatant.  This means that anyone, including you, could one day be detained without Habeas Corpus, without fair trial, without due process, without legal representation, forever.  Period.

You think rendition only occurs in Middle Eastern hellholes?  Think again.  With these bills and others like them, the American public is now fair game.

Rationalizations for the above actions abound.  Some of the most common naïve positions include the following:

1)  Assassinations Against Al Qaeda Agents, Even If They Are American Citizens, Is Justifiable

The nature of the target is irrelevant to the principle underlying the situation.  I don’t care if Anwar al-Awlaki was an agent of Hades, the conscience of a country must take precedence over the short term threats that country faces.  If a society is unable to maintain its conscience and its principles in the face of hardship, then perhaps that society is not worthy of survival.  There are, indeed, many more important things than national security.

This is how all tyranny begins; with a small group or element of a culture singled out for the loss of human rights, while the rest of the people look on and cheer.  Eventually, the exception to the rule becomes the rule, and everyone suffers.  Under no circumstances should our government be allowed to rewrite Constitutional protections or our moral compass, even if it means giving so called “terrorists” fair treatment under the law.  Never forget, the term “terrorist” is as arbitrary as any nowadays, and could be used against you as easily as it could be used against anyone else.

2)  The Domestic Realm Is A Haven For “Homegrown Terrorists”

Again, “homegrown terrorism” is a highly arbitrary label.  If one looks at statements and white papers coming from the Department Of Homeland Security, or the Department Of Justice, anyone from Constitutionalists, to Ron Paul supporters, to militia members, to barter networkers and sound money proponents, or anyone who even expresses an interest in any of these subjects, is considered a potential domestic terrorist threat.

Where is this headed?  Think about it.  If these types of people are already being categorized as extremists, what’s to stop the government from categorizing them as enemy combatants?

3)  Rendition And Torture Could Save Lives

Okay.  Let’s say for the sake of argument that rendition and torture actually could save some lives, though I have never heard of any of these Jack Bauer moments taking place in the real world.  Let’s say my life and those I love could be spared.  Frankly, I would rather die than be a party to behavior as reprehensible as kidnapping and torture.  I couldn’t care less about the theoretical benefits of the activity.  As stated earlier, a nation hanging by the poisonous framework of moral relativism is doomed to failure and decay.  Despite the propaganda often spread by elitist elements without our government, our military, and our local law enforcement, you DO NOT need to become the monster in order to defeat the monster.  This lie should not be allowed to stand…

4)  You Are “Overreacting” To The Legislation, And Americans Will Not Be Targeted

Senator Lindsay Graham, a backer of the National Defense Authorization Act, specifically outlined the bill’s jurisdiction over American citizens and even admitted it makes the U.S. itself a “combat zone” under the international laws of war (while at the same time presenting the lie that Federal due process would somehow be enforced for those who are captured).  We who oppose the bill could do a lot more without being rightfully accused of “overreaction”.  If Americans are not to be targeted, then why create the bill in the first place?  Traditional laws of war would be more than sufficient to handle foreign threats, and domestic response agencies like the FBI could easily continue doing whatever it is they supposedly do to safeguard our country.  The ONLY reason to introduce a bill which frees the U.S. Government and the DHS to act militarily within the borders of our own nation would be to target U.S. citizens, and to undermine normal Constitutional processes.

The legislation is self-incriminating.  Only a complete dullard would argue otherwise.

5)  The Government Is A Body Elected By The People, Therefore They Are One And The Same

The only practical explanation I can think of for someone to actually believe this argument is overmedication.  Despite what we’re all taught in middle school, our government as it exists today and has for many decades does not represent the will of the people.  Two dominant political parties with cosmetic differences in rhetoric but nearly identical legislative platforms and voting records is not an expression of a legitimately free republic.  The system revolves around corporate ideologies of globalization, not elections.  Its beneficiaries are a limited and powerful fringe of society, not the masses.  It is a rigged game.  A fake battle between two gladiators owned by the same Caesar.  To say that the people and the government are one-in-the-same is a gross error in judgment.

After researching and acknowledging the course our government has taken, the question then arises; what is the ultimate end result?  Barring multiple miracles of a complete economic turnaround, full third party inclusion in our political structure, the deconstruction of the Federal Reserve, the decentralization of financial influence, the reintroduction of Constitutional insulation degraded since 2001, and the complete pullback of troops involved in ongoing wars in the Middle East, there can be only one outcome:  total conflict.

We did not create this division.  The American people did not ask to be targeted.  Though we certainly have not done enough to fend off the numerous attacks upon our general liberties, the root of the problem still lay within the core of our government, the puppet leaders who abuse it, and the corporate elitists who use it as a staging ground for personal agendas.  We have become two separate groups that cannot and will not be reconciled.  The government is openly admitting this through legislation like the National Defense Authorization Act.  Its time we did the same.

When two forces diametrically opposed exist upon the same ground at the same time with the same force of will, war erupts.  A war of philosophies, a war of dissent, and sometimes, a war of weapons.  As unsettling as that might sound, we must take solace in the fact that we at least fight for what is honest.  If every American must conform to the twisted path our government has chosen, or be branded an ‘enemy combatant”, then may we all become domestic threats in our own backyard.

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