Oath Keepers – Inland Empire

Now that we officially have an Inland Empire Chapter of Oath Keepers, I’d like to make a personal pledge that no stone will remain unturned, no tree remain unshaken, and no barriers placed preventing our quest to make the Inland Empire a self sufficient and stand alone example of what a single minded group of people can do once formed and put in action.

I have been given assurances by higher powers that, in very short order, the National organization will be providing us with a current roster of all California Oath Keepers residing in the Inland Empire so that we may initiate contact with each of you directly and begin the formation definable and sustaining sub-areas within the Inland Empire.

For clarity, we have loosely defined the Inland Empire as being bounded on the West by Corona/Pomona, on the East by Banning, on the North by Victorville, and on the South by Temecula. ~ Truly a neat package bounded by geographic landmarks and and the entire area easily drivable in less than a day.

If you fall within this boundary and want to get a head start on National, contact Steve Simpson at bjo4s@aol.com or by phone at (951) 788-4024.

Of primary importance will be designating willing leaders in the major population centers and set about building a solid membership core in each of these major areas.

“The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.” ~ Army Engineers

“Building Combat Power”

Inland Empire (CA) Director ~ Oath Keeper Since 1965
NRA Certified Instructor ~ Army Expert Marksman
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