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Oath Keeping At The ATF


ATF Deals Death In Massive False-Flag Psy-Op

“When mankind lost sight of the way to live, came codes of law and order.”

–          Lao Tzu, circa 500 BC   –

Forenote: Blow-Back’s A Bitch

What would take the average writer an afternoon has taken me well over a week. Yet I must acknowledge that this story is breaking like storm waves on the government’s beach, and every time I think I’ve got the story covered another breaking wave of new developments hits home hard. Suffice, that this story is going to “grow legs”, with much credit to CBS’s Sharyl Attkisson.

As I write tonight, Thursday, March 24, 2011, I’ve viewed a video of President Obama discussing this case with a Mexican journalist. He used the interview like a pick-me-up photo-op as he slyly got in a plug for the Security and Prosperity Partnership < >, and boldly confronted reality with a Presidential air of denial.

Attorney General Eric Holder is under the heat-lamp, and so is head of Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Janet Napolitano. Not to mention every salty dog atop the ATF’s hierarchy of internal power, the big-wigs of America’s most rogue Federal enforcement agency, the brilliant but power-damaged minds of ATF’s leadership.  This story is going to grow and spread universally, and its gravity is more than significant. It is a scandal of extreme proportions, enough-so that the President is now denying that neither he nor Holder was aware of this massive criminal ploy by ATF.  So as readers dive in below, recall that this is just an accounting of facts I’ve gathered as of March 24, 2011. I’ll give links to a couple of the original timelines by David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh below.

At the ATF’s Group VII Gunrunner operation in Phoenix, Arizona, (codenamed “Fast And Furious”), there has been some dissension within the ranks.  What could be bothering the troops – what could possibly cause dissension? It must have something to do with their job. Are some of them listening too closely to their consciences, while others operate by the hardened hearts produced by government training programs? ATF training involves use of violent force which may be lawfully applied upon free American citizens.  Do the agents expressing dissent object to certain ATF policies? Are they worried that the ATF has been knowingly furnishing firearms to the Mexican drug cartels? To see, let us begin with a look at the message sent by email from the group leader to his “boots on the ground” ATF agents at Phoenix. Here is the supervisor of the ATF Phoenix Group VII, writing by email to his agents.

– It has been brought to my attention that there may be a schism developing amongst the group.  Whether you care or not people of high rank and authority at HQ are paying close attention to this case and they also believe we [Phoenix Group VII] are doing what they envision the Southwest border groups doing.  It may sound cheesy but we are “The tip of the ATF spear” when it comes to Southwest Border Firearms Trafficking.  We need to resolve our issues at this meeting. I’ll be damned if this case is going to suffer due to petty arguing, rumors or other adolescent behavior. I don’t know what all the issues are but we are all adults, we are all professionals and we have the exciting opportunity to use the biggest tool in our law enforcement toolbox. If you don’t think this is fun you’re in the wrong line of work – period! This is the pinnacle of domestic U.S. Law enforcement techniques. After this the tool box is empty. Maybe the Maricopa County Jail is hiring detention officers and you can get paid $30,000 (instead of $100,000) to serve lunch to inmates all day. We need to get over this bump in the road once and for all and get on with the mission at hand. This can be the most fun you have with ATF, the only one limiting the amount of fun we have is you.

David Voth, Group Supervisor, Phoenix Group VII

That email has been preserved by CBS news and others.  You can see the pdf here:

So what might be the problem?

The problem is that the ATF has been caught placing thousands of guns into the hands of the Mexican drug smuggling cartels.  And other characters of interest. It’s safe to say that that is indeed a problem.

The first symptom of the problem arose when some of the ATF’s agents in Group VII felt like doing a little bit of old fashioned Oath keeping. Some of the agents and officers saw something very ugly about the ATF helping the Mexican cartels obtain powerful weapons – lots of weapons, with lots of ammo.

You’re reading this correctly – The ATF has helped “straw buyers” purchase weapons here in the United States and has made notes about the purchases, but the ATF also has allowed the straw buyers to move those guns into Mexico, knowing they would end up in criminal hands.  Remarkable, that. But it’s deeper than just that.

The vast spread of the involved governmental agencies, policies, and offices related to this case are mind-boggling. The case is a scandal of serious proportions, and it reaches from the blood-stained sands of our southern border with Mexico all the way to the top of several Federal agencies. It even reaches into the top tiers of the U.S. Department of Justice, and, shockingly, into the Department of Homeland Security itself.

Apparently there are two ways to interpret Mr. Voth’s email to his agents in Phoenix.  He has stated that the Project Gunrunner program is the “’tip of the ATF spear’ when it comes to Southwest Border Firearms Trafficking”. That is an amazing statement, for it can be seen two ways, now that we know that the ATF has been running guns into Mexico. It now appears that ATF could be among the most prolific gun traffickers of all. In reality, we must realize that a program this large has to have a recorded sourcing in our governmental structure, for it involves many millions of tax-payer dollars.  (The taxpayers probably will want to fume a bit when they learn that their dollars went to assist in supplying Mexican drug lords with high-powered guns. )

Further, as U.S. Senator Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, and U.S. Representative Darrell Issa, R-California, both assert, the Department of Justice and the ATF as well as other agencies have lied to Senator Grassley’s investigation into allegations that the ATF was arming criminal gangs in Mexico.

In an article at WorldNet Daily, we read some strong language:

“The gun shops are often vilified for being the source, but in this case they did the right thing. They contacted the agency and were told to go ahead,” Issa said. “As we get to the truth, we’re going to hold those who lied to us early on accountable.” Issa is also determined to break through the agency’s efforts to stonewall the investigation. Kraft said Issa also supports plans for an inquiry by Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa.

“ATF and DOJ denied the existence of the program and stonewalled the senator’s requests, relying on a policy of not disclosing information relating to an ‘open investigation’.”

– End quoted passage –

There are two excellent timelines organized to reveal this story in its proper sequence of development. These two timelines are provided by David Codrea of Gun Rights Examiner and Mike Vanderboegh of Sipsey Street Irregulars[1] David and Mike are the prominent two individuals who pushed this story to the top despite much resistance and reluctance by mainstream media.  Their inspiring efforts helped an ATF agent whistle-blower working inside Fast And Furious at Phoenix come forward with his explosive revelations, and helped get this whistle-blower some protection by a U.S. Senator and, finally by some decent protective coverage by CBS.

With a grateful salute to David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh, as well as to CBS News correspondent Sharyl Attkisson, Oath  Keepers will share with our readers the fruits of David’s and Mike’s outstanding work on the BATFE’s deliberate scheme to smuggle guns into the hands of Mexican drug lords and other criminals. And then we will look at an outstanding conscientious American who awakened to a very nasty situation inside one of America’s most notoriously scandal-ridden enforcement agencies.

What Does The ATF Do?

Although the ATF has a very long list of abuses of American citizens and has been atop the ‘most-hated’ list of many Americans for decades, one highly criminal event in ATF’s past rings the bell as the quintessence of the ATF’s character as an agency which trucks in government force, even militarized force.

Remember Waco? That was a production in Hellish federal authoritarianism run amok, and it was engineered by the ATF.  In early 1993 the ATF was expecting budget hearings in Congress, and leadership decided to pull off a – publicized – military-style invasion of a church which had been in the community at Waco, Texas, for half a century.  ATF had been training its agents to behave like combat troops, and they really wanted some kind of confrontation in which they could “practice” their militant techniques.

The pretext was that the ATF wanted to serve a warrant about allegedly illegal gun activity. The minister of that church had friendly relations with the County Sheriff, and was often seen shopping in town, and was known by ATF to take his health jogs each morning on County roads by himself – the perfect time to serve a warrant without risk of escalation.

But the ATF wanted to serve a warrant to the minister of that church with fanfare, do it as a well-choreographed

photo-op. This would gain maximum publicity, which was hoped to inspire Congress to increase ATF’s budget. The ATF notified a couple of news organizations and invited them along for the show.

ATF then blundered its way into the notorious shoot-out with a bunch of church people, leaving four ATF agents dead and others wounded. The metal front door of the church, which bore the flanges of incoming bullets on the inside of the door with none protruding outwardly from gunfire inside the church, has mysteriously disappeared. The entire church complex was burned to the ground and buried by the government. The ATF’s calling card was to shoot David Koresh as he stood in the doorway, unarmed. After two churchmen were wounded by wild ATF gunfire, the church folks began returning fire. Four ATF agents were killed, and some churchmen were also killed.

That began a siege, in which the FBI and the U.S. military were brought in under Bill Clinton’s infamous PDD-25. The ATF got the military involvement/assistance by lying to the Pentagon, saying that the church was manufacturing illegal drugs inside their church. The ATF also lied about alleged child abuse, which did not happen,  as the medical staff which examined the surviving children attested on film in the documentary named Waco: A New Revelation. That documentary interviews the Sheriff who knew David Koresh personally, and features the FBI FLIR footage which reveals government troops, FBI agents, ATF agents, shooting the church members as they fled the burning buildings. That’s FBI footage. Get the movie and see the truth.

Now ATF has given us a fresh reminder of the sort of mentality which guides this hapless agency, and this newest adventure is destined to rise to the level of Waco, for although the ATF did not do the actual shooting of Agent Brian Terry, two guns which the ATF had purposely allowed to “walk” across the border under surveillance did turn up in the hands of the villains at the fatal encounter where Agent Terry was shot to death.

Cruel and indifferent, and blatantly disorganized due to its being used extensively in Unconventional Warfare operations, black ops, and clandestine activities, ATF has a “public face” which it shares with the public and it has a “false face” which it hides carefully behind the universal veil called “national security secrecy”.   No Federal agency holds in contempt the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution as wrathfully, criminally, and with as deadly consistency as does the ATF.  It’s what ATF does. Enforce infringement for the government which funds them.

On its public face, ATF is here to stop the bad guys who might dare to shorten the barrel of a rifle or shotgun, or who might have a gun which fires too many bullets too quickly. But on its false face, the face it always tries to hide, ATF generates fines, jail terms, and taxes peripheral to gun manufacturers, distributors, retailers, and citizens who buy guns.  ATF is the Federal tool for gun control in America. ATF has murderous blood on its hands.  Since Waco, and the subsequent bombing of the Federal building in Oklahoma City (about which ATF also has much to deny),  ATF has managed to keep most of its criminal activity out of the public spotlight – until now.

As David Codrea says, this breaking and snowballing story “just may have stopped federal gun control legislation in its tracks for the foreseeable future.” I tend to agree with David Codrea.

To wade into this, let’s look at some documentation.  For readers who have not yet caught this story in the media/press, we’ll ask if Project Gunrunner is real? The DOJ/OIG thinks so…

from that pdf:

U.S. Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General Evaluation and Inspections Divisions – Interim Review of ATF’s Project Gunrunner – September 2009 – Report Number I-2009-006

Project Gunrunner is the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives’ (ATF) national initiative to reduce firearms trafficking to Mexico and associated violence along the Southwest border.

In the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (Recovery Act) and in fiscal year (FY) 2009 appropriations, ATF received $21.9 million in funding to support and expand Project Gunrunner. In May 2009, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) opened an evaluation of Project Gunrunner, which is ongoing. We are issuing this interim report on Project Gunrunner plans as ATF is expanding the project.

(end quoted passages from above linked pdf)

Twenty-one point nine million dollars in Recovery Act funds, on top of whatever the Congress additionally may have funded in 2009, is a lot of money. Americans are about to wake up in anger as they see that such a large sum went to arm the drug cartels of Mexico, get a lot of innocent folks shot to death, and convert bands of criminals south of the border into raging military units of professional crime.

The bright spot in this is that Agent Voth is having ‘fun’.

It is unfortunate that DOJ’s Office of Inspector General failed to concern itself with ATF’s oversight of, and literal assistance for, a river of serious guns and ammo streaming across the border into Mexico. All that study did was assess logistics for an abstract operation. Did the Justice Department know that the ATF was running thousands of weapons across the border for the drug cartels? The answer to that question is destined to come out very soon now. But remember, President Obama has said that neither he nor Holder knew.

Perhaps the leadership at ATF smokes too much of the DEA’s bad weed, for we can clearly see that ATF’s logic was a pipe dream which runs like this – ATF would let the guns be sold to known gun runners. ATF even filmed some of the purchases, as CBS footage shows. ATF asked the gunstore owners to jot down the license plates of those who bought too many guns at one visit. These straw buyers were buying fifty-caliber sniping rifles in quantities. Then ATF would somehow follow the guns into Mexico where, magically, ATF would know which drug cartels got the guns.

Then, as this fantasy pipe dream goes up in smoke in the bonfire of bureaucracy and attendant idiocy, after ATF had let the cartels stock up like a criminal military force ready for street combat, and just before anything really bad happened with all those guns ATF was “following”, ATF would don its Savior Suit and dash down there into Mexico and arrest all the bad guys in one fell swoop.

Something like that. Absolute genius. Govlish-style genius at its finest.  Pure pipe-dreams. Psy-hash – lit with your tax dollars for toking-up and running guns across the border. But the ATF’s slap-happy hallucination has metamorphosized into a raging nightmare. Hundreds of human beings have been shot with these guns. The Drug Lords, Cartels, and mercenary criminals in Mexico are now heavily enough armed to be a serious problem for the military of Mexico, not to mention local law enforcement in northern Mexico.

Meanwhile, for years the government of Mexico has been begging the U.S. government to do something to stop the flow of heavy armaments into Mexico across our southern border. The ATF of course has striven to keep their Project Gunrunner strictly secret, and has denied the Mexican government much knowledge of their dastardly operation, which was aiding those weapons to cross our border into Mexico.

Don’t Tell Pedro

To the American tax payer who has funded this madness, ATF continues to present its “public face”, but to those who might interdict or stop ATF’s folly the agency only shows its “false face”. ATF brags about how many weapons it has confiscated, loudly and often, but it never told the Mexican government doodly about its cherished gun-running gig.

In fact, the ATF has been lying outright to the Mexican government. Don’t believe me? Read this –

That is from the U.S. Embassy in Mexico. It is an ATF fact sheet furnished by ATF to the Mexican government and to the government of the American people. Here is how it starts –

ATF is deploying its resources strategically on the Southwest Border to deny firearms, the “tools of the trade,” to criminal organizations in Mexico and along the border, and to combat firearms-related violence affecting communities on both sides of the border. In partnership with other U.S. agencies and with the Government of Mexico, ATF refined its Southwest Border strategy. ATF developed Project Gunrunner to stem the flow of firearms into Mexico and thereby deprive the narcotics cartels of weapons. The initiative seeks to focus ATF’s investigative, intelligence and training resources to suppress the firearms trafficking to Mexico and stem the firearms-related violence on both sides of the border.

Firearms tracing, in particular the expansion of the eTrace firearms tracing system, is a critical component of Project Gunrunner in Mexico. ATF recently deployed eTrace technology in U.S. consulates in Monterrey, Hermosillo and Guadalajara, with six additional deployments to the remaining U.S. consulates in Mexico scheduled by March 2008. ATF has conducted discussions with the government of Mexico regarding the decentralization of the firearms tracing process to deploy Spanish-language eTrace to other Mexico agencies.

In the past two years, ATF has seized thousands of firearms headed to Mexico. Trends indicate the firearms illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border are becoming more powerful. ATF has analyzed firearms seizures in Mexico from FY 2005-07 and identified the following weapons most commonly used by drug traffickers:
· 9mm pistols;
· .38 Super pistols;
· 5.7mm pistols;
· .45-caliber pistols;
· AR-15 type rifles; and
· AK-47 type rifles.

Most of the firearms violence in Mexico is perpetrated by drug trafficking organizations (DTOs) who are vying for control of drug trafficking routes to the United States and engaging in turf battles for disputed distribution territories. Hundreds of Mexican citizens and law enforcement personnel have become casualties of the firearms-related violence. DTOs operating in Mexico rely on firearms suppliers to enforce and maintain their illicit narcotics operations. Intelligence indicates these criminal organizations have tasked their money laundering, distribution and transportation infrastructures reaching into the United States to acquire firearms and ammunition. These Mexican DTO infrastructures have become the leading gun trafficking organizations operating in the southwest U.S.

ATF has dedicated approximately 100 special agents and 25 industry operations investigators to the SWB initiative over the past two years. ATF has recently assigned special agents to Las Cruces, N.M., and Yuma, Ariz. These assignments are part of a broad plan to increase the strategic coverage and disrupt the firearms trafficking corridors operating along the border.

And it goes on from there. It covers much, indicating its willingness to share information on its tax-funded operations in Mexico. It does not at any time allude to just where in Article 1, Section 8, the ATF derives its excuse to exist as a Federal organization. It does not tell the Mexican government or the American people’s government about how many straw buys the ATF oversaw in recent years as the straw buyers legally purchased high-powered firepower and ammo from stores which the ATF was using as if those stores were satellite ATF stations involved in a mysterious and seriously large operation destined to take down the border crime lords in one fell swoop. Nope. The ATF didn’t go into that. So what this “fact sheet” really is a lie-by-omission.  Before leaving that document let’s look at one other passage which portends something in what I refer to as “Govlish” –

Firearms tracing helps identify firearms straw purchasers, the traffickers, trafficking networks and patterns, thus allowing law enforcement to target and dismantle the infrastructure supplying firearms to the DTOs in Mexico.

When they say, “target and dismantle the infrastructure supplying firearms…”, their statement might be construed to include the gun stores which they presently regulate. The retail gun stores are constantly harassed by ATF as it zealously enforces the letter of its “law”. ATF offered a number of gun store owners a sense of acceptance when the owner agreed to do the ATF’s spy-work for them in his store, keep the records and forward them to ATF on demand.  I’m sure ATF went easy with the stores which cooperated in their Gunrunner program. As to regulating those stores, there’s this last sentence in the document –

ATF conducts firearms seminars with federal firearms licensees, commonly referred to as licensed gun dealers, to educate the firearms industry on straw purchasers and gun trafficking. More than 3,700 industry members attended outreach events in SWB divisions in FY 2007.

Here is an article in the Los Angeles Times which notes that the Mexican government wants some answers –,0,2534184.story

Excerpt: Lawmakers in Mexico are demanding an investigation into a U.S. law enforcement operation that allowed hundreds of weapons to flow into the hands of Mexican drug cartels amid claims from a ranking legislator that at least 150 Mexicans have been killed or wounded by guns trafficked by smugglers under the watch of U.S. agents.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives has acknowledged that at least 195 weapons sold in Arizona under Operation Fast and Furious have been recovered in Mexico, traced as a matter of routine via serial numbers after their recovery from crime scenes, arrests and searches.

Nevertheless, the new information is bound to complicate U.S.-Mexico relations at a rocky time. Mexican President Felipe Calderon is already upset at U.S. Ambassador Carlos Pascual over a series of leaked diplomatic cables citing shortcomings in Mexico’s 4-year-old war against drug cartels.
Mexican politicians have criticized the ATF program as a violation of Mexico’s sovereignty and evidence of U.S. arrogance toward its southern neighbor.

– end quoted passages –

Don’t Tell Uncle Sam

So the Mexican government wants some answers. But also, the U.S. Congress now wants answers, as we see in this pdf letter from the House Judiciary Committee to Eric Holder, Attorney General.

From that Congressional letter to the Attorney General dated March 09, 2011 –

We find it ironic that the government allowed guns to be trafficked into Mexico as part of a program designed to stop guns from being trafficked into Mexico. We are also troubled that ATF engaged in activities that may have facilitated the transfer of guns to violent drug cartels while simultaneously attempting to restrict lawful firearms sales by border-area firearms dealers.

– end quoted passages –

Are we beginning to see how serious this is?

Let us quickly note that we cannot blame the gun dealers who were running legitimate businesses in Arizona. They are licensed and operating perfectly legally. Please note as this story unfolds that several of the Federally licensed gun dealers from whom the criminals were buying large volumes of guns had suggested to ATF that such purchases should be forbidden – but the ATF, which needs a job to do, a reason to exist, and also needed big plans to spend all their allocated funding, and which must have something to justify its expensive budget each year, over-rode those FFL gun dealers’ recommendations.

The ATF geniuses told the store owners to continue to sell to known gun traffickers, “straw buyers”, so that ATF could follow the guns as they “walked” across the border. ATF asked the gun store owners to keep records and contact ATF whenever the straw buyers made significant purchases.

Watch the Fox News video of March 09, 2011,in this next linked-article, and notice how Fox News people are trying to carefully choose their language while exposing as little as possible about how deeply this thing goes toward the heart of government policy. Where Sharyll Attkisson of CBS News is telling it straight up as it truly is, Fox News, in a feeble effort to keep up with CBS, gives a very hesitant, even reluctant report on this story. But please note – the wickedness inherent in Gunrunner cannot be avoided now, cannot be denied no matter how carefully newscasters at Fox News parse their words. In this article Senator Grassley notes that this scandal goes into the Department of Homeland Security itself.

Already we know the weapons used to kill Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry were being tracked by Gunrunner, but new documents reveal a much bigger problem.The questions this morning in Washington are how high does this go and will Congress call for a formal investigation of its own.

“I’m still asking questions and we’re getting the runaround from the Justice Department” Sen. Charles Grassley told Fox News. “They’re stonewalling.  And the longer they wait, the more they fight, the more egg that they’re going to have on their face.”[U.S. Senator] Grassley and others say Gunrunner was a dismal and deadly failure, with ATF intentionally allowing thousands of weapons to be illegally trafficked to Mexico.

Sen. Grassley says ATF isn’t the only guilty agency. He says Department of Justice lawyers and agents from Homeland Security also watched this debacle unfold, often hand in hand with ATF. Grassley has lengthy correspondence and numerous documents he wants to post on the Senate Judiciary website, but sources on the Hill say Judiciary Chairman Pat Leahy won’t allow it, refusing to call for an independent congressional investigation. “I’m not satisfied with the inspector general there doing the investigation; to me it looks like a fox guarding the hen house,” echoes Grassley.

– End quoted passages –

I would add – every government official who seeks to interdict, limit, stall, prevent, discourage, twist, avoid, evade,obfuscate or spin this investigation will be viewed as complicit in the ATF crimes now being investigated. It is called, “conspiracy”.

So now we know that the ATF’s project Gunrunner is real, that it involves several Federal agencies in a lawbreaking spree of official insanity, and that a lot of people are now dead, on both sides of the border, many of them shot by guns furnished under ATF surveillance.

Before moving to the next part of this story, let’s look briefly at an amazing phenomenon. I call it:

Beanbags Vs Bullets

In December, 2010, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian A. Terry was murdered in a shoot-out at Peck Canyon northwest of Nogales, Arizona, in which our Border Patrol agents were armed with “beanbag bullets” while the smugglers were firing real bullets. Typical fedgov progressive political-correctness set up that scenario – thank Washington D.C., DOJ, DHS, ATF – well, actually, no one seems to want our gratitude, for each of them are denying they gave the order to put bean-bags in Border Patrol guns.

In  January, 2011, street agents of the ATF began a discussion online at “Clean Up ATF dot org.

The discussion was about the gun which allegedly killed Agent Terry. It appears that two of the rifles being used by the smugglers were “Project Gunrunner” weapons which had been allowed by ATF to “walk” across the border into cartel hands.  Mike Vanderboegh was notified about this online discussion. We can thank Mike for helping get the story out to the world.

Diane Macedo for Fox News  published this article on bean bags as bullets and revealed another dimension of this story.  Here is the link for the full article, posted by Fox News on March 03, 2011 –

We read there –

The U.S. Border Patrol is under fire for allegedly ordering its elite, SWAT-style units to use non-lethal bean bag ammunition before responding with deadly force – even against suspects armed with high-powered semi-automatic and automatic weapons like AK-47s.

The controversy over the agency’s “bean bag” policy began in the days following the Dec. 14 killing of U.S. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry and has escalated recently as more information is uncovered in the investigation of the fatal shooting.

“When the suspected aliens did not drop their weapons, two Border Patrol agents deployed ‘less than lethal’ beanbags at the suspected aliens,” according to a FBI search warrant request filed in the U.S. District Court in Tucson on Dec. 29. “At this time, at least one of the suspected aliens fired at the Border Patbrol agents. Two Border Patrol agents returned fire, one with his long gun and one with his pistol. Border Patrol agent Brian Terry was shot with one bullet and died shortly after.”

The warrant appears to support claims made by Terry’s brother, Kent, and former U.S. Rep.Tom Trancredo that Terry’s team — part of the U.S. Border Patrol Tactical Unit, also known as BORTAC — was under standing orders to always use bean-bag rounds first before using live ammunition.

“There was a group of four guys with my brother and two had lethal and two had non-lethal weapons there,” Kent Terry told Fox News Friday.

– end quoted passages –

On March 09, 2011, CNN published this piece of damage control by Janet Napolitano, Big Sister head of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

Written by Mike M. Ahlers, CNN:

Four Border Patrol officers who confronted armed immigrants in the Arizona desert last December were not under orders to use “less-than-lethal” force, Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said, countering critics who say an ill-advised shooting policy contributed to one of the agent’s death.

But Napolitano declined to say whether two of the four agents were armed only with non-lethal “bean bag” guns, saying the incident is still being investigated.

An FBI affidavit has raised questions about the incident, saying that two of the agents fired “less than lethal” bean bags at the armed immigrants before the immigrants returned fire.

– End quoted passages –

Did those bandits know that our guys would shoot first with bean bags?  There is this from the Arizona Daily Star: Records show agents fired beanbags in fatal border gunfight

Border Patrol officials declined to answer questions about protocol for use of force, citing the ongoing investigation.

But Terry’s brother, Kent Terry, said the other agents who were there that night told him that they were instructed to use the non-lethal beanbags first. It’s a policy that doesn’t make sense to Kent Terry.

“You go up against a bandit crew that is carrying AKs, and you walk out there with guns loaded with beanbags – I don’t get it,” Terry said in a phone interview from Michigan. “It’s like going to the Iraqi war with one knife. It boggles my mind. … These guys (Border Patrol agents) are professionals; they should be able to use their judgment call on their own.”

On the night of the deadly encounter, agents were trying to apprehend at least five suspected illegal immigrants. One agent, using thermal binoculars, spotted two men carrying rifles. When the group came close, at least one agent identified himself as police and ordered the men to drop their weapons.

Here’s how the rest of the events are described in the FBI document:

“When the suspected aliens did not drop their weapons, two Border Patrol agents deployed ‘less than lethal’ beanbags at the suspected aliens. At this time, at least one of the suspected aliens fired at the Border Patrol agents. Two Border Patrol agents returned fire, one with his long gun and one with his pistol.

– end quoted passages –

Agent Voth’s Oath Keeper

I’m sure DHS’ Janet Napolitano is having a large time with this, and Agent Voth is still having fun. Eric Holder is probably smiling despite it all as he also tries to find a “public face” to greet the faces he meets. But what about any Oath Keepers in this developing story? Can we find an Oath Keeper in all this? We know that Janet Napolitano violates her Oath every day. More than likely, so do a lot of people working inside DOJ, FBI, DEA, ATF, and numerous other agencies under DOJ’s umbrella. We certainly know that supervisor Voth is totally despicable as a raging fun-seeking Oath breaker.

Let’s talk more about Agent Voth. In his email to his agents, he was talking about the serious questions some of his agents were discussing among themselves – questions about the wisdom, or lack of wisdom, in operation Gunrunner. It had come to their attention that Agent Terry had been murdered by, possibly, a Gunrunner weapon which ATF had let “walk”.  Two rifles at that death scene were Gunrunner rifles. Did Mr. Voth give a damn about his Oath to the Constitution? Nope. He was into having “fun”.  And he was not about to let his fun be spoiled by some disturbing awareness about the grave reality underpinning his fun.

With a typically Feducated mentality, Mr. Voth took the bureaucratic/governmental approach to leading his men back to their senses. Force them. Threaten them. Warn them. Give them “what-for!” Keep the troops in line. It’s called “authoritarianism”. Works big-time in the military, and also in today’s militarized law enforcement. It is a form of psychological pathology which infests power-damaged minds in too many Federal agency offices.

It is blind, it is careless, it is dangerous, and for the most part it is highly criminal. It is what Heinrich Himmler drove into the hearts and minds of his SS troops. It is the mindset which wants to have fun while playing God with other peoples’ lives. Mr. Voth likely does not know how hideously ugly his mind now appears to Americans. He most likely shall take my criticism as “all in a day’s work”, or “part of the job”, and he will pat himself on the back for enduring in his madness no matter what.  But what Superviser Voth probably did not see coming his way is the fact that right there in his Phoenix Group VII stands his antithesis, a man of principle, and that man has come forward.

We see that at leadership levels in DOJ and ATF there is not likely to be found very many Oath Keepers.  All up and down the scale they are lying to Senator Grassley, stonewalling, giving Congress the run-around. They’re as immature about this as any three-year-old child caught in the cookie jar. But of course we can’t really expect government-paid employees who play with guns to fess up when they mess up, now can we? I mean, this mess-up is big enough to do serious damage to the entire Federal policy machinery.  They’re caught arming drug cartels in Mexico, after all.

Now we’re ready to look to the Oath Keeper and his conscientious companions.  There is one Oath Keeper who came forward first, and he is already joined by about a dozen others. This one man was the first man to allow CBS cameras to put a face on an ATF agent confessing the bitter truth about Gunrunner. He and his fellow agents of honor are good men who can, despite their rigorous training, heavy programming, perpetual conditioning, and reinforced mindsets, finally see the truth and the horror of berserk governmental thinking/planning/execution in the tragic  “biggest tool” in ATF’s tool box.

Now we have a hero. We have a real man among men. We have an ATF agent who has been willing to face the truth behind the ATF’s bold-faced lie. And this man has chosen to honor his Oath at great personal risk. He did not call up Oath Keepers and ask to join. He did not make a big deal about honoring his Oath. The man just saw what was wrong, knew what it would take to make things right, weighed the consequences, counted his options, and concluded that his duty to the American people and to Agent Terry’s family was to step forward, go public, let this horribly ugly ATF secret out of the bag, and take his chances on any future career.  Why? Because ATF agent John Dodson has what all Oath Keepers have – he has a conscience.  Here is what he told CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson:

“I’m boots on the ground in Phoenix, telling you we’ve been doing it every day since I’ve been here,” he said. “Here I am. Tell me I didn’t do the things that I did. Tell me you didn’t order me to do the things I did. Tell me it didn’t happen. Now you have a name on it. You have a face to put with it. Here I am. Someone now, tell me it didn’t happen.” – Agent John Dodson, as quoted by CBS’ Sharyl Attkisson

BATFE Agent John Dodson is talking about government-permitted gun running, a long-questioned practice of America’s clandestine government functions.  He has proved his mettle as a true American, a man with a conscience which matches his training and skill as an agent, and a man who is willing to do the right thing.  From Oath Keepers nationally, Agent Dodson, thank you.

Following The DEA’s Example

We will remember that the reason why the cartels in Mexico want guns is directly related to the business of dealing illegal drugs.  On that one point, there is this interesting take by a Houston attorney who is involved with one of the gun stores which ATF had conscripted.

From this WND article

“Senator Grassley is still looking for answers to the questions that he asked of the various agencies. He continues to ask questions as he learns more about the actions of the ATF and the Department of Justice,” Levine stated.

In the search for answers, the Houston attorney says he knows the ultimate solution to the Project Gunrunner question: End the war on drugs.

DeGuerin believes the war on drugs is the issue driving the entire Project Gunrunner problem, because the drugs provide the incentive for criminal activity.

A word or two about that please.  We know that the DEA permits drug task forces at both Federal and State level to “let drugs walk”. DEA gives illegal drugs to “snitches” (informants) so they can set-up their associates for future busts. That is not a contested “theory”, it is a known fact – the DEA will let illegal drugs onto the street so they can “catch” somebody.  What ATF was doing with the guns was similar, except that they had no way of tracking the guns once they crossed the border into Mexico.

The problem with all that is that ATF knew it could not track those weapons, but it let them “walk” across the border anyway. Worse, as the figures came in, Agent Dodson even asked ATF leadership if they could not see the correlation between escalating gun-crime violence at the border and the volume of guns ATF let “walk”. ATF was not appreciative of Agent Dodson’s query. That would not be fun. Better to ignore the blatant correlations and keep on letting the guns move to Mexico.  One superior told him that “if we want to make an omelet, we have to scramble some eggs”. That’s cold.

And that brings up an even more sinister question:   Could a psy-op now be about to surface in the investigation spawned by Senator Grassley? I mean to ask, is it possible that certain policy makers on high want some reason to inject military/police operations into Mexico under the guise of a raging drug-smuggling gang-warfare chaotic hell on earth – which someone has to bring under control? If the violence would predictably lead to combining the U.S. and Mexican militaries and law enforcement, would that not be another small step toward the SPP (Security and Prosperity Partnership), otherwise known as the North American Union?

Is NORTHCOM  now in Mexico in an “advisory” role? Doesn’t NORTHCOM already have a military agreement with the Canadian military for troop exchanges?  The ATF has stated its plans to expand Operation Gunrunner, although funding for that may now be in jeopardy.  If the gun crime figures continue to rise in Mexico, ATF would have no trouble getting a larger Federal funding package to combat it, is that not true?

Would the ATF benefit thereby in letting large numbers of guns walk into Mexico? Would DHS benefit for letting ATF benefit? Would the SPP benefit? Would the Federal government benefit? Am I a fool for asking such questions, or would I be a fool if I didn’t?

I work for Oath Keepers. You won’t believe the things I hear from around this nation.  The answers to some of these questions are at the links in the Notes section below. This story is only beginning. Oath Keepers salutes Agent John Dodson and his honorable patriot friends who are backing him up as he brings this to the world’s attention.

Agent Dodson worked inside “Project Gunrunner”.

He has come forward to expose it.

Oath Keepers salutes ATF Agent John Dodson.

Copyright 2011 Elias Alias and Oath Keepers, Inc.


1 –  David Codrea’s; timeline:

Mike Vanderboegh’s  time line:

March 23 – Obama on Gunrunner with Mexican journalist – CBS

President Obama says that he and Holder did not know about Project Gunrunner. – “We’re trying to build a kind of cooperation between Mexico and the United States that we haven’t seen before …”

Obama  – “It’s not just Mexico’s problem, it’s also our problem. “

Sharyl Attkisson, CBS, Feb 23, 2011, Scandal

Sharyl Attkisson, March 03, 2011 –  Agent Dodson’s on-air statements

Sharyl Attkisson, CBS, March 08, 2011 – ATF gun running since 2008

Sharyl Attkisson, CBS, March 10, 2011, Holder Speaks

From that article:

Prior to this week, the position of the Justice Department was that ATF has never knowingly allowed guns to get into the hands of suspected gunrunners. However, Attorney General Eric Holder no longer appears to be denying the allegations, which have been made by a dozen veteran ATF agents…At a hearing today, Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison asked Holder to comment on the case. Holder emphasized “The mission of ATF… is to stop the flow of guns. That is the focus of ATF and why they are bravely working in Mexico and in this country.”

Holder went on to say for the first time that letting guns “walk” into the hands of criminals for any reason is wrong. Holder says he’s “made it clear to people in the (Justice) Department that letting guns ‘walk,’ I guess that’s the term people use, is not something that is acceptable. We cannot have a situation where guns are allowed to walk, and I’ve made that clear to the US Attorney as well as the agents in charge of various ATF offices.”

Documents obtained by CBS News show that the Phoenix U.S. Attorney’s office under the Justice Department supervised ATF’s Fast and Furious operation.

Sharyl Attkisson, CBS, March 21, 2011 – 2nd Agent comes forward

Sharyl Attkisson, CBS, with ATF Special Agent #2, video – ATF Special Agent Rene Jaquez – March 21, 2011

Sharyl Attkisson, CBS, Darren Gil, ATF man in charge of Mexico operations for ATF – March 25, 2011

David Codrea and Mike Vanderboegh on the radio / gunrunner interview / inside stuff

Killer good site – Codrea’s War On Guns site –

Miscellaneous Links –

Oath Keepers National –  Guardians of the Republic. Join us. Support our mission!



Below is Elias’ article on the ATF “gunwalker” scandal, lauding the whistle-blowing AFT agents.  In response to the article, frequent commenter Remember the Alamo asked a very good question:

“Where does the U.S. Constitution delegate to the federal government via the United States Department of Treasury and its Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives the power to regulate the use alcohol, tobacco, firearms, and explosives in the individual sovereign states of the United States?”

My response:  Nowhere. And that is why I have a problem with calling any ATF agent an “oath keeper” of any kind. Frankly, to truly keep their oaths, they would have to resign.  And not only is there no such power granted, it is also in direct violation of the Second Amendment, since what the ATF doees EVERY DAY is certainly an infringement of our right to bear arms.

As Elias amply illustrates in his article, the ATF’s job is to harrass, snare, entrap, and imprison as many gun owners as they possibly can, and that is what they do all the time (and at times, such “law enforcement” results in the deaths of people who’s only “crime” was to own items that Hoplophobes fear and hate).  See the Olofson case (in that case, I helped write an amicus brief to the US Supreme Court, pointing out the absurdity ATF’s Alice in Wonderland shifting definition of what is a full auto that would find even a malfunctioning double barrel shotgun or malfunctioning single action revolver from the 1800’s to be a “full-auto” if, while malfunctioning, they fired more than one shot per trigger pull).

Out of respect for Elias, who is a heck of a researcher and writer, and a friend, I didn’t monkey with or edit his piece, but I had to add this comment.  While I congratulate the whistle-blower agents on their courage and integrity in blowing the whistle, and I hope more federal agents do the same across the board, I must point out the obvious contradiction of their job with their oath. What they did is worthy of praise, but they do need to think hard about what it is they do for a job, everyday, in light of that sacred oath they swore to support and defend the Constitution.  And then, as Jesus told the harlot, go and sin no more!

Stewart Rhodes, Founded of Oath Keepers

We encourage all readers, and all Oath Keepers members and supporters, to contact their US Representatives and Senators and demand that they support hearings, and also let them know we want to see the resignation of the head of the ATF and of Holder, and we want to know what Obama knew, and when.


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Introducing the Alternative Market Movement

Introducing the Alternative Market Movement

Our nation is at a cross-roads. We know it. Our liberty is under relentless assault, and whether our children and grandchildren enjoy even the eroded liberty we have will depend on what we do NOW. The Constitution truly hangs by a thread.

And one of the greatest threats we face, which could provide a pretext for pulling the plug on the Constitution once and for all, is the ongoing destruction of our economy and the pending collapse of the Federal Reserve orchestrated fiat money system, with the dollar no longer backed by anything of real value. None of us has a crystal ball, so we don’t know exactly when, but at some point it will, sooner or later, come crashing down as all fiat systems do.

We need to face that fact, and deal with it. As Patrick Henry said, it is better to know the worst, and provide for it, than to delude ourselves with false hope.

So, let us accept reality but then also provide for it. That means we need to DO SOMETHING to get ready for what is coming, and we need to work hard now to rebuild the core institutions of a free republic that we have allowed to whither and die. If we restore those institutions, we can weather the storm. If we do not, then we will be weak and desperate in an economic collapse, and it is more likely that our Republic will fall.

So, the fate of this nation is in our hands. And it is especially in the hands of us veterans. If we lead, and get it done, we can save this nation. If we fail to lead, and fail to get it done, then this Republic will eventually fall. If not, us, then who?

In upcoming articles I will be writing about a full spectrum of thing we veterans must do to save this Republic, but right now I want to let you know about a new effort that will go a long way toward correcting one of our greatest weaknesses – our dependence on a fiat dollar who’s days are numbered.

The movement that is going to help do something about that dependency is called the Alternate Market Project. It has just been launched, at my urging, by Brandon Smith, who writes under the pen name “Giordano Bruno” at Neithercorp Press. Oath Keepers will be working closely with Brandon and his new org, as part of our overall mission to restore the Republic, and defend the Constitution. We will of course also be working with Dr. Edwin Vieira, who will serve as an advisor to Oath Keepers on sound money as well as on revitalizing state militias, and the Alternative Market Project will certainly utilize Dr. Vieira’s vast knowledge about constitutional money, and will be advocating his model legislation for use in the states (which has already made considerable headway, with sound money bills based on Dr. Vieira’s research being introduced across the nation), and hopes to spread the message in a very grass-roots way.

There are already many people working on solutions and on restoring the Republic, and we look forward to working with any and all who have the same goals. However, I do think it is important to have a movement that really focuses in on economic independence in all its forms, and at all levels, from the individual on up to the neighborhood, town, county and state, in both the private and public spheres. And that is why I urged Brandon Smith to take the bull by the horns and start his Alternative Market Project. In fact, Brandon and I will be speaking together this weekend at the Save America Convention in Tampa, Florida, along with John Galt of Florida.

See SaveAmericaConvention

Oath Keepers, this is a movement we really need to get behind and support with all of our ability. Sound money and economic independence are key foundations of a free people. Certainly, they are not the only key elements of liberty, but they are critical. Below is Brandon’s introduction to the Alternative Market Movement. Please read it, heed it, and take part. – For the Republic, Stewart Rhodes, Founder of Oath Keepers.

You can contact Giordano Bruno at:

Refer to The Alternative Market Project Has Been Launched!

See us at

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Feds Slam Montana’s Bid For State Sovereignty, by Elias Alias

Feds Slam Montana’s Bid For State Sovereignty
March 14, 2011 * Willow Creek, Montana * Elias Alias

It is a sad day for Constitutionalists in America. As I write this, the Bozeman (Montana) Daily Chronicle [1] is quoting in an AP article a named source stating:

An advocacy group, Americans for Safe Access, said at least 12 businesses were raided in six cities across the state. The DEA and U.S. attorney’s office would not confirm that number.
Americans for Safe Access also decried the raids as politically motivated.
“By engaging in these raids, the federal government is complicit in exploiting Montana’s current political dynamic with the aim of undermining the state’s medical marijuana law,” said executive director Steph Sherer. “Instead of letting the legislature and the people of Montana figure this out, certain hostile actors such as law enforcement and the federal government have instead chosen to obstruct the democratic process.”
The Senate Judiciary Committee voted 6-6 to reject House Speaker Mike Milburn’s House Bill 161.
So what’s going down here?

We are seeing the unfolding of a remarkable Federal operation designed to do several things in one fell swoop. At the level of public perception, as witnessed by many of the comments under the Missoulian’s article [2] on this Federal travesty, the Feds are merely exerting their superior authority over Montana’s medical marijuana law. The Montana law is in fact a law which was not generated by and passed through the Montana legislature – it was a popular referendum enacted by the voice of the people of Montana. Many appear to see these raids as a proper thing for the Federal government to do. That’s on the public level.

Secondly, and also on the public level, is the perception that marijuana is bad for the State’s communities, and for those who hold that view this appears to be a great favor done for them by the Federal government.

And a third view which dwells in the public perception is that there should be some way to lawfully get the government out of the business of ownership over citizens’ bodies. They base that view on the fact that if the government can tell anyone what one can and cannot put into one’s body, then the government is presuming some authority of ownership over one’s body, which means that one is no longer a “self-owner”, which means suddenly and clearly that one is not “free”.

1 – There is the level on which business meets the State. On that level there are accountants, bankers, inspectors, employees, wages, taxes, licenses, logistics, costs and cashflows, and other routine business matters which accompany the care-giving business. All of that, by the way, does generate economic growth for the State as well as for communities. In a word, it’s “jobs”. If the Montana legislature were to over-ride the medical marijuana State law and shut down the businesses which have started up across the State, many jobs would be lost, many taxes would disappear, and our drug Task Forces would have more work to do, at a cost of more money.

2 – Also on the next level down from the public-perception level is the level on which law enforcement is caught between the opposing wills of several different types of citizens, as defined by individual views on the marijuana issue. There are the statist-minded right-wing Christians who would use the force of government to control their neighbors’ behavior, to suit their own interpretation of how people should behave.

Many of these types of people think of themselves as being Constitutionalists, but they are wrong – they are statists. They do not value being statists, but they do not question their stance and thus are unconsciously statists even though they believe they are Constitutionalists. These people want to use law enforcement to enforce their preferred will on the marijuana issue, and law enforcement hears from such people regularly.

But law enforcement also knows that the people have spoken in true democratic fashion by voting the law into authority, and therefore law enforcement, in difference to an officer’s personal convictions on the issue, is duty bound to protect the card-holders and the licensed growers/providers who have registered with the State to obtain permission to use marijuana lawfully, medicinally, and commercially. Law enforcement has thus far felt the pressure from both sides of this issue since 2004 when medical marijuana passed into law via referendum.

But finally, existing below the previously-listed levels of perception and much removed from the public discourse, there is the level on which Federal corruption at its finest is seeking to destroy the current movement in America which is seeking to re-establish the sovereignty of the several States in their respective compacts with the Federal government. That is what this is all about, and it’s huge. I will explain.

In 2009 Gary Marbut and the Montana Shooting Sports Association got one of their flagship bills through the legislature and got it signed into law by the Governor of Montana. All over America today, that bill is known as the Montana Firearms Freedom Act of 2009 (MFFA or FFA). That act was quickly mirrored by the legislature of Tennessee and passed into law in Tennessee. Shortly after that, several other States took up versions of the bill. I believe that seven States have now passed such a law for their respective States, and approximately twenty other States are considering it.

The Firearms Freedom Act is a challenge to Federal interpretations of the “commerce clause” and is a Tenth Amendment issue. It is a State sovereignty issue. Our MFFA is on its way to the Supreme Court, because the BATFE (ATF for short) has sent letters to Montana, Tennessee, and the other States who have cloned Marbut’s FFA bill, telling the States that Federal law trumps State law. [3] Here it is in their own words:

All Federal propaganda is based on the belief of Americans that they are “free”. Autonomists know that we are not free when the government can control what we put into our bodies. Such people feel that the Constitution, if lived up to by the Federal government, would never permit the government to own our bodies, much less our minds – that is what dictatorships do. Yet that is exactly what the centralized Federal government is doing with its so-called “war on drugs” today. It is undebatable – if the government can regulate/control what one puts into one’s body, the government is asserting ownership over one, including ownership over one’s body.

So those are three levels in the public perception. But there is another level below that public level, and it contains two manifestations.

“To the extent that the Montana Firearms Freedom Act conflicts with Federal firearms laws and regulations, Federal law supersedes the Act, and all provisions of the GCA and NFA, and their corresponding regulations, continue to apply.” – Robert E. Chase, Special Agent In Charge, Denver Field Office, DOJ/ATF September 29, 2009

As Stewart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keepers, has already said, the conservatives who are lauding this move to strike down a lawful referendum of the people of Montana, and thereby repeal legal medical marijuana, are just about to turn the corner down a street they’re not going to like one bit. That street is called Gun Control Avenue. At the other end of that street is Gun Confiscation. (I won’t go into another facet of the gun control problem in this essay, but we should all be aware that all holders of medical marijuana cards are likely to be relieved of their Second Amendment rights also, owing to the fact that they now are registered as users of a psycho-tropic drug. The Veterans Administration is presently rescinding Second Amendment rights for returning war veterans who are diagnosed with PTSD or who are on psychological-related prescribed drugs.)

You see, the medical marijuana issue and the firearms freedom issue are both Tenth Amendment issues.

And what has been set up for rules by which to play either game? The players must be on either one side or the other on each of those two issues. The progressives are supposed to want to squash the firearms freedom movement in Montana, while the so-called “conservatives” are supposed to want to squash the medical marijuana freedom movement in Montana – and both sides are fanned and flamed by the forces of powers which work behind the scenes, behind the public perception.

Montanans, indeed, all Americans who love their country, are now at a crossroads. Great powers have now been centralized in Washington D.C., and the tentacles of those powers reach down into our own State governments across the land, even into our once-private lives here in Montana. Centralized power always must, always has, and always shall seek to control the behavior of its tax base, which is you and me and all of our good neighbors. Centralized power will presume ownership over your body and centralized power will also presume ownership over your right to keep and bear arms. The draping curtain, the unseen veil, is officially named “Security”.

Centralized power benefits when it can induce the progressive segment of society to support its quest to regulate the American people’s gun rights; and centralized power benefits when it can induce the religious right or deluded conservatives to support its quest to own everyone’s bodies. If centralized government wants you to have a flu shot, so be it – the full power and force of government enforcement will show one how to comply. If the centralized government does not want one to ingest a particular item, so be it – the full force and power of government enforcement will show one how to comply. That is how centralized government works at the level of public perception, but from behind the scenes.

But centralized government has yet another quest in mind, and that is just as I just typed it – it is a quest for the “mind”. Your mind, my mind, and our good neighbors’ minds. The central government is keenly interested in what you and I think, in how we perceive things, in what we believe, and in what motivates us to behave in various ways. More on that below. There is much to tie together to complete this essay properly. All of this ties into the raids brought down upon innocent Montana businesses by the Federal agencies and their interfacing local law enforcement.

The centralized government seeks to shield us from knowing various facts from our own history, and pumps all sorts of nonsense into our minds for multiple reasons. Americans generally do not pause to reflect upon the fact that their very own tax dollars are used by government to study ways by which to control, regulate, tax, and otherwise benefit from our citizenship. They play, we pay; that’s their way.

Read that in the Bozeman Daily Chronicle for March 14, 2011 linked at note #1 below. Also in that article is the notation that the bill to repeal medical marijuana died in committee this morning at our legislature in Helena.

Wall Street does the same thing. And lately, Wall Street and the Federal government appear to be in collusion in manipulating the public perception to their mutual advantage. Hence the sweep of cultural Marxism [4] during the past half-century, and hence the rise of corporate fascism [5] during that same time frame.

Thus, when the Federal government wanted to influence the public mind in support of a massive so-called “war on drugs”, Wall Street and the American media/press stepped up to the task and generated the desired fear-based public perception in support of the very thing which would literally create a drug problem in America – a war on drugs. Having learned how it was done during Prohibition, and therefore anticipating the growth in demand for government enforcement jobs and a Federal boosting of cash-out to communities where all the new drug agents chanced to live, LBJ’s Great Society saw a drug war as a way of creating jobs and empowering the Federal government further. Always remember this one undeniable fact – before the Federal government created a “war on drugs”, there was no drug problem in America. A few jazz musicians in New Orleans and New York City was the worst we knew as a nation.

But Prohibition had shown that banning substances on which there would be a demand is a sure way to drive up prices on said substance, and a black market would invariably be created, from which a growing government could profit nicely while creating yet more enforcement jobs. A burgeoning consumption was the response to the Federal crackdown on the anti-Vietnam-war movement, which quickly caused marijuana to become a part of the counter culture which opposed the war – our young people, college people, art communities and such. Pot smoking became a sign of rebellion against an undeclared and immoral war (which I fought in as a volunteer with the U.S. Marines, being totally duped at that age in my life).

Millions of Americans discovered that pot is a harmless weed with certain valuable properties, especially for those of us who have creative tendencies, such as musicians and artists, poets and philosophers. It taught millions of people that our perception of time is relative, and that there are vast spaces unexplored in each of our minds, and that the discovery of those inner spaces was a part of the human birthright.

Of course, along with that cultural shift away from the norm came the fringe misfits who just wanted to abuse the weed, to get themselves “out of it” for a while – and their stupidity was what the government used in publicity campaigns to further drive the wedge between the conservative right and the peace-movement on the left. That is how it became distorted into a party item, and the magic of the personal discoveries in self-knowledge which the original artful community had revered was largely lost on the masses. Its medicinal properties remained valuable, however, and many people continued to use marijuana for that purpose, and still do.

For irresponsible people, marijuana is a waste, and I must say that a goodly percentage of users I’ve known through the years have not in any way benefited their lives by smoking the weed. But I also know a lot of very intelligent, very responsible people, including many doctors, dentists, professional people, successful people, who have used marijuana for many years with no problems, either behavior-wise or physically. It’s the same with alcoholic drinks – some people can hold their drinking to very responsible limits, and for them there is no problem. Some other people can’t be in the same room where someone pops a cork without turning into a fool. We call that sort “alcoholics”.

There is no comparison between people who abuse marijuana and people who abuse alcohol – it’s like the two are not even in the same world. Alcohol is a deadly, very dangerous drug; marijuana is at worst a passing distraction for curious young people. Nobody has died yet, to my knowledge, from ingesting marijuana, and I know of no one who has developed any medical condition because of using marijuana. But all this is beside the point.

A hysteria was generated in the public perception by Federally-funded pseudo-science “studies” to demonize use of marijuana. That, for the purpose of selling the war on drugs to a support base peopled largely by conservatives and the far right. For those who have trouble following me here, there is a fascinating synopsis of the history of this in Ron Paul’s book, The Revolution: A Manifesto [6].

So Americans on both sides of the political fence are now faced with a choice which I trust will appear clearly to each one reading this. It is the choice to look deeply into what is ‘behind the scenes’ with so many of our political concerns today. Are we being manipulated by hidden powers of which we’ve never been aware? Should not every rational human being ask this question, often, in a representative Republic of law, lest the Republic itself turn lawless? Is anything “so” just because the government says it is so? Has our government ever lied to us? The Gary Powers U-2 shootdown; the Bay of Pigs; the assassination of JFK; the Gulf of Tonkin; the Watergate; the Iran-Contra scandal; BCCI? Aren’t those all classic examples of governmental lying to the American people? Is the government lying to the conservative populace, those who have never smoked a joint but are ready to condemn those who have? Most of those who oppose medical marijuana or recreational use of marijuana have never experienced it for themselves, and so they are believers in a government created myth which features all the horrors of demonic possession and loss of personal control and general wickedness and the good Lord only knows what else. That is what the government has caused three generations of Americans to think and it’s a damn lie.

And for that lie true believers like some of our squishy RINO Republicans are willing to bring the full force and might of the government down on their good neighbors, are eager to pay the cost to bust over seven-hundred thousand Americans each year, year after year, for marijuana. Can you imagine the profits which state governments and the court systems and the bond business and law enforcement make off of three quarters of a million Americans arrested each year in this country? That is the average number per year.

Does freedom even matter to people any more? In a system designed and created to protect personal freedom equally for all citizens, what will be the outcome if that system begins to function in ways contrary to the way it was designed to work? Isn’t the opposite of freedom slavery? Can we see signs of the gradual, incremental loss of our personal freedoms in our communities? Property ownership is now under fire; water rights are under siege; permits and licenses are required for almost everything; invasive data collection by the Census is now commonplace; the Bush-43 and Obama administrations both have maintained the NSA’s justification in monitoring all of our communications; our financial transactions valued at $600.00 or more must now be registered, including the purchase or sale of gold and silver; interfaced databases will pack all of the following increments into one chip on our national ID card as soon as Fedgov can get the States in compliance: medical history, credit history, education history, military-duty history, consumer-spending history, criminal records – all of these things and more will be readable by government agents and merchants anywhere at any time.

Meanwhile, we are being asked to do “nation-building” in Iraq, and a ten-years-running war in Afghanistan, and our military is being used to keep the corporate trade lanes open around the world while also being prepared to police “civil unrest” here domestically, on U.S. soil [7].

Homeland Security is now interfaced with the Pentagon, the CIA and all other Intelligence agencies, the Justice Department thug-groups like ATF, DEA, and FBI, the medical profession, the educational system, transportation system infrastructure nationally, all air transport both industrial and commuter, the DOE, NASA, the nation’s University systems, and like a big red cherry on top of all that, DHS is interfaced with the NYSE and the big boys of finance on Wall Street and over at the Federal Reserve System, Inc., which continues to print mountains more FRNs by the minute to allay interest payments on our multi-trillion dollar debt packages.

Add to all that the social divisiveness over an influx of Sharia-Law-touting Islamics, the massive hype over the CIA’s generated Jihadist terrorism, the influx of many millions of working-wage competing foreign workers who seek the jobs of the poorer class of America’s work force. And add to that the massive off-shoring of our manufacturing base under NAFTA, CAFTA, and the SPP. Meanwhile consider that we’re given professional sports as our means of venting our competitive natures harmlessly, and an entire world of entertainment and distraction is at our fingertips every moment.

And, finally, we can add in this current debate over marijuana. In light of greater concerns as I’ve listed just a few above, should we really care what our neighbor is doing in his own home with an herb which grows wild in Nature all over the globe and has been used medicinally for several thousand years? (And which, by the way, is *not* narcotic no matter what the DEA says.)

Is our determination to eradicate that behavior from our good neighbors’ daily lives really worth assisting this Federal behemoth which is now exceeding its Constitutional limitations like a run-away freight train on downhill tracks destined for the dark pits of hellish slavery in a totalitarian world over-seen by a global government of the ultimate concentrated, centralized authority and power in earth’s history?

Have you read the United Nations’ so-called “Bill of Rights and Duties” for the “global citizen”? Do you have any idea what awaits our people once our Constitution is retired and this nation is absorbed into the collective madness of a totalitarian one-world government? Can you see that the USofA is the last stronghold against this globally-sweeping craze for a one-world communist humanist authority with everything in the control of a handful of European banking families?

Yes, I’ve got questions for all of us. But the primary question is this –

Can we not see the beauty in our several States rising to the challenge and reasserting their Constitutional rights to their own sovereignty as the counter-checks and balances to Federal damnation?

The States created this union and its Federal government. That government has always belonged to the several States in compact with each of the other States in the Union. And the people themselves have reserved unto themselves the ultimate source of sovereignty, authority, and legitimacy for not only their respective State governments but also for our national government. What we must do is recognize that we’ve been duped as a nation, and agree to put our petty differences aside long enough to save this nation.

One of the surest ways of doing that would be to stop funding this insane war on drugs. Montana has taken a giant step forward in doing that, a step toward sovereignty, and now we see the opposition is willing to do anything to reverse that step toward State sovereignty. But we must move ahead anyway, and encourage our legislators to grant us the tools we need, such as passage of the Sheriffs First bill, the Sound Money bill, the Coordination bill, the Home Guard bill, the Fully Informed Jury bill, and other liberty-oriented bills.

Those bills exist in this year’s legislature because many other Montanans see the things I’ve touched upon herein.

Those bills can help strengthen Montana and by example can inspire numerous other States. The States can save the America they created, but they can only do that by exercising their inherent sovereignty, which most Americans have forgotten.

With a strong sense of State sovereignty, Montana can shield her citizens from much of the mischief the errant Federal government might make on less independent States around the Union. But some readers are going to be reluctant to take my word on the sovereignty issue, because the government propaganda machinery has lately been demonizing that word, “sovereignty”. So allow me to fortify my statements with a couple of gravely significant passages from, first, the Supreme Court of the United States of America and, secondly, from one of our greatest Founding Fathers.
From the Mack/Printz v USA Supreme Court decision:

“It is incontestable that the Constitution established a system of dual sovereignty…. Although the States surrendered many of their powers to the new Federal government, they retained ‘a residuary and inviolable sovereignty’…. Residual State sovereignty was also implicit, of course, in the Constitution’s conferral upon Congress of not all governmental powers, but only discrete, enumerated ones, Art.1,Sect.8, which implication was rendered express by the Tenth Amendment’s assertion that ‘the powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited to it by the States, are reserved to the States, or to the people….The framers rejected the concept of a central government that would act upon and through the States, and instead designed a system in which the state and federal governments would exercise concurrent authority over the people. The great innovation of this design was that our citizens would have two political capacities, one State and one Federal, each protected from incursion by the other – a legal system unprecedented in form and design, establishing two orders of government, each with its own direct relationship, its own privity, its own set of mutual rights and obligations to the people who sustain it and are governed by it. The Constitution thus contemplates that a State’s government will represent and remain accountable to its own citizens.– Justice Scalia, majority opinion, Mack/Printz v USA, 1997.

To see if there is any backup for that, all one need do is put “Virginia Resolutions” or “Kentucky Resolutions” into one’s search engine and enjoy the fullness of proof. Speaking of which, here is this from the pen of Thomas Jefferson in the Kentucky Resolution of 1798:

“Resolved, That the several States composing the United States of America, are not united on the principle of unlimited submission to their general [Federal] government; but that, by a compact under the style and title of a Constitution for the United States, and of amendments thereto, they constituted a general government for special purposes – delegated to that government certain definite powers, reserving each State to itself, the residuary mass of right to their own self-government; and that whensoever the general [Federal] government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force; that to this compact each State acceded as a State, and is an integral part, its co-States forming, as to itself, the other party; that the government created by this compact was not made the exclusive or final judge of the extent of the powers delegated to itself; since that would have made its discretion, and not the Constitution, the measure of its powers; but that, as in all other cases of compact among powers having no common judge, each party has an equal right to judge for itself, as well of infraction as of the mode and measure of redress.” –Thomas Jefferson, 1798.

Our rich history as America holds tons of this kind of language provided us by the nation’s Founders. This is the way our nation was created to be, and this is the proper, lawful relation between the States and the Federal government. It is also the birthright of every person reading this, and is sufficient reason to return to our founding principles and to the documents which embody them, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution for the united States of America.

It’s the American way. It worked just fine, for the most part, until the American people got blindsided during the Woodrow Wilson administration, after which we’ve been on a downhill slide away from our lofty planes of freedom and liberty as the world’s greatest nation ever. I want that back, and I’m guessing that many reading this also want that back. We can get that if we would come together and confess that our government is out of control, that it is destroying our heritage as it levers us ever closer to assimilation into the one-world government. But we need to rebuild our State sovereignty as the several States in compact, as the States were on the day they ratified that Constitution and created that Federal government. How strongly do we want that America back?

What the Federal agencies who conducted the marijuana/caregiver raids in Montana on March 14, 2011, have done is a gross offense against the Constitution. Every agent and local law enforcement officer who participated in these raids has violated his moral obligation under his Oath to the Constitution. Montana Oath Keepers condemns these raids on moral and Tenth (and other) Amendment grounds.

My message to conservatives is to question your very soul and ask, is allowing this sort of Federal incursion into Montana’s internal affairs worth the loss of America? Just to stop some people from smoking a joint? Really? Is it really worth it? This is the only country we’ve got. If we lose it, it’s gone forever.

My question to everyone, and to myself as well, is simple and direct:

Does freedom matter any more in America?

Copyright 2011 by Elias Alias and Oath Keepers, Inc.

There are two books I must recommend for any serious student of the Constitutional concepts I’ve included in this essay.
Constitutional “Homeland Security”, Volume 1: The Nation In Arms.
Copyright 2007 by Edwin Vieira, Jr.; Bookmasters, Inc., 30 Amberwood Pkwy, Ashland, Ohio 44805; ISBN (10) 0-9671759-2-5; ISBN (13) 978-0-9671759-2-8.
Order your copy directly from Dr. Vieira: $19.95 postpaid, by check or money order to
Edwin Vieira * 52 Stonegate Court * Front Royal, Virginia 22630
Nullification: How To Resist Federal Tyranny In The 21st Century
by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.; copyright 2010 by Thomas E. Woods, Jr.; published by Regenery Publishing, Inc., One Massachusetts Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20001,; ISBN: 978-1-59698-149-2.
I draw much from those books, and salute both authors in gratitude for their research.
We are Oath Keepers – Guardians of the Republic. Join us. Support our mission. Contribute.

Numbered Notes:
1) Feds raid Montana medical marijuana businesses
2) Feds raid medical marijuana operations in Missoula, statewide
3) ATF’s letter to MT FFLs
4) Cultural Marxism, the James Jaeger movie at Matrixx Productions
5) Corporate Fascism, a movie by James Jaeger and Matrixx Productions
6) Ron Paul’s The Revolution: A Manifesto
7) U.S. Military Prepares for Economic Collapse

“…the Army has launched an operation called ‘Unified Quest 2011’ in which it studies the ‘implications of ‘large scale economic breakdown’ inside the United States that would force the Army to keep ‘domestic order amid civil unrest.’” The Quest also trains the Army in how to ‘deal with fragmented global power and drastically lower budgets’.”
Rubicon in the Rear-View, Part I: Militarizing the Police

The seamless integration of the military and law enforcement into a single “Internal Security Force” is the defining characteristic of a fully realized police state. Once this fusion is accomplished, the question becomes not “whether” a police state exists, but rather how acute its institutional violence against the subject population will become.
Brigade homeland tours start Oct. 1

“Beginning Oct. 1 [2008] for 12 months, the 1st BCT will be under the day-to-day control of U.S. Army North, the Army service component of Northern Command, as an on-call federal response force for natural or manmade emergencies and disasters, including terrorist attacks….They may be called upon to help with civil unrest and crowd control…”

Because of the so-called “war on terror”, our local police and Sheriffs have been Federalized and interfaced with both military and Department of Homeland Security commands, as extensions maintained by the nefarious “Fusion Centers” which are the liaison between local and national enforcement offices. This is the unmistakable infrastructure of a military-police state. It’s here now.

This next link is a pdf of a Pentagon/Joint Chiefs of Staff document from back in 1962. This document shows clearly that our government will plan terrorist events in U.S. cities to promote the public perception in favor of desired governmental policy.

From that document:

Further, it is assumed that a single agency will be given the primary responsibility for developing military and para-military aspects of the basic plan. It is recommended that this responsibility for both overt and covert military operations be assigned the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
A “Remember the Maine” incident could be arranged in several forms:
We could blow up a US ship in Guantanamo Bay and blame Cuba.
We could blow up a drone (unmanned) vessel anywhere in the Cuban waters. We could arrange to cause such incident in the vicinity of Havana or Santiago as a spectacular result of Cuban attack from the air or sea, or both. The presence of Cuban planes or ships merely investigating the intent of the vessel could be fairly compelling evidence that the ship was taken under attack. The nearness to Havana or Santiago would add credibility especially to those people that might have heard the blast or have seen the fire. The US could follow up with an air/sea rescue operation covered by US fighters to “evacuate” remaining members of the non-existent crew. Casualty lists in US newspapers would cause a helpful wave of national indignation.
We could develop a Communist Cuban terror campaign in the Miami area, in other Florida cities and even in Washington.
It is possible to create an incident which will demonstrate convincingly that a Cuban aircraft has attacked and shot down a chartered civil airliner enroute from the United States to Jamaica, Guatemala, Panama or Venezuela…. The passengers [EA note: passengers as here referenced are not “real”, but instead are aliased stand-ins for press and media objectives.] could be a group of college students off on a holiday or any grouping of persons with a common interest to support chartering a non-scheduled flight. An aircraft at Eglin AFB would be painted and numbered as an exact duplicate for a civil registered aircraft belonging to a CIA proprietary organization in the Miami area. At a designated time the duplicate would be substituted for the actual civil aircraft and would be loaded with the selected passengers, all boarded under carefully prepared aliases. The actual registered aircraft would be converted to a drone.
It is recognized that any action which becomes pretext for US military intervention in Cuba will lead to a political decision which then would lead to military action. [emphasis added]

The Joint Chiefs of Staff are talking, in 1962, about creating terrorism in Miami, other Florida towns, and even Washington D.C., to blame on Cuban “terrorists” as a psy-op. Can the gravity of that sink into our minds for a moment please? This is real. James Bamford got the document through the FOIA suit in the year 2000, thirty-eight years after this document was presented to the White House as a plan to make the American people support an unwanted war.

Some readers may want to read my article on the Northwoods Document, written years ago as an open letter to the Montana legislature, here –

The Joint Chiefs of Staff are talking, in 1962, about creating terrorism in Miami, other Florida towns, and even Washington D.C., to blame on Cuban “terrorists” as a psy-op. Can the gravity of that sink into our minds for a moment please? This is real. James Bamford got the document through the FOIA suit in the year 2000, thirty-eight years after this document was presented to the White House as a plan to make the American people support an unwanted war. We are forced to admit that elements inside our government will use terrorism to forge public perception. Right here in America.

I will close these notes with one parting gift for any reader who really wants to know what’s going down here in Montana and in America today. This is a 248-page U.S. Army document. Download it while it’s still available online, or save your selected screen-shots. This one will show any reader what we’re up against if we intend to save our America from the “enemy domestic”. This one explains psy-ops and the use of terrorists as surrogates in psychological operations designed to make use of the media to influence the mass public perception for beneficial perspectives favoring the desired centralized governmental program or policy, such as an invasion of North Korea or the super-spy trickery involving an Israeli hit on Iran, or whatever “pretext” our nation’s deep thinkers and planners have up their sleeves. This is what our special operations soldiers are now being trained in, schooled in, and deployed in. They now work with the Intelligence community and are attached to any other governmental agency deemed necessary by the planners. What’s it all for? Power. National Power. Imperial Power.

Here, from that pdf, is the listing of appendixes which define the areas of operations for our Unconventional Warfare special-ops black-ops psy-op soldiers, tax-dollar financed. You ought to read this, even a little bit of it:











States’ rights, anyone? Sovereignty? Freedom? America? Anyone?

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Video: Our Republic will not be Destroyed on Our Watch

Oath Keepers Founder Stewart Rhodes will be speaking at the Nullify Now event in Austin, TX on April 16th, 2011. For tickets and event info: Click Here

Stewart Rhodes of Oath Keepers speakers at Nullify Now! Phoenix on 01-29-11.

topics — oaths to the constitution, habeas corpus, treason, trial by jury, executive power, war powers, and more…

Thomas Paine: “If there is to be trouble, let it be in my day, so that my child may have peace.”

“Oath Keepers and Tenth Amendment Center are two peas in a pod — working to restore the republic from the bottom up.”

Oath Keeper Board member Sheriff Richard Mack at Nullify Now! Phoenix on 01-29-11

Nullify Now tour is presented by

Tenth Amendment Center

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NE Chapter President Mike Lemieux and Stewart Rhodes on Restore The Republic’s Mad As Hell Webethon Saturday

The Nebraska Oath Keepers President, Mike Lemieux and Oath Keepers founder , Stewart Rhodes , will be on the Restore the Republic’s “Mad As Hell” webethon tomorrow night . Mike is on at 9 PM and Stewart is on at 10PM.

Go to: for complete details, speaker list, and to tune in on Saturday March 12th, 2011.

Please check the site as a good many other well known speakers are involved with this.

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States Seek Sound Money System by Elias Alias

States Seek Sound Money System

March 6th, 2011

“Although control of the monetary and banking systems has serious political significance, the apologists of the Federal Reserve System have been extremely successful in the last seventy years or so in removing monetary and banking issues from the agendas of the political parties, candidates, and anybody else who is on the political platform or in the political arena. — Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr.

Several State legislatures are introducing resolutions to create commissions to study alternate money systems for their people in the event that the Federal Reserve System, Inc., implodes or otherwise mismanages its fiat currency programs. The term, “Hyper-Inflation” is used.

Economists and political devotees around the nation now are admitting that the Fed may have jeopardized its ability to maintain our annual rate of inflation at controllable levels, and the bailouts and stimulus packages give grave concern to those who study money’s relation to the laws of economics.

Tennessee’s legislature is following Virginia’s, South Carolina’s, and Montana’s legislatures in recommending that its State government look into creating an alternative money system to compete with the Fed’s fiat, debt-based “legal-tender” money system – or to replace the Federal Reserve Notes if the dollar is allowed to go into hyper-inflation.

From here, WSMV we read:

State Sen. Bill Ketron said he believes the federal government is implementing many things that are not sustainable, and he wants to make sure Tennessee is prepared in case the bubble pops. That’s why he wants to set up a committee to look into what it would take for Tennessee to come up with an alternate currency. He said there’s concern hyperinflation could render the U.S. dollar worthless and could throw the state’s budget and economy into chaos. Since the federal government hasn’t come up with a backup plan, Ketron thinks the state should exercise its 10th Amendment right to do so.

So that sentiment is now before the Tennessee State Legislature.  The text of the legislation is here:

Is it paranoia, or fear-mongering, when various State legislatures talk about the Federal Reserve System’s imminent failure and begin preparations to study the implementation of alternate money systems for their respective States?

The book-cooking gurus on Wall Street and at the Federal Reserve have much to say by way of reassurance, but the simple fact is that “legal tender” laws cannot check a run-away currency which has been excessively over-printed while no real increase in backing has occurred in the workplace.

The danger posed by carrying out the bailouts and stimulus packages, plus endless war financing abroad coupled with a Homeland Security military-police-state domestically, lies in the temptation to just print more money to pitch at the problems. There is a catch to that trick, however.

The gross domestic product is what the working people of America generate by doing what they do each day. That GDP is a solid figure, measureable, and is the basis of our economy. When the Fed just prints up a few extra billion dollars, creating Federal debt in the process, all the previously-existing dollars in circulation become worth slightly less, owing to the fact that the GDP did not grow to match the newly created influx of fresh money.

The vernacular term for this money-tweaking magic is “Inflation”.

History has shown the folly in doing this, yet the Fed swears by the system. But the Fed, which is a privately-owned banking cartel and is not an agency of the U.S. Federal government, demands as much secrecy as does our CIA and is now playing a game which historians assure us has been played by other nations in the past. This game has deadly consequences. No fiat money system on earth has been sustainable in the long term, and all previous fiat currencies have failed or crashed.

Montana’s Honorable Representative Bob Wagner introduced a sound money resolution into the 2009 Montana legislature session, where it stalled. In this current session he has a stronger version of the bill. He has stated –

“Our object isn’t to forcibly replace Federal Reserve notes with sound money. History and the dynamics of a failing financial system will likely do that without any input from us. Passage of this Bill will provide the option, template and the mechanism to give Montana a worthy alternative to insolvency should the existing Federal Reserve System fail.”

Meanwhile, in Virginia’s legislature, Representative R. G. Marshall introduced HJR-557. Opening lines of that resolution include this –


Offered January 12, 2011

Prefiled January 5, 2011

Establishing a joint subcommittee to study whether the Commonwealth should adopt a currency to serve

as an alternative to the currency distributed by the Federal Reserve System in the event of a major

breakdown of the Federal Reserve System. Report.


WHEREAS, the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled in In re Rahrer, 140 U.S. 545, 554

(1891), that “the police power” of a State “is a power originally and always belonging to the States, not

surrendered by them to the general government, nor directly restrained by the Constitution of the United

States, and essentially exclusive”; and

WHEREAS, the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled in Beer Company v. Massachusetts,

97 U.S. 25, 33 (1877), that the police power of the States “extend[s] to the protection of the lives,

health, and property of the[ir] citizens, and to the preservation of good order”; and

WHEREAS, the protection of the lives, health, and property of Virginia’s citizens, and the

preservation of good order in the Commonwealth, depend upon the maintenance of both an adequate

system of governmental finance and a sound and robust private economy; and

WHEREAS, an adequate system of governmental finance and a sound and robust private economy

cannot be maintained in the absence of a sound currency; and

WHEREAS, the present monetary and banking systems of the United States, centered around the

Federal Reserve System, have come under ever-increasing strain during the last several years, and will

be exposed to ever-increasing and predictably debilitating strain in the years to come; and

WHEREAS, many widely recognized experts predict the inevitable destruction of the Federal Reserve

System’s currency through hyperinflation in the foreseeable future; and

WHEREAS, in the event of hyperinflation, depression, or other economic calamity related to the

breakdown of the Federal Reserve System, for which the Commonwealth is not prepared, the

Commonwealth’s governmental finances and Virginia’s private economy will be thrown into chaos, with

gravely detrimental effects upon the lives, health, and property of Virginia’s citizens, and with

consequences fatal to the preservation of good order throughout the Commonwealth; (snip)

That is fairly strong language, and a lot of that language can be derived from the works of Dr. Edwin Vieira, Jr., author and Constitutional scholar. A few hyperlinks can introduce readers to Dr. Vieira’s works:

The Book:  Pieces of Eight — the Monetary Powers and Disabilities of the United States Constitution: A Study in Constitutional Law.

Advanced Knowledge:  The Purse And  The Sword by Dr. Edwin Vieira. An eight-hour course on four DVDs, this could be the most important purchase you’ll make this year.

“Self government is not a spectator sport.” – Edwin Vieira. Hear Dr. Vieira say that in context at this next link. Please view this ten minute interview with Edwin Vieira on the Alex Jones show.

The Knowledge: A remarkable essay entitled Restoring the Dollar

Quoting from that essay by Dr. Vieira:

The evolution of the Federal Reserve system exemplifies a typical historical devolution or corruption of monetary systems throughout the world for the last two centuries. This is a devolution from commodity money to fiduciary money to fiat money.

But first here are some definitions:

Commodity money is a medium of exchange, the units of which are fixed amounts of an actual commodity that has value other than as money alone. Historically, silver and gold coins of known standard weights and designs emerged as the preferred monies of the civilized world. Certainly that was the result at the end of the last century.

With commodity money, the actual commodity, the silver or the gold, is both the medium of exchange and the standard of value. The supply of commodity money is self-limited because of the costs of minting, refining, and coining the silver and gold. New supplies of commodity money will be coined only to the extent that coinage is economically profitable. The market will simply not produce more gold and silver coin than is necessary compared to all the other uses of that capital.

Fiduciary money is composed of some intrinsically valueless substance, typically paper, which the issuer promises to redeem on demand in commodity money. Private bank notes and government treasury notes served for fiduciary monies in general circulation prior to the 1930’s in this country.

With fiduciary money, the promise to pay is the medium of day-to-day exchange. That is what people carry around in their pockets. But the actual money and the ultimate standard of value remains the promised medium of payment, the silver or gold coin.

The supply of fiduciary medium is also self-limited by the requirement of redemption. In a free market system, in which contracts are enforced, the supply of fiduciary money is issued only to the extent that the issuer is confident it can satisfy the demands for redemption. (The self-limiting aspect of fiduciary money has always failed whenever the government or a powerful private interest has been able to step in and license the issuers of the fiduciary money to suspend or to repudiate that promise to redeem.)

Finally, fiat money is composed of some intrinsically valueless substance which the issuer does not promise to redeem in a commodity or in a fiduciary money. Because fiat money has no legal connection to a commodity money, and, therefore, has no real economic cost in terms of production, the supply of fiat money is never self-limiting and is always largely a matter of public confidence in the economic or political stability of the issuer.

Historically, every major fiat money has self-destructed in what is commonly called hyperinflation, that is, extreme decreases in purchasing power that is caused either by unlimited increase in supply by the issuer or simply by loss of public confidence in the value of the money or in the economic or political fortunes of the issuer.

-end quoted passage from Dr. Vieira’s essay entitled Restoring The Dollar –

There are now several States considering alternative money systems. This is the money America’s founders required in the Constitution itself. It is not paranoia – it is facing a reality which is now visible by simply knowing twentieth century American history.

But as we know now today that old history, we also are aware of current events, such as the G-20 financial planning meeting in Pennsylvania, the existence of a Bank for International Settlements which is the global central bank for all national central banks, a World Bank, an International Monetary Fund, a World Court, and a world governing body called the United Nations. We see the infrastructure for consolidation of vast regional economies into what is referred to as a “global economy”. We know that very powerful people in key positions of governance and finance refer to and act upon the reality of that global economy and that they have spoken publicly, published, in fact, a shared plan to dominate the world through directing the activity of that global economy in the policies of nearly two hundred member nations on the roster of the UN. Here, in the words of one of their own, is a rather point-blank confession:

(From page 324 in Carroll Quigley’s Tragedy And Hope.)

“[….] The powers of financial capitalism had another far reaching plan, nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. This system was to be controlled in a feudalistic fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert, by secret agreements arrived at in frequent meetings and conferences.  The apex of the system was to be the Bank for International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland, a private bank owned and controlled by the world’s central banks, which were themselves private corporations. Each central bank, in the hands of men like Montagu Norman of the Bank of England, Benjamin Strong of the New York Federal Reserve Bank, Charles Rist of the Bank of France, and Hjalmar Schacht of the Reichsbank, sought to dominate its government by its ability to control treasury loans, to manipulate foreign exchanges, to influence the level of economic activity in the country, and to influence co-operative politicians by subsequent rewards in the business world.” ~ Professor Carroll Quigley [emphasis EA]

We must ask, if indeed the Federal Reserve System, Inc., were to self-destruct into hyper-inflation, what would our governmental and economic leaders/planners do?

It appears that they plan to put into effect a Department of Homeland Security, Pentagon, and FEMA interfaced system of enforced order while consolidating State, national, and International (UN) forces to maintain civil order and infrastructure – and – to introduce a regional or global currency such as the SDRs (Special Drawing Rights) of the BIS (Bank for International Settlements, created in 1930 and kept well hidden from the public discourse under the most rigid non-national charter of secrecy known to man – no government authority from any nation on earth can question or audit the BIS, which grants employees international diplomatic immunity from all national laws of all national governments or international governing bodies such as the UN or the EU).

In other words, once the gamut of fractional reserve, fiat styled tom-foolery has been completed and the Federal Reserve System has been corrupted to the point of self-destruction through fiat-caused hyper-inflation, and the U.S. and world economies are thrown into chaos, the world planners intend to bring in the global version of this Federal Reserve System on the back of a global currency (or a basket of regional currencies). In their view, the IMF/World Bank can become the world’s “Federal Reserve” and they can then begin their fiat enterprise anew, with no authority left on this earth to oppose it.

That would be the final take-down of the U.S. Constitution, the end of American sovereignty as an autonomous nation on this earth, and the unchecked, unbridled rule by a corporate-fascist culture of Marxism relying upon the force of global governance to police humanity in all sectors. Our freedom as individual Americans is what is at stake as some of our courageous and visionary State legislators introduce bills for sound money into State legislative processes.

And that is an inkling, a brief glance, into what is behind Oath Keepers new mission in the Veterans community across America, in which our Veterans shall take up this torch of knowledge and assist in restoring in their respective communities the Oath Keepers three-tiered plan to restore the Republic –

1 — Sound Money;

2 — Preparedness; and

3 — the Reinstitution at the local and County level of the Constitutionally required lawful  “well regulated militia” of the several States.

The purpose of coordinating these three areas of action, sound money, preparedness, and reinstituting the lawful militia, is to establish a foundation on which to rebuild in the several States their original status of sovereignty. State sovereignty is the constitutionally-provided answer to Federal tyranny, as the Tenth Amendment Center so clearly shows. State sovereignty depends on the people of the several States and their adoption of sound money, a degree of personal, community, and state-wide preparedness against possible disruptions, and the security provided by the totality of the citizenry in their lawful, well-regulated militias.

Oath Keepers will unveil our Alliance of Liberty Leadership (ALL)

in the Spring of 2011, and charge the Veterans community with front-lines action in accordance with the faithful fulfillment of their Oath in their own local communities. In the meantime, one truly patriotic action each Oath Keeper can do is to support these courageous statesmen who are introducing and promoting bills at the State level to accept their responsibilities as States of the union to ensure economic stability for their people through sound money legislation. Urge your legislatures to pass these bills. Support those who vote for sound money, and replace those who vote against sound money. And whatever else we all do as individuals, support the Tenth Amendment Center and Oath Keepers!

I will close by asking each reader to recall with me a favorite Tea Party rally sign, held by an unknown woman at a public Tea Party event:

“If they can just print money when they need it, why are we paying taxes?”

Copyright Elias Alias and Oath Keepers 2011

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Oath Keepers – Inland Empire

Now that we officially have an Inland Empire Chapter of Oath Keepers, I’d like to make a personal pledge that no stone will remain unturned, no tree remain unshaken, and no barriers placed preventing our quest to make the Inland Empire a self sufficient and stand alone example of what a single minded group of people can do once formed and put in action.

I have been given assurances by higher powers that, in very short order, the National organization will be providing us with a current roster of all California Oath Keepers residing in the Inland Empire so that we may initiate contact with each of you directly and begin the formation definable and sustaining sub-areas within the Inland Empire.

For clarity, we have loosely defined the Inland Empire as being bounded on the West by Corona/Pomona, on the East by Banning, on the North by Victorville, and on the South by Temecula. ~ Truly a neat package bounded by geographic landmarks and and the entire area easily drivable in less than a day.

If you fall within this boundary and want to get a head start on National, contact Steve Simpson at or by phone at (951) 788-4024.

Of primary importance will be designating willing leaders in the major population centers and set about building a solid membership core in each of these major areas.

“The difficult we do immediately. The impossible takes a little longer.” ~ Army Engineers

“Building Combat Power”

Inland Empire (CA) Director ~ Oath Keeper Since 1965
NRA Certified Instructor ~ Army Expert Marksman

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